LP Toh Thai Amulets Wat Pradoo Chimplee

LP Toh, or Luang Por Toh was the abbbot of Wat Pradoo Chimplee, Luang Por Toh was a highly revered monk, whose Thai amulets are among the most fervently sought out by Thai Amulet fans and devotees of Luang Por Toh, who was often visited and paid respects to by even his Majesty ther King Rama 9 of Thailand.
The Thai amulets LP Toh are among the more highly priced of amulets, and are extremely rare to find. Luang Por Toh's reputation for powerful Thai Buddhist amulets has remained legendary to this day, especially his Pra Pidta Maha Lap, Pidta Jumbo 1 and 2, his Somdej Buddha amulets, and of course, his many famous Rian Kanajarn Monk Coins.This Great Monk achieved his status through his Great deeds and his great Diligence in his Patipatā (Practice of Purity and Renunciation), and in his Great Attainments in Dhamma Pariyatti and Dhamma Patipatā.
Luang Por Toh was born on the 27th March 2429 BE in Ban Klong Bang Noi in Samutr Prakarn and passed away on 5th March 2524 BE. Luanf Por Toh's many honorable awards of status reflect the great practice and diligence of LP Toh.His Blessings are believed to possess the most powerful protective power, and to increase success and prosperity. His amulets are both highly revered for their sacred Power of Protection and Prosperity, but also as a connection and Buddhanissati reminder of the Great Guru master, to beseech his blessings through the amulet