Kata for Pra Pid Ta Amulet

The Kata for Pra Pid Ta are varied One of the best known ones is the Kata of Pra Jao Ha Praongk (five dhyani Buddhas) as well as the fivefold encoding of Namoputtaya of Na Metta
"Na Metta Mo Karunaa Put Pranee Taa Yin Dee Ya En Doo - Krai hen hnaa Goo rak Goo khad Goo midai"
(the above Kata is Maha Saneh Choke Laap - luck and fortune, and charming power)

Pra Pid Ta is also known as Pra Kawambadee
Kata Pra Kawambadee (This kata is for increasing ones wealth and belongings and good fortune);
Namo Puttassa Kawambadtissa
Namo Tammassa Kawambadtissa
Namo Sangkassa Kawambadtissa
Sukha Sukha Warang Na Mo Puttaaya Ma A U
Tugkhang Anijjang Anatta Jewa Segkhaa Tammaa Yataa Put Mo Na

Pra Pid Ta amulet from Wat Sala Fai - Nakorn Sri Tammarat, Thailand
This amulet has gold leaf, minerals mixed into the amulet mixture, also semi precious stone, and tagrud embedded as well as a yant on the rear side. SOLD OUT! - Thanks for support

another Kata you can use for pra Pid Ta is;
(you can change the words "bid jit" for "bid bpaag" - bid jit means to close the miind of [the enemy] used for stopping them from harming you - bid bpaag means to close the mouth - used in for example, a court case where the enemy is bearing witness against you or speaking against you) - You can change the words "bad satroo" (meaning "swipe the enemy down", to "haam satroo" (meaning "forbid the enemy") depending on your needs.
Na erd ad bad mit Na bid jit bad satroo na ning yoo new mew pew tew Mo erd ad bad mit Na bid jit bad satroo na ning yoo new mew pew tew Put erd ad bad mit Na bid jit bad satroo na ning yoo new mew pew tew Taa erd ad bad mit Na bid jit bad satroo na ning yoo new mew pew tew Ya erd ad bad mit Na bid jit bad satroo na ning yoo new mew pew tew Na Ma Pa Ta Na Mo Put Taa Ya Ja Pa Ga Sa Na Ma A U U A Ma I-swaasu Suswaa-I
this one protects and does away with your enemies

Above - Pra Sangkajai Pid Ta Maha Lap Nang Bua
This is the laughing Buddha Pra Sangkajai in the Pra Pid Ta pose - rather a rarity to see this Buddha as pra Pid Ta - this amulet is made by LP Men from Wat Na Dtang Nork in Ayuttaya, lately becoming greatly respected within the Thai Buddhist amulet community, as one of the master amulet makers of the present day. He is still using many of the ancient methods and ingredients as well as the traditional methods of Puttapisek blessing for the creation of his sacred amulets. The amulet has sacred minerals and gold leaf mixed in the cement mixture as well as i believe Dtakian tree powder (Dtakian tree is considered sacred and of great magical power, as well as having spirits inhabiting the tree)

SOLD OUT! - Thanks for support, a part of the funds goes back into making merit with the temples. This merit is also dedicated to those of you who rent amulets from me.

How to worship Jatukam

Kata Jatukam Ramatep
Chanting Katas (Mantras/Prayers) to worship Jatukam Ramatep
Due to the massive popularity in revering Jatukam Ramatep in Singapore, i have decided to publish the correct way to rever this Boddhisattwa, both for chanting for empowerment of your amulet before ptting it on, and also for worship on your altar as a statue or picture (or even just in your heart in the case you do rever him but cant afford a statue, it doesn't matter, what matters is in your heart, not on the altar)

The Kata to chant before putting on your Jatukam Ramatep amulet each day is always preceded (as are all katas), with the praise to the Buddha;
"Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaaa Samputtassa" (always chant this 3 times) with the Jatukam amulet between your praying hands, above your head, and then hold it to your forehead and ask Jatukam to watch over you, lend you respect from others, protect from dangers, increase your wealth and power/influence or whatver requests you have. Forbidden to request anything which might harm other beings, for Jatukam is a Bodhisattwa (Compassionate Deva).Face the South when doing this and you will succeed in your strivings.Traditionally, you can paint color on your Jatukam but it is forbidden to paint red color - at best is to color him ocean blue like the sea, for he protects the seas and seafarers too, and is guardian of the Ocean. Chant the kata beelow whilst holding the amulet to your forehead.

Short Kata for empowering the Jatukam Ramatep amulet;
Om Siti jatukam Raamatep Potisadtoe Namo Puttaaya Bpaadtihaaranja Tawaatasa Gaalanja Chaamahaa Pissamaa Bpasanawaa Idti Sich-Chadti
(the above one can do for before putting your amulet on each day)

The Kata below is for when you offer to him on your altar and offer flowers, incense, fruits and water/drinks, or whatever offerings your heart feels is right. Please use discernment in not offering anything such as alcohol or meat offerings, or anything which bis considered unwholesome.

The Long Kata; Kata Jatukam Ramatep

Om Siti jatukam Raamatep Potisadtoe Namo Puttaaya Bpaadtihaaranja Tawaatasa Gaalanja Chaamahaa Pissamaa Bpasanawaa Idti Sich-Chadti Sola Samangkalanjewa Nawalogudtaratammaa Jadtaaro Mahaa Teebpaa Bpanja Puttaa Mahaa Munee Tebpadtaga Tammakhantaa Chagaamaawajaraa Dtathaaa Bpanja Tassa Pawaa Sappaa Tasamang Seelamewaja Dterasa Tudtangkaani Bpaadtihaaranja Tawaatasa Eganera Suraa Adta Tawe Janto Siriyo Dtathaa Sadta Sampochangkaa Juntasa Jaggawadtija Egaatasa Wisanuraachaa Sappe Tewaa Bpalaayandtu Sappasode-tee Pawandtume

Suea Yant LP Parn

This is a pretty rare aquisition of Yantra shirt with Yant Grao Paetch (diamond armour) and a host of other Yantras along with the image of Luang Por Parn of Wat bang Nom Kho on it. I have owned this yantra shirt (called "suea yant" in Thai) for quite some years now, although i am not sure in which year it was made, but it is definitely rather aged.
I am willing to rent it for a donation, which i would use half of to make merit with by making offerings to the Sangha for a good cause. Price is auctionable

Luang Por Parn was the abbot of Wat bang Nom Kho temple and famous for his Magical yantra of Diamond armour. he also made some amulets in six different styles with Buddhas riding on animals, which are now extremely expensive and hard to find. The Government of Ayuttaya have made some remakes of these amulets mixing some of the ancient ones into the mixture for the new ones in honor of Luang Por Parn and for collectors to be able to aqquire these amulets again, which are so scarce these days. Many Master monks were called upon for the Puttapisek ceremony to bless them too.
Below - Wat Bang Nom Kho amulet made by the Municipality of Ayuttaya; Called "praputtajao song sathw (Buddha riding animal). I have two of these, one riding a bird (good Klaew Klaad avoiding accidents magic, and avoid being tricked), and one on a porcupine (good Kong Grapan magic) . The ones i have are similar to the one in the below pic, made with old Wat bang Nom Kho amulets mixed into them.
To rent one, you can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore)
Rental price in Singapore; SG$100

Luang Por Phern Phaed Tidt

Luang por Phern amulet with the Master himself on the front side and Yant Paed Tidt on the back. The Yant on the back has a tiger head in the middle and Pra Rahu quarding each of the eight directions, as well as eight Buddhas. Made and blessed in 2551, the amulet is pure Kong Grapan Chadtri and "klaew klaad" protection against all forms of dangers, including (if you believe), protection against bullets and projectiles. The eight directions protect you on your travels from accidents. Apart from this the amulet is a perfect object of reverence for Looksit (devotees) of the Master Monk Luang Por Phern, of wat bang pra temple, which is so famous for sak yant magic tattoos and the Master Day ceremony. The size of this amulet is about 3 and a half cm wide

Price: SG$ 80 SOLD! Thank you to Mr. Alan for support in renting this amulet

Number in stock - Currently Out of Stock
To rent it, you can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) 

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Taw Waes Suwann

This Taw Waes Suwann amulet is of the "Loy Ongk" variety (meaning "small metal statuette).
It is from Wat Sri Totsatep and was blessed in the Upsot (chapel) of Wat Sri Totsatep. This version of Taw Waes Suwann has a Deva face instead of a Yaksa face and is about 5 cm high (roughly the length of your forefinger).

Price; SG$ 125

Singapore and Malaysia residents can Contact me if you wish to purchase this amulet. (only one left in stock in the moment).
You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore)

Which is your Birthday Buddha

Katas and Buddha statue for your Birthday
I have now published the collection of Buddha Statues and respective katas (mantras) to chant for each day you were born on, along with the story of each Buddha in his position of standing, sitting or lying down, and what it means, on the Beginners Buddhism Blog section of Dharmathai portal. Click on the link below to read.

Birthday Buddhas, katas for your Birthday, and the story of the seven Buddha images and their meaning

I really hope for you to visit and read this page ; I have put so much work into it and it has taken quite some time and reference to create. I have searched the internet in English to check if this information has ever been published, and to my knowledge this is the first time that this kind of compilation of Buddha statues for birthday with the relevant Kata for each Birthday and small story synopsis explaining the reasons for the creation of, and meanings of each statue, has ever been published in the English language in such detail.
A world's first then, so to speak. Don't miss it.

Luang Por Tuad Yantra Cloth

This is a Pha Yant (Yantra Cloth) from Wat Yala, one of the major Luang Por Tuad temples in South Thailand. The Pha Yant was made to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the temple.

Pha Yant Luang Por Tuad

 Price; SG$68 SOLD! thanks for support.

You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore)

It is in black satin with LP Tuad on the front and a host of Sacred Yantras to cover many different purposes, such as protection, good fortune, good sales in business (Nang Kwak Yantra) and also attractive charms, such as the Sariga bird Yantra. It also has a pair of Pra Rahu Om jantr images to avoid bad luck and to remove previous bad Karma.

Simple Kata for Amulets

Here is a simple but effective Kata for blessing your Amulets with before putting it on in the morning and leaving the house.
First of course, as in all Katas, you must chant "Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa" first (3 times).

นะ มะ พะ ทะ นโพุทธายะ จะภะกะสะ มะอะอุ
Na Ma Pa Ta, Sang Wi taa Bu Ga Ya Ba
Na Moe Put Taa Ya, Ja Pa Ga Sa, Ma A U

At best though, you should light incense and candle on your Poojah table with your Buddha image, and place the amulet/s on the table under Buddha, bow on the floor 3 times to the triple gem and say in your heart "Puttang Saranang Kyajchaami, TammangSaranang Kyajchaami, SangkangSaranang Kyajchaami, Tudtiyambi Puttang Saranang Kyajchaami, TammangSaranang Kyajchaami, SangkangSaranang Kyajchaami, Dtadtiyambi Puttang Saranang Kyajchaami, TammangSaranang Kyajchaami, SangkangSaranang Kyajchaami"
Then you can take the amulets in your hands in praying style, and chant;

Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa
Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa
Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa

Then you erect your mind and focus in front of you into the amulets with your eyes closed imagine your mind's eye being between your eyebrows and emitting a stream of thought energy - try to be aware of your total faith in the Buddha and his Dhamma and the refuge of the Sangha and really mean it in your heart. Then chant the Amulet Kata with all the faith and concentration you can muster up;

Na Ma Pa Ta, Sang Wi taa Bu Ga Ya Ba
Na Moe Put Taa Ya, Ja Pa Ga Sa, Ma A U

Then open your eyes and blow into the amulets and put them on (first put the amulets to your forehead between the eyes before putting them on).

Some amulets of course have their own special Kata, such as Luang Por Tuad Amulets (Click on link to see the Kata for this amulet and reverence of Luang Por Tuad).

Phra Khunpaen

Phra Khunpaen is useful for charm and attraction, as well as good salesemanship in business.
Pra Khunpaen LP Tim
Here are some Pra Khunpaen amulets from Luang Phu Tim of Wat Pra Khaw temple. Luang Phu Tim passed away recently, and his amulets are now in extreme demand. These were made the year before his passing away and are thus the last amulets made by him. Luang Phu Tim has gthe distinguished honor of being the original and first ever monk to begin making amulets in the likeness of Luang Por Tuad, as he was abbot of Wat Chang Hai temple (temple of Luang Por Tuad). Pra Luang Phu Tim is now elected to the status of "Pra Ariya Sangha" meaning he is of the saint level. Both his Khunpaen amulets and Luang Por Tuad amulets have hgained legendary status in Thailand. These amulets can be considered a perfect remembrance of his goodness.

The Khunpaen amulet above has sacred khom agkara lettering on the back as a protection and charm blessing. Rent price; SG$50

The Khunpaen amulet above is made of clay - rent price; SG$ 40

The Khunpaen amulet below is from Luang Por Poon in Wat Pai Lom temple in Nakorn Pathom. It has a Kumarn Tong on the back side to increase fortune and sales for business as well as the charming and metta aspects already coming from Pra Khunpaen. Pra Khunpaen also has good power for salesmen and merchants, but with the gumarn tong added the effect is considered to be extremely increased.

Price; SG$100

Kumarn Tong is in meditation - this Kumarn is called Kumarn Samasadhi, or Kumarn Samabidhi
Phra Khunpaen In Koo Luang Phu Hongs 3 tagrud (copper silver and gold) and precious stone

This amulet has In Koo on the back to increase your attractiveness and charm - The Khunpaen on the frontside has three tagruds (in silver gold and copper) and a semi precious stone for increased power. These amulets were made with one, two, and three tagruds in them and were rented at different prices, depending on how many stones and tagruds were inserted. This was to enable people who wished to make more merit by donating a larger amount to the temples to be able to also have a more collectible and rare memento with their protective charms and amulets they rented..

Apart from the obvious benefits coming from magic Buddhist amulets, the act of renting an amulet is also a great merit (poon) because one is donating funds to the temple and helping to maintain the Buddha sangha andthe Buddha sasana. Amulets are a great way for people to make merit because the person donating/renting gets a magical protection and charm and a memento for his merits, and also gets good karma too for making his donation by renting. When i began to consider distributing and renting amulets i wasn;t too sure if it was right or not, but after talking with many masters and temples about my feelings in this matter, they all assured me that i was doing a good thing because not only was i donating to the temples by renting, i was also travelling around and making amulets available to devotees in other places too. What is clear is that when selling amulets one is not allowed to simply keep all the profit, rather just take enough to cover ones expenses and a tiny nbit extra, and the rest must go to making more merit in Buddhism. This ensures "samma achiwa" (right livelihood - one of the paths of the eightfold path as taught by Buddha). Apart from this it also sees that both myself as distributor and the people renting get even more merit and good karma by re-investing in more donations to the sangha.

Backside of Khunpaen LP Hongs - Int Koo (lovers) with Na Me Dhi kata for metta
$SG140 Now Reduced Price; SG$90 

You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to rent these amulets.

Somdet Wat Rakang LP Dto

Pra Somdet Wat Rakang Kositaram (Hlwong Por Dto Promrangsi)

Pra Somdet Wat Rakang is the creation of Pra Sangkarach Somdet Luang Por Dto Promrangsi of Wat Rakang Temple. Luang Por Dto is the most famous of all of the Sangkarach monks (Pra Sangkarach means the head monk of the Royal Palace by Royal decree and the head of all the monks in Thailand).

Somdet Wat Rakang is perhaps the most valued and rare of all Amulets in Thailand's amulet world. There are many different editions and two main sizes (Pim Yai and Pim Lek). Each of these two "Pim", when made, would use up to 6 different stamping molds, meaning that whether a Pim Yai or a Pim Lek, there would be several variations on the edition, making it difficult for experts to recognize all of them. Only total fanatics of the Somdet Wat Rakang amulet will know how to recognize which edition and also which of the 6 stamp molds were used in a particular amulet's making. Apart from this, the mixture used in the amulet varies too and gave different patterns and textures when dried. The backs of the amulets are also different depending on where they were laid out to dry..

one of the rarest patterns on the back is one with thin black lines scratched into it horizontally, which is from having been laid on a blackboard to dry.Some were laid on wood, some on stone. Somdet Luang Por Dto, the creator of these amulets was an expert in making the mixture and also in using temperature and humidity to acheive distortions in the surface of the amulet which resulted in them becoming even more beautiful than if they didn't recieve any changes from the enviroment and atmosphere! For example, he used heat as an element to cause the drying process to be over accelerated causing cracks to appear in the amulet. (as in the pic below)

One of the trademarks of his amulet mixture was to mix "Kluay nam Wa" (a type of banana" into the mixture just before pressing them with the mold presses. This gave both a wonderful smoothness to the amulet once it was dried as well as a definitive texture to the appearance of the "Nuea" (Nuea means "meat" - meaning the cement paste used in the amulet). Upon closer examination with a magnifying glass, you will be able to see little black dots in the mixture, which comes from the seeds in the banana. The banana flesh will also make the mixture less smooth and more grainy resulting in little cracks and crevices in the surface once dried (although this effect is also due to humidity and change in temperature acheived by moving the amulets being dried from one room or place to another before the drying process was completed.

Below; Greater Magnification of top right corner of the above picture

The subsequent change in humidity and temperature cased the surface of the amulet to be irregular). This series of techniques used in the creation and preparation of the Pra Somdet Wat Rakang amulets ensured that each and every amulet was slightly or even greatly different than every other one. This makes each amulet an original in the highest sense of the word

Somdet Pim Pra Pratan (Pim Yai)

Pra Somdet Wat Rakang amulets can bring extremely high prices if they are editions made by the hand of LP Dto himself of 140 years ago, anything from one million to 50 million Thai Baht! Later editions sell from anything from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Baht. Somdet Wat Rakang amulets in the present day are always still made exclusively by Pra Sangkarach (Royal head Monk) and normally have his image stamped on the back or an image of the Chedi Stupa. The stamp will usually be in red or blue ink

Above pic; stamp with the image of Pra Sangkarach on the back side of a Somdet Amulet from Wat Rakang temple

Some Somdet amulets are seen to have a reddish color to them.. This is because inOlden times, the owners often didn't have a chain to hang it on, and so instead, they would place the amulet in their mouths, which were usually stained bright maroon red from chewing betel nut. This resulted in the amulets becoming also stained by the strong red dye of the betel nut. This only adds to the beauty of the amulet. The wetness of the mouth of the owner also caused changes in the surface texture of the amulet, as did the fact that even those who wore the amulets round their necks would in those days not put a covering on the back side of the amulet case so the surface of the amulet came into contact with the wearer's skin.

Below image; Pra Somdet Pim Lek, or alternatively called Pim Ong Kanen

The sweat and humidity as well as the body heat caused cracks, and crevices and discoloration, as well as mold to occur on the amulet's surface. All these factors have come to leave the Pra Somdet amulet's surface appearance to have developed the most beautiful discolorations and textures. This is greatly valued in the eyes of the Thai Buddhist amulet connosseur.

This Pra Somdet Wat Rakang Pim Yai (above pic), has received heat and thus the ingredient of nam Man Tang Iw oil has given it a golden discoloration apart from the betel nut stains. The black markings come from the Bai Lan powder that stuck to it when being laid out to dry on the Bai Lan wooden leaf

Above and below Pics; Pra Somdet Wat Rakang Pim Chedi front and back faces

Below are some different editions from various years for you to admire.

Payment details

To rent an amulet from me, you can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) or  66886799251(Thailand)

Rental prices on this blog are all in Singapore dollars
Postage per EMS costs 5 dollars in Singapore, and 20 dollars for international delivery up to 500 grams.

You can also drop in to the Samnak of the Ruesi Heritage (Ajarn David Mak) to find me and browse through the many amulets we have there too.

You can also soon directly visit the amulet shop and log in and buy online per credit card by becoming an online customer - wholesale dealers can get a special rate - the shop is in development. Partners wishing to also distribute their amulets can apply for a suppliers account and sell their amulets through the online shop.
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Rare LP Tuad LP Dto Amulet

This amulet is extremely rare and old - the mixture used is that of Wat Rakang's LP Dto and is rarely seen in modern amulets. You can see the quality of the "Nuea Wan" (sacred herbal mixture) when you examine the amulet close up. This is not an amulet to take lightly. One side is with the likeness of Luang Por Tuad of Wat Chang Hai, and the other side has Luang Por Dto of Wat Rakang, famous for the prized (and extremely expensive) Somdej Wat Rakang amulet.

If you look at the closeups you will see the black dots which are from banana seed of a particular kind of banana called Kluay Nam Wa. Kluay Nam Wa is considered to be an essential ingredient in the ancient amulet making tradition, and gives a smooth and beautiful texture to the amulet over the years as it ages. The Wan 108 sacred herbal ingredients have risen to the surface on this amulet as they should with authentic ageing. I was lucky to obtain this amulet i never thought i would be luckyb enough to come across one as they are extremely rare to find.
I am considering auctioning this amulet for rental to the right owner - i cannot name a price for this because it is in fact really impossible to put a price on, but an arrangement can be made if i see the right owner for it and agree on an acceptable price.

I have included macro closeups of the surface of the amulet so you can see the authenticity and beauty of it. The mixture used in this amulet is of the finest grade as in the case of the original Somdej Wat rakang amulets made 140 years ago by Luang Por Dto himself.

You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to rent these amulets. I won't just rent it to anybody i would have to meet you first because this is not the kind of amulet you just let anybody have. I would have to be certain thet the amulet is owned by a person who will rever it in the way it deserves, for it is extremely rare and sacred.

Pra Somdet Bang Khun Prom

This Amulet is from one of the four Royal temples - Wat Bang Khun Prom
The amulet is called "Pra Somdej Bang Khun Prom Chae Nam Montr" - Chae Nam Montr means soaked in prayer water. The amulet was blessed in 2547 (about five years ago) and soaked in prayer water. These amulets from royal temples will be taken for Piti Putapisek (blessing and chanting) to all four temples and blessed four times before release. This is already becoming a rather rare amulet to find, as most people who rented do not wish to rent due to the fact that the price will increase a lot as the years pass.

Price; SG$140 SOLD! Out of Stock! (Thanks to Mr. Andrew for Support)

You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to rent these amulets. - or go to the new online shop at Siam Amulets Online

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rent amulets Ritual Instruments Ruesi Ruesi Masks Sariga Birds See Pherng See Pheung Serm Duang Shiva Shiva Lingam Sign In Mae Hoeng Prai Jao Sanaeh slideshows Small amulets Somdej Dto Special Amulets Statuettes Susaan Dtrailaks Susan Trailaks Lampang Suwannamajcha Tagrud Amulets Takrut Tao Ruean (Turtles) Taw Wes Suwan Temple Talk Tiger Amulets tips and tricks Trakrut Under 20$ Vishnu Wad Na Dtang Nork Wai Kroo Wat Ang Moo Wat Asokaram Wat Ban Hnan Hnun Wat Ban Jan Wat Ban Kaset Tung Sethee Wat Ban Rai Wat Ban Sangkh Wat Ban Sri Sukh Wat Ban Suan Wat Bang Bon Wat Bang Guti Tong Wat Bang Khun Prom Wat Bang Klan Wat Bang Nam Chon Wat bang Nom Kho Wat Bang Pra Wat Bang Samak Wat Beung Dta Dtaa Wat Bor Luang Wat Boworn Wat Bua Rarom Wat Chai Na Wat Chang Hai Wat Chedi Hoi Wat Chonlapratan Wat Dan Gwian Wat Daw Rueang Wat Don Gradtay Tong Wat Gaet Chaiyo. Pra Somdej Wat Gaew Jaroen Wat Grern Gathin Wat Gut Chompoo Wat Hoi Rak Wat Huay Chalong Wat Huay Mongkol Wat Huay Ngo Wat Huay Nong Wat Jao Arm Wat Kae Wat Kantod Wat Kaset Sukh Wat Khao Changum Wat Khao Derm Wat Khao Din Dtai Wat Khao Laem Wat Kiri Subanpot Wat Klong Buri Wat Koh Lanta Wat Koh Phu Wat Koke U Tong Wat Lad Bua Khaw Wat Mahatat Wat Mai Amporn Wat Mai Pin Gliaw Wat Marawichai Wat Mongkol Sirikhet Wat Na Dee Wat Nai Tao Wat Nam Wijit Wat Noi Chompoo Wat Nong Grap Wat Nong Meg Wat Nong Pai Wat Nong Po Wat Pah Cha Don Koo Wat Pah Daeng Wat Pah Maha Chanok Wat Pah Tammayut Wat Pai Lom Wat Pak Klong Makam Tao Wat Pak Nam Wat Pak Sra Wat Pako Wat Palanupap Wat Panom Yong Wat Petburi Wat Pha Na Ngua Wat Pikul Tong Wat Po Chai Wat Pra Khaw Wat Pra Sabai Wat Prataat Noi Wat Pratat Nakorn Panom Wat Putai Sawan Wat Racha Burana Wat Rai Wat Rakang Wat Rong Doo Wat Rong Koh Wat Saeng Gaew Potiyan Wat Saeng Potiyan Wat Sai Khaw Wat Sai Tong Pattana Wat Saket (Golden Mount) Wat Sala Din Wat Sala Fai Wat Sam Jeen Wat Sam Ngam Wat Samakee Tam Wat Sampant Wongs Wat Santitam Wat Sapan Mai Gaen Wat Saphan Sung Wat Sri Lamyong Wat Sri Suwan Wat Sri Tosatep Wat Sri Wang Tong Wat Suan Khan Wat Sutat Wat Sutawat Wat Ta Ee Wat Ta Sung Wat ta Yay Hnee Wat Tam Suea Wat Tamma Kosok Wat Tham Mai Nuea Wat Tham Tapian Tong Wat Tong Sai Wat Tung Grajet Wat Tung Kork Wat Wang Sri Tong Wat Wang Wiwekaram waterproof casing Wierd letter Wua Tanu Yaksa Yant Yant Shirt Yantra Yin Tong Yod Tong Yokee Harit