Albaca Guru Monk Coin Luang Por Sai Wat Tong Kung

Extremely rare First Edition Guru Monk Coin Amulet of Luang Por Sai, of Wat Tong Kung. This coin is cast as a 'Rian Roop Khai Nang Dtem Ongk' oval shaped coin, in medium size at 2 x 3 Cm, with the image of Luang Por Sai seated in meditative posture. The rear face of the coin features a Sacred Yantra spell embossed, and Khom Agkhara Spells.

Luang Por Sai of Wat Tong Kung was a Gaeji Ajarn Guru Monk of the Ang Tong Province, who inherited his wicha from OIden days Guru Master Luang Por Gim, of Wat Klang, who was one of the Greatest Masters of the region in the history of the Ang Tong Province.

Luang Por Gim introduced Luang Por Sai to the Great Luang Por Glan of Wat Prayat, who is a well known Master Adept of Benjapakee amulet making, and also introduced him to learn Wicha from the Great Luang Por Im of Wat Hua Khao, who was an Elder Master of that Era, and comrade of Luang Phu Suk ( Wat Pak Klong Makham Tao). Luang Por Sai learned the Wicha Yant Dtakror Hwaen Pirod from Luang Por Im, who was so famous for his Legendary Magic Hwaen Pirod, and Hwaen Ngu snake head Rings. Luang Por Sai became equally famous for his Wicha and his powerful Hwaen Dtakror Pra Pirod amulets, and his rings became equallly revered in in high demand by the Looksit (devotees), and these days, it is very rare to be able top find amulets from any edition made by Luang Por Sai.