The Pra Pruhnang Amulet from Luang Phu Doo is one of the very early era amulets made by the Great Guru Master of Wat Sakae. The amulet is famous for Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad, and an extremely rare edition from Luang Phu Doo, that is only rarely seen these days. Luang Phu Doo created this amulet by using a Block Press made from one of the Ancient Pra Pruhnang Hidiing Place Amulets found in the Wat Putai Sawan Kru Find in 2450 BE.

Extremely Rare Buddha Amulet from the Atrahant Monk Luang Pu Doo

Ancient Amulets from Ayuttaya - Pra Kone Samor

Pra Kru Kone Samor Buddha Amulets

Pra Kru Kone Samor sacred Thai Buddhist hiding place burial amulets, from the late Ayututtaya Period spanning to Ratanakosin Era.
The first discovery of these hiding place Amulets occurred in the time around 2430 BE, during the reign of his Majesty King Rama 5. The king had all dead for the construction of the national Museum the area of the Royal Palace in Bangkok. 
The Amulets were discovered in the ceiling above some of the throne seats such as the Rong Pra Tinang Siva Mukh Throneroom, and the Putai Sawan Throneroom. Of those amulets found within the palace, which were made from Leaden Silver Mercurial Alloy, a large number of them were taken and sealed once again within the golden stupa of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Then, during the celebrations of 150 years anniversary of the city of Bangkok, they were placed beneath the 'Kone Dton Samor Pipek' (trunk of the ancient sacred Samor Pipek tree).

Most people forgot about their existence, until they were discovered beneath the tree, and then reentered circulation. The wre taken by Jao Khun Vorapongs, and given the name they possess today, after the place where they were rediscovered at the 'Kone Samor' (Samor Tree trunk).

Below is a podcast relating about this Pra Kru series, narrative by Ajarn Spencer Littlewood

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