Pra Pid Ta Sankajai statue

Pra Sangkajai Pid Ta Mer Dtoe Rap Sap
(Sangkajai Buddha with closed eyes - big hands to receive wealth)
This statue is one of only 600 made. First edition made at Wat sala Fai, famous temple of Nakorn Sri Tammarat in South Thailand. Soth Thailand is famous for it's tradition of Buddha Magic in the Khao Or tradition. This statue has three extra spells hidden under the base; a bronze image of the Tep Normoe deva, a pra pid ta amulet, and a case with powder from the Takian tree, considered to be a magical tree with spirits residing in it.

I only have one of these statues, which i have decided to let go due to my proximate ordination and need to dispose of extra weight.

You can contact me on sakyant at g mail dot com if you are interested renting (purchasing) this beautiful and rare limited edition statue - i shall be transporting it to Singapore next month for auction if still available

The base on the back of the statue has Pra Rahu protecting

The price for this statue is 300 Singapore dollars

LP Liam Gunstopper

This is Lp Liam's Gunstopper amulet - with Hlwong Por Tuad and Hlwong Phu Piak one monk on each side. Hlwong Dta Liam of Wat Suan manee Sap temple in chumporn , made these amulets in Buddhist Era 2550. They were buried with a "Look Nimit" ball under the ground for one year, then since they were taken back up to the surface, they remai under the Buddha statue in the mai shrine, where the monks chant Patimokkha into the amulets and evening prayers too. This is the real way to charge an amulet, by placing it under the Buddha statue in the chapel. The amulets were made in few numbers.. perhaps not more than one thousand made. This is the first and perhaps last edition.Because of the underground treatment, these amulets look extremely old dur eot the elements that have risen on the surface of the amulet.

This occurs over time with the change in moisture. Thai people consider the amulet to be more beautiful if it has such markings. This amulet is still in stock, and Luang Dta needs funds to finish building his food hall for the poor people to eat free. So contact me or the Temple directly for details of receiving an amulet for a donation.

You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to rent these amulets for a donation.

Wai Kroo Dtagruds Por Gae

Thes tagruds were made for Ajarn Thoy's Wai Kroo Festival in 2008 - i made the lettering on the thagruds, the monk Pra Ran inserted them into bullets, and Ajarn Thoy blessed them.The longest Thagrud on thye top of pic is made solely bay the hand of Ajarn Thoy, and blessed by Por Gae. These amulets are all sold out now, so im not offering any for sale, i just posted them for you to admire.

Which is the right amulet for me?

This is a question that most people will ask themselves at one time or another. The way to finding the answer may seem confusing, but in fact it is'nt too difficult with a bit of advice frm the right expert. First you must try to divine what it is you want from life, and what oyu are willing to do to attain those things. No amulet will work to get you a good job if you just sit at home watching tv all day! so remember that even though amulets may have real magic powers, they tend not to work unless you put in your bit of the work too.
The amulets below for example, called "Thagrud", would not help you if you are a gambler, but would serve yu well as a royal bodyguard or soldier, for example.
Thagrud means a scrolled metal roll with ancient khmer sanskrit lettering spell inscribed, and then inserted into a tube like receptacle. In the example below they are placed in bullets to protect against knives, and being shot by guns. These amulets have the image of the famous master monk Hlwong Por Tuad of wat Chang Hai temple in Pattani, who was said to disapprove of gambling and forbade it to his disciples. The bullets have the Kata Hlwong Por Tuad on them "Na Moe Poetisadtoe Aakantimaaya I dti Pa Ka Waa" of the great Bodhisattwa. These Thagrud are useful if you are often in danger in your profession or social life. These Thagrud were blessed and chanted into by the famous Master of Wad rai of the Kha Or lineage of Magic Monks in South Thailand adn Ajarn Patra of Wat Na Twee - one of the new generation of apprentice masters of the Khao or lineage; considered to be the most powerful lineage in Thailand for Buddha magic and amulets in the present day.

I have some examples of these amulets for sale if you are interested contact me on the contact page i shall be making a link to soon

Buddist amulets

Buddist (or Buddhist if you like) Amulets are to be found in several countries, but most of them will be found in Thailand and Nepal, where the Tibetans have taken refuge. Thai Buddist amulets are a worldwide phenomenon. In recent years, people all around the world have begun to hear of the magic powers that some of these amulets are reputed to posess, and Thai Buddhist amulets has received a massive increase in following from both the religious, and art lover circles. The topic is interesting from the point of view of Asian Buddhist Art, as well as for the Sacred Power they posess, and the protection and help they might bring the wearer in his or her life.
The amulet to the left, for example, "Phra Khun Paen long ya gumarn tong dan hlang" (it has a gumarn tong on the back side), is very revered for it's powers of attraction, many men wear this amulet to attract women. The Gumarn Tong on the rear side is for "Choke Laap" (luck and fortune) and to attract belongings. Due to the massive increase in interest for Thai Buddist amulets i decided to finally begin to blog on the subject, due to the fact that i have been studying the making of amulets in Thailand under various masters since ten years now, and am able to explain the topic in detail in the English language, for those unable to read Thai. The amulet Market is a rat race in Asia, so oyu must be careful and choosy about what you rent (we don;t say "buy" for amulets, we say "rent") - prices may seem to vary for the same amulet.. sometimes you pay a lot for a fake and a little for an authentic one etc..
You need the info to researcvh with, and this is one reason i am giving you this blog. Anyone wishing to analyze their amulet can ask here per comment and post a link to the foto of your amulet.
I hope the Buddist Amulet blog proves useful to you all.