Wife not Jealous or Angry Takrut Amulet for Mercy Charm Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai

Takrut Mia Mai Heung Mai Krote Wife not Jealous or Angry Mercy Charm - Silver Yantra Foil Scroll filled with Puttakun Powders - Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai - Wat Mae Ya

Maker; Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai
Temple of Origin; Wat Mae Ya
Year of Issue; 2557 BE
Type of Amulet;T akrut, Mercy Charm
Magical Effects; Maha Sanaeh, Jerajaa, Metta Maha Niyom, Maha Laluay
Material; Silver Yantra foil filled with Puttakun Powders
Recommended Uses; Lucky Fortunes, Seductive Influence, Evade Danger and Protection.
Edition; Broken Drum Edition

Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai has created this very special edition release of Maha Sanaeh Metta Maha Niyom Silver Scroll Yantra spells, using ancient Lanna Wicha from the Grimoires of Wat Mae Ya temple and his Kroo Ba Ajarn, to invoke an extremely ancient and powerful Sorcery Spell, that is one of the most powerful 'Maha
Laluay' (Heart Melting) Mercy Charm spells for evading the anger and vengeance of a jealous lover.

The Takrut is filled with pure Puttakun powders, from Pong Lob Yantra inscriptions on the sacred Gradan board, which is used to inscribe a series of 5 sets of 108 Yantra spells, and erase each spell by inscribing the next spell on top of it using Lersi hermit Chalk. The resulting powder residue of the 5 x 108 Yantra inscriptions, is the sacred powder we can see be filled within the Takrut Mia Mai Heung Mai Krote.

The Takrut Mia Mai Heung Mai Krote is yet another of the many Wicha which Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai possesses and masters, which is coming to reveal that Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai is one of the great Adepts of the present time, for the massive pantheon of small but original and hand made editions he has made, all with his own hand, and with his own knowledge and experience, passed down to him through his Kroo Ba Ajarn. 

The Takrut is not only Metta Maha Niyom to induece mercy, and melt the hearts of others,, but is also highly imbued with great Maha Saneh power, to Charm and Attract the Desired people and targets.

Kata Bucha Takrut Mia Mai Heung Mai Krote 

Gōta Götē Na Chinē Gōtang Gōtawandtang Wināsanang Ēhi Dtamathang