Kata Chanting

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Kata for amulets and Deities, Buddhist Chanting.

Preamble;Before you chant for any amulets, it is Important to chant Namo Tassa 3 times first at least, to revere the Buddha. After this, you can chant your Kata for your amulet or Deity, or, you can proceed with some more Buddhist Prayers first to strengthen the merits and power of your practice. The Chinabanchor Kata is particularly useful to chant preceding your chant to amulets, and especially for Pra Somdej amulets.

Kata Chinabanchorn Chanting Tutorial with Phonetic Subtitles

Kata for all amulets of the Gariang Kor Ma Wicha - Khun Phaen by Luang Phu Bpan

Kata Maha Jinda Manee Montr (Kata Bucha Jao Ngo)

Kata Bucha Nang Kwak Waving Lady shopkeeper Deity

Kata Bucha Pralaks Hnaa Tong

Kata In Koo

Kata Bucha Choo Chok (Jujaka)

3 Useful Buddhist Katas for Chanting

HKata for Praying to Luang Phu Tim and his Amulets

Kata Nang Kwak