Kuman Thong Kruba Beng Early Ediition Hand Painted

A very rare Kuman Thong of Kroo Ba Beng, and powerful amulet for wealth accumulation and household protection. Extremely difficult to find due to extremely small numbers made and the age of this edition, an early era Kuman Thong Sacred Powder amulet, in black Prai powders with hand painted image with ruby gem fragments and hand inscriptions scratched on the rear surface of the amulet, from Kroo Ba Beng, of Wat Tanode.

 This Kumarn Tong amulet has received much fame from stories of devotees who tell that the dogs bark at night when this amulet is in the household. This is because they can see the spirit of the Kumarn Tong.

This extremely rare early era series was blessed in a very sacred Necromantic Ritual, during the Kern Maa Horn 'Night of the Howling Dogs', between 20:00 and 0:300 Hours in the year 2548 BE. The Ritual was begun during the fearful hour of the howling dogs where the cemetery is full of ghosts, and on the night of the ritual, a total of 109 Monks were invited down to the ceremony in the cemetery, but by the time the procession had reached the ritual ground, only 15 monks were remaining, as the rest were to afraid to enter the haunted cemetery.

The front face of the amulet features the Kuman Thong Song Krueang, in princely regalia, holding a sack of gold. The Kuman has an aura, indicating that the Kuman spirit invoked is that of a 'Kuman Taep' child spirit of the Deva Realms. Sacred Incantations in Taewanakrii script is embossed either side of the Kuman.

The Kuman is hand painted with colored robes and aura. The Muan Sarn Sacred Powders contain Din Bpoeng clay from a Sacred Saltlick, Black Earths from Haunted Cemeteries, Sanaeh Herbal Pollens, Kuman Bone powders, and Sacred Necromantic Earths, and Ashes, mixed with See Pheung Gern Ber Neung Waxy Potion, and some Powerful Nam Man Prai Phii Dtaay Hoeng Necromantic Oil.

Below; Kroo Ba Beng of Wat Tanode

Takrut Yant Hneeb Lanna Yantra Foil Hand Inscribed Ajahn Nan Kong

Presenting a classic ancient Magical Wicha, from the Northern Lanna Sorcery Grimoires for Metta Maha Sanaeh, the Takrut Yant Hneeb folded Yantra foil spell, from Lay Sorcerer Ajahn Nan Kong, of the Samnak Sak Yant Chaya Langka. 

The Yant Hneeb amulets were released in the 'Ruam Bun' edition, which included various amulets blessed in unison with other Great Monks and Lay Masters. Extreme limited numbers  were  made due to hand inscription.
The Yant Hneeb, is a spell which encloses its target sealed within, and does not let it escape. 

Some Yant Hneeb contain a spell that encloses an idea, such as the love of a desired person, and some Yant Hneeb, actually have something placed inside it, such as a piece of parchment or paper with the name of a person, or the desired thing which the user wishes to receive or achieve.

Daw Nai Pan Nai Pon LP Pinak

Luang Por Pinak's most Sacred and Powerful Daw Nai Pan Nai Pon Star Amulet from the early era, with black and red color combinations and gemstone inserts into the centrer of the stars. Sacred Karma Improving Lucky Star for Protection, Wealthy Fortunes, Status Increase, Promotion, and Auspicious Fate.
This exhibit is a Pim Lek (small size) measuring 2.5 x 2 Cm, and is a very early era model in pure muan sarn, made from a very highly concentrated admixture of sacred Necromantic and Magical powders. This model has a pendant hoop inserted into the sacred Pong Wised powders stuffed into a hole in the top of the amulet, This is placed at an angle by LP Pinak, which was his recommended method of wearing the Daw Nai Pon Nai Pan amulet (at an angle). The copper hoop is visibly aged and reaches the early era of LP Pinak's Trajectory.

Free EMS Registered Airmail Worldwide is included with this amulet. This is the two sided 5 and 8 Pointed Pentacle version, in Nuea Din Aathan Muan Sarn Sacred Prai Powders and Earths. This particular example has Special Powders with Mai Gon Fa Pha lightning struck Treewood stuffed into the bottom side of the amulet, and, as a Pim Klang model, is not only suitable for men, but also a very recommendable model for lady devotees due to the medium Unisex size of 3.2 x 2 Cm.
It is very hard to find Daw Nai Pan Nai Pon amulets in a suitable size for ladies to wear. It is in any case extremely difficult to find one of these amulets in any circumstances, but to find an early era in small size, fitting for both ladies or men, is doubly lucky.

The Daw Aathan Hnun Duang has different stars on each side, one as a 5 pointed star similar to the Military Star, and one in 8 pointed Pentacle similar to the Police Force star. Despite their importance for the meaning which is attributed for the Military and Police force, which was of course intentional, there are deep spiritual meanings imbued within the symbolism of each star design.

Below; The extremely old and powefully concentrated prai powder muan sarn is visibly evident, even to the untrained eye of beginners, this amulet should appear obviously as 'Ongk Kroo' rstudy reference model for the early era hand made amulets of LP Pinak.

This amulet is commonly know for its Wealth Increasing Maha Lap Magick, but in truth, the amulet possesses an massive repository of attributed Buddhist Blessings of very sacred and Auspicious Influences on the Forces of Karma. The amulet is often encased with the pendant ring at an angle, which is a tradition with the Dao Nai Pan Nai Pon, as was originally decreed with the first edition Mae Nuea Horm (Perfumed Mother) Lucky Star ('Mae Nuea Horm' 1st edition, was differentiated being somewhat Larger with a crescent moon below the star).

The base of the amulet has a piece of Mai Fa Pha inserted. The powers of the Daw Nai Pan Nai Pon are manyfold, but has a special ability given by Luang Por Pinak which Luang Por Pinak would say goes like this; 'whoever is not straight with you and cannot be trusted, will be spotted and exposed by the Dao Nai Pan or the Mae Nuea Horm, if you wear it tilted at an angle'
When understood, the meanings within the sacred Lucky Star Pentacle amulets of Luang Por Pinak, are very extensive and comprehensive, and aligned to the focal points of Advanced Buddhist Vipassana Kammathana Practices, with the accompanying Miraculous Power of transformation that comes with the 40 Kammathanas.

Luang Por Pina was the Abbot of Wat Sanom Lao in Sra Buri and was said to have possessed Abhinya Powers, and to have Mastered the 10 Kasina Powers of Elemental Magical Dominion. It is said that he was able to read the minds and intentions of other Humans, and bring amulets to life with is Empowerment Methods, and that his amulets were able to give signs and also can be beseeched and prayed to for wish fulfilment (Sarapat Neuk). There are many stories of Miraculous Events occurring through his amulets.

The Daw Nai Pan Lucky Star is made from a mixture of Highly Sorcerous Ingredients, Herbal and Prai Necromantic Powders, which are both incredibly difficult to find and obtain, and also very easy to recognise their presence within the sacred Muan Sarn Powder mixture.

Those who have had an authentic Daw Aathan before their eyes, will be able to see instantly that this amulet is a very recognisable and distinguished exhibit with the clear to see presence of Luang Por Pinak's Sorcerous Muan Sarn Sarn Powders.
Below is a different model (Namely the Mae Nuea Horm First Edition Amulet), for you to enjoy looking at and for study.
The holes in the amulet also have meaning, some of the daw Nai Pan Nai Pon can be found to have gemstones (Ploi Sek) embedded within the indentations, which are even rarer to find.
This particular exhibit is a Classic Pim from the Early period of Making (Circa 2500), and also one of the highly Preferred 'Pim Niyom' Master Models and can be considered 'Ongk Kroo' (Teacher Reference Model) for a perfect reference comparison of authenticating other less recognisable Star amulets of lesser preference.

'Ud Mai Gon Fa Pa' (Wood from a tree that was truck by Lightning), and many Sacred Relics within its Sacred Powder Muan Sarn. Luang Por Pinak's Daw Nai Pan, exspecially this model above others, is now extremely rare and sought after.
Its price is constantly rising, because only a few hundred Daw Nai Pan are assumed to have been made in the early Era, and they are mostly all already in the possession of the Devotees, many of whom are high ranking Policemen, Army Officers and Top Doctors and Medics.

The title of 'Ongk kroo' is fitting for this amulet, is for its easily recognisable features and Muan Sarn Powders allow one to easily distinguish the authenticity of any other exhibit when held side by side for comparison, making it a Master Key for teaching the eyes to recognise Luang Por's famous Sacred Powders, as well as the effects of aging over the years, as to how discoloration and surface mildews should appear in a true authentic example of the Daw Nai Pan. Despite being a painted model, the edges of the amulet are highly visible to reveal the Muan Sarn Sacred Powders content and aging characteristics, and the true appearance of the Muan Sarn used by Luang Por Pinak for these inimitable and famously powerful amulets.

Luang Por Pinak is known to have performed strange Magical feats in front of the eyes of his disciples many times, especially when devotees would ask him for an amulet. He would ask the devotee to lay down and open their eyes, and would take a handful of sand and pour it over their face, as they would hold the amulet in the hand. But the sand would bounce back before it hit their eyes, and no matter how much was poured on the face, not a single grain of sand would be able to enter the eyes of the devotee, becoming repelled as if by a force field before it touched the eyes.

Kata Luang Por Pinak 
Light 5 sticks of Incense, and chant the Maha Namasakara 3 times before chanting the special Kata for Luang Por Pinak Bpiyataro
Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa
Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa
Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa

Then chant the Kata for Luang Por Pinak (3 times);
Ahang Sukhadto Pinak Bpiyataro Naamadtae Aajaariyo Ma Pandtae Hohi

Kata Pluk Khong (Call the power within the amulet)
Puttang Gandtang Saranang Haa
Puttang Gandtang Saranang Hae
Puttaaa Namo Ya

Kata Pra Som Hwang (Fulfilment of Wishes)
Chant the following for as many repetitions as your age (for example, if you are 35 years old, then chant the Kata, repeatedly for 35 times)
Nadtae Sudtae
The last repetition, change the words to
Mahaa Sudtae Nachaa
As an example, let us pretend a four year old were to recite the mantra, which would result in four lines like this;
Nadtae Sudtae, Nadtae Sudtae, Nadtae Sudtae, Mahaa Sudtae Nachaa

If you listen to the three quarter of an hour talk and explanation of the Sacred Daw Aathan along with a short Biography of Luang Por Pinak, recounted and narrated by Amulet Expert Ajarn Spencer Littlewood in the below Podcast. In the podcast, You will be amazed to learn about the very deep meanings contained within the Daw Aathan Hnun Duang Lucky Star amulets of Luang Por Pinak, and for those of you who are devoted Buddhists and Practitioners of Dhamma, you will feel incredibly inspired to own and apply the meanings found in the amulet to your Buddhist practice of Dhamma, Meditation and Vipassana. For indeed, in its highest level of Bucha, this amulet is a powerful tool not only to increase your Fortunes and Improve your karma in a worldly sense, but can be used as a contemplative focal point of self transformation and empowerment of manifest Buddhist Kammathana Meditative Practice. It points to the path towards enlightenment, and can assist you in walking the path, if this is your intention, and leads far above and beyond simple worldly desires.

Below; The remains of Luang Por Pinak in the Sussaan Pinak, as he requested to be unpreserved Unmummified, and left to rot naturally according to the laws of Nature, without a grand funeral ceremony or chanting, and forbidden to be cremated.
Luang Por Pina Remains in his Mausoleum
This exhibit is a truly ancient early era amulet released at Wat Ta Geuy, and is one of the rarest and most highly appreciated of all the editions, for its hand made concentrated muan sarn prai powder composition, and its early era status. Highly worthy of entry in association competions, with an excellent chance of trophy.

Nang Ta-Khian Amulet LP O Special Version

Special Top Range Ongk Kroo Pim B1 Masterpiece Version of the Mae Nang Ta-Khian Tong Hoeng Prai Deva amulet with Prai Grasip (Pra Ngang style), in Nuea Pong Sud Yord Pised Hlueang, a complex admixture of sacred powders, including Pong Lob from inscriptions of the Yant Nang Mae Takian, and insertion of the Takrut Mae Takian Tong, and the sacred Pong Mai Takian and Mai Marum powders. The amulet has a Hoeng Prai Grasip Skull Gambling Ghost-Whisperer inserted into the rear face, with red gemstone eyes, two Takrut spells with the Hua Jai Mae Takian and Hua Jai Prai Grasip Choke, and four Ploi Sek Enchanted Gemstone.

Mae Nang Ta-Khian with Hoeng Prai skull and Tankai inserts from LP O - The amulet is embellished with 4 Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Wealth and Treasure attracting enchanted Gem, 2 silver Takrut inserted and imbued. Further empowered with the insertion of a metallic albaca Hoeng Prai Skull with a pointed topknot in the fashion of a Pra Ngang, with red gemstone eyes, to hint and 'whisper' forewarnings of lucky streaks or warn of danger. Blessed and released in limited series by Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa, in the year 2558 BE.
A Purely Gambling and Seductive Enticement Orientated amulet with Maha Lap, Siang Choke, Prai Grasip, Maha Sanaeh and Metta Maha Mahaniyom Magick is instilled within the Nang Mae Takian of Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa, containing the seductive power of Nang Takian Tong, whose powers of enchantment are legendary, and carry thousands of folk tales of the lady-ghost enticing and enchanting people lost in the forest, who enter the vicinity of the tree she inhabits. Considered one of the most powerful Thai Ghosts and Devas.

5th Lunar Saturday Magic Lip Gloss LP Payung

Sacred Lip Gloss from Thai Guru Master Monk LP Payung of Wat Pha Sak

The potion has Wicha Liaw Hlang (head-turner spell, to make people look back in admiration), Serm Yos Promotion through Mercy Charm, Serm Duang Karma Improvement, Metta Mahaniyom Merciful Preferential Treatment, Kaa Khaay Good Business Sales , Maha Lap, Lucky Fortunes and Events, Siang Choke Gambling Luck, Maha Sanaeh Power of Seductive Influence and Attraction.

Kata for Crocodile Amulets

Kata for Chanting to all Crocodile (Jorakhae) Thai Amulets. 

Om Sakkae Gaa Jaramae Puttaa Chaadto Apiwaanang Goo Ja Glaaw Berk Mahaa Berk Berk Payaa Taaw Ram Pai Maha Payaa Jorakhae Siddhi Jaara Khanang Bampen Piarn Yoo Nai Tham Mikhard Sin Khiaw Bpen Paetch Gaay Bpen Hlek Gret Bpen Nin Goo Ja Anchern Kun Taaw Ram Pai Tang Hlaay Sin Om Pluk Mahaa Pluk Goo Ja Pluk Payaa Taaw Ram Pai Payaa Jorakhae Phuu Roo Rueang Rit Haeng Kum Nam Tang Noi Yai Idti Sugadtō Namano Maaraesō Sōmaaya Puttaa Bprasitß Jong Maa Bprasit Raksaa Dtae Dtua Goo Kum Krong Gaay Tua Saarapang Gaay Taaw Ram Pai Hai Goo Kong Gret Gaew Mahaa Kong Paetch Cha Kong Puttang Jaarakhanangdtarō Dtō Rang Kong Kang - Sō Bpi Dti I - Tammang Jaarakhanangdtarō Dtō Rang Kong Kang - Sō Bpi Dti I - Sangkang Jaarakhanangdtarō Dtō Rang Kong Kang - Sō Bpi Dti I - Kong Tang Nang Kong Tang Yern Kong Tang Hlab Kong Tang Dtern Kong Tang Glaang Wan Kong Tang Glaang Keun Saarapat Tee Ja Kong Kong Swaaha.
The above spell was inherited from an Old Lay Master of the Northern regions. It is not only Maha Lap but is a very powerful Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad Spell for Protection and Invincibility.

Ancient Loop Om Amulet LP Tong Suk Wat Tanote Luang

The Look Om Nuea Krang of LP Tpmg Sukh is one of the most highly renowned and powerful amulets of the Great Master of Olden days, Luang Por Tong Sukh, of Wat Tanode Luang, in Petchburi was one of the most popular masters for Kong Grapan, Maha Ud, and Klaew Klaad, and was very popular with Gangsters and Highwaymen, of which there were many in the Province of Petchburi, for the gun-stopper powers of his magic.
This exhibit comes with A4 Sized Certificate (Plastified), issued in 2018 by the Association of Amulets of Siam Thailand, and signed by its President. Luang Por Tong Sukh was born in 2420 BE, and lived until his passing in the year 2500 BE, after his appearance to assist in the Grand 25 Centuries of Buddhism Blessing Ceremony, which was the third largest in the History of Thai Buddhist Amulets.
Luang Por Tong Sukh was, and remains in History, as one of the Top Petchburi Masters of All Time, whose powers of Kong Grapan Chadtri Klaew Klaad and Maha Amnaj were legendary.

Tiger Face Ruesi Jumbo Locket AC Prodt

Por Phu Jao Saming Prai Ongk Kroo 2560 BE - A powerful Lay Master amulet from one of the great Necromancers of the present Day, a Sacred Locket with the Tiger Face Ruesi and Necromantic Ingredients in rear face, made using a most Powerful selection of rare Prai Ghost Powders, Chin Aathan Lersi Bone powders, and other powerful ingredients. Inscribed by the hand of Ajarn Prodt, with Necromantic Invocations and Spells of Prosperity in Khom Agkhara script. Ajarn Prodt is a reclusive Hermit Sorceror, who focuses on using undiluted pure Muan Sarn Sacred Ingredients, and whose amulets are now the source of furor with Devotees around the world.

The Rear Face is filled with Green Prai Powders in highly concentrated form using the richest of Ajarn Prodt's famous repository of Necromantic Muan Sarn ingredients. A Piece of Mai Yae Hyae wood for Maha Sanaeh is inserted, along with two large Takrut, a piece of Pha Hor Sop corpse cloth, and two strips of Jivara Robe of a Forest Hermit Monk. Two Phials of Necromantic Muan Sarn are embedded within the Muan Sarn Prai Powders, 1. a Phial of Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed with Takrut Hua Jai to reanimate the spirit of a Hoeng Prai Ghost within the powders, and 2. a Phial of Nam Man Prai Tang Glom Kumarn Tong-Mother Necromantic Serum with a piece of Chin Aathan mortal remains immersed, for reanimation. Sacred Khom Agkhara spells have been hand inscribed upon the surface of the borders of the Muan Sarn Prai Powders filling the Locket.

Phra Somdej Wat Rakang Long Rak Chart Gaes Talu Sum Somdej Toh

Pra Somdej Wat Rakang Somdej Krua Toh

Enjoy a contundently narrated video giving insights into the principles of examination of authentic Pra Somdej, by Ajarn Spencer Littlewood. This video features a Certified Authentic Pra Somdej Wat Rakang Long Rak Chart, Pim Gaes Talu
Sum Block Chang Luang Wijarn , of the great Somdej (Pra Puttajarn) Toh
Prohmrangsri, of Wat Rakang Kositaram.