Butterfly King Amulets by Kroo Ba Krissana

A new series of Butterfly King sacred powder amulets has been released by the great Kroo Ba Krissana Intawano. Enjoy gazing at these most beautiful new releases of his famous Butterfly King or as Thai People call it; 'Taep Jamlaeng'.

You can find all of these Butterfly King amulets and other amulets in the same range from this master on the Thailand amulets website.

There was also a wealthy Chinese junk merchantship amulet with polished precious gem inserts release of which, only 108 were issued in all.

Kwak Pra Somdej Nang Paya

Waving lady Nang Kwak Pra Somdej amulets were also made in various luxurious forms, including a very special and rather expensive Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Version.


Kata for Wicha Dork Jampi Maha Sanaeh

Sacred Buddhist flower amulets made from a precious polished ocean pearl filled with sacred powders and the special silver binding, and tkt insert.


This ocean pearl represents and indeed, resembles, the famous magical Dork Jampi flower, which is used for Buddhist blessings and offerings. The amulet is highly recommendable for ladies and for gay persons, and will bring both well and romance into your life if reverent in the proper manner.
The amulet consists of a sacred ocean pearl enchanted with invocations, and incantations, to empower it with Maha Pokasap & Maha Sanaeh Power to attract both wealth and admiration.