Kata Bucha to Luang Phor Suang

Kata Bucha for Amulets of LP Suang; 

Na Ma Pa Ta Ahang Nugaa 

* Na Ma Pa Ta is the Heart Mantra of the Four Elements 
* Ahang Nugaa is the Kata for Ittirit (supernatural miracle power occurring).

How to Bucha Luang Phu Suang Amulets;

1 yard of white cloth
4 pairs of Dork Wan Maha Hongs White ginger lily (Hedychium coronarium)
1 pair of medium size candles (one baht in weight)
5 pairs of small candles
6 Baht (six coins will do)
9, or 19 incense sticks (lit)
9 rolls of betel and areca (nut and leaves) with some tobacco

Chant the following Kata when all offerings are in place;

Na Mo Puttaaya Idtipiso Pakawaa Ariya Hong Suang Sambanno Yataa Put Mo Na Na Ma Pa Ta Ahang Nugaa

Tiger Amulet Nine Sacred Metals Blessed by LP Foo LP Chan

Tha Suea Maha Amnaj 'Payak Akom' edition Tiger amulet of LP Foo and LP Chan double Guru Master blessing is now already an extreme rarity. The Suea Akom Sorcerous Tiger amulet, is forged in form of a Loi Ongk Statuette amulet, in Nava Loha (Nine Sacred Artifact Metals with Multicoloured Lustre Effect), with only 199 amulets made in this particular type of sacred metal.

Released in the Payak Pratan Porn Edition Blessed with the Wicha Luang Por Kong and Luang Por Parn at Wat Pratan Porn, by the Wicha Holders, Luang Por Foo, of Wat Bang Samak, and Luang Por Chan of Wat Bang Bor (Wat Bang Hia).

Empowered with Maha Amnaj Commanding Power, and Intimidating Aura, Serm Yos Power for increased status and Promotion opportunities,. The amulet is highly imbued with Kong Grapan Chadtri, Klaew Klaad, Metta and Maha Lap Magic.

LP Jong Four Takrut Amulets on Sacred Cord Belt 2485 BE

This powerful Wicha Takrut Compendium is associate implausibly rare exhibit with hand inscribed and sceptred spell inscriptions, created within the days of recent by the Legendary Master Luang Por Jong. Note; collectors leave amulets as they're in original condition, however people that request solely the magic and to wear, wouldn't be wrong if they re-bound the takrut to a replacement belt to suit their desires. Thai individuals are not uncommonly seen to share a Takrut sixteen scrolls cord inscribed by Jong and split it up between four friends into four sets of four Takrut for instance.own to take a Takrut 16 Dork of LP Jong and split it up between four friends into 4 sets of 4 Takrut for example.

Phra Sivali Amulet LP Dum Wat Santi Dhamma

Phra Sivali sacred powder amulet with Kuman Thong on rear side. Released in Buddha Abhiseka Circa 2553 BE after a three month Traimas (Trimester) Empowerment Period. Pure Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Lap Magic imbued within the Sacred Puttakun Powders, of this Phra Sivali Um Badtr (Chimplee Arahant with Almsbowl), with Kuman Thong Um Sap (Kumarn with Treasure Sack) on rear face, with Pong Tabai (metal filings from casting of Buddha Images) sprinkled on the rear face below the Kumarn.
A Powerful and now very rare amulet for Metta and Lucky Auspicious events. The temple stamp of authenticity is embossed in the base. This amulet is a two in one and has double effect of Phra Sivali along with the Kuman Thong Kwak Sap, with the option of double Bucha methods which should at best both be employed, in order to empower and manifest the magic of the amulet to its fullest.

You must First pray to Pra Sivali (always of course praying to Buddha first if you are Buddhist, and chanting Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa 3 times. Buddhists must always pay reverence to the Triple Gem before praying to any Deities).

Luang Por Dum has been a celebrated Internationally revered Sorceror-Monk for well over two decades, and was already one of the great Ajarns who visited Singapore and Malaysia long before many other masters ever did, and won the hearts of devotees around South East Asia, through the word to ear news which traveled around the Asian Continent telling stories of success with his amulets, from Devotees around the world. His amulets are far and few to find these days, since he retreated during the last years to take a less prominent position and focus on his practices, but his following remains as fervent as ever, and his early era amulets are amongst the most highly sought after by Asian and Western Buddhist Devotees

Kata Bucha Kumarn Tong (LP Dum Wat Santitam)
Aehi Kumaa Aehi Komahingsaa Aehi Tanang Aehi Aaahaara Pochanang Lohidtang Warang Sudthaa

Khunphaen Fang In Koo Ajarn Pu Chin 100,000 Fallen Tears Lovespell Amulet

Special Unisex Khun Phaen for Maha Sanaeh with 3 Takrut, and In Koo in rear face, made with extreme concentrated Prai Powders and sprayed with Nam Man Prai Oil, from Phu Chin. The front face features Khun Phaen seated with his consort and two Nymphs in attendance, with three Takrut Maha Sanaeh for Charm and Attraction, the Muan Sarn of the amulet is highly concentrated with Prai Powders, Pokasap Gemstones, Wan Dork Tong Herb, and sprayed with Nam Man Prai Necromantic Serum Oil.

The rear face has the Sacred Na Won Wian for Maha Jang-Ngang Dizzy Stunner Spell to stun your customers and targeted lovers, and make them fall head over heals, or to gain the element of surprise. Sacred Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Gemstones are inserted into the Muan Sarn of the rear face.

The Khun Phaen Saen Nam Dta Dtok 100,000 Fallen Tears Lovespell is a Wicha, which melts hearts and induces mercy and generosity in the hearts of those who approach. Extremely powerful prai Maha Sanaeh Maha Lap amulet for Lucky Fortunes, Love Affairs, Gambling and Business, as well as Promotion in Social and Professional areas of life.

The rear face has a Sacred In Koo Symbiotic Deva inserted for immense Maha Sanaeh Magick, made from Nuea Wan Dork Tong Golden Flower Herb Powders, renowned for their power of attraction and enchantment magick.

Phra Rahu Carved 1 Eye Coconut Amulet Only 3 Made Ta Pun

Phra Rahu Jumbo Size Masterpiece limited edition hand carved one eyed coconut (Kala Ta Diaw) amulet, filled with sacred powders and empowered amulets on rear face, from the mysterious and reclusive Forest Lay Master Ajarn Ta Poon, a Hermit Lay Practitioner whose face only few have seen, apart from forest dwelling folk who know of his existence and sometimes get to visit him.

Apart from the blessings of Phra Rahu, we can see that this very special Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Phra Rahu version amulet affords the protection and blessings of other Vedic Gods such as Lord Ganesha and Lord Brahma, and the powerful Maha Amnaj Maha Pokasap and Anti Black Magick powers of Taw Waes Suwan (Kubera) the Wealthy Asura King of the Northern Quarter. The Taw Waes Suwan statuette also has a Takrut within its base with Sacred Powder filling.

LP Phang Locket with Sacred Powders Gold Leaf & Look Namo Spell

Locket Roop Khai Chak Khaw (white face) bearing the image of the Great Isan Master Monk, Luang Por Phang Jidtakudto, seated beside his almsbowl (Nang Khang Badtr), with Sacred Muan Sarn Powders on the rear face, a Look Namo Slug Spell insert and Gold Leaf Blessing pasted onto the surface. The Locket was released at the temple of Luang Por Phang at Wat Kongka Kirikhaet Temple, in Khon Kaen.
The inner side of the rear face of the locket is filled with Sacred Magical Powders made from rare Sacred herbs and other items collected in the forests during the years of Tudong by this great Guru. The Image of Luang Por Phang is a highly desirable acquisition for serious collectors and devotees of Luang Por Phang amulets, as Buddhanussati, and Gurunussati, remembrance of the Triple Gem and the Guru Monk Luang Por Phang, to keep oneself mindful of one's own practice.

Silver Leklai Amulet Vajra Dhatu LP Huan Wat Putai Sawan

Extremely rare silver Lek Lai Ngern Yuang, 4 Centimeters Long, a very rare form of Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi Elemental Substance, which can only be extracted with Kasina Powers. Considered a Wachiratat (Vajra Dhatu Adamantine Substance with Lightning Fast Powers). This silver Lek Lai Ngern Yuang is of the rarest forms of Lek Lai which were extracted and empowered by Luang Por Huan of Wat Putai Sawan. Lek Lai See Ngern Yuang is a preferred type of Lek Lai for its pure white silvered metallic colored effect, and for the power it is supposed to possess through the purity of silver Lek Lai.

This silver Lek Lai Ngern Yuang is of the rarest forms of Lek Lai which were extracted and empowered by Luang Por Huan of Wat Putai Sawan. Lek Lai See Ngern Yuang is a preferred type of Lek Lai for its pure white silvered metallic colored effect, and for the power it is supposed to possess through the purity of silver Lek Lai.

Ajarn Lee Conciousnesses - Thanissaro Bhikkhu \ \ Dhamma Talks

A seminal and extremely deep teaching on consciousness and the chain of events which are related to consciousness. A Buddhist Teaching for Vipassana Practitioners, from Thanissaro Bhikkhu based on the teachings of Ajarn Lee. Thai Forest Buddhism.

Incantation to remove Enchantment Spells & Curses

This incantation is known as the 'Kata Na Tord Na' to remove Black Magic Curses, and especially Love Spells and Enchantments. The Kata is Especially favoured for removal of the 'Pali Luub Hlang' Enchantment spell, which is reputably difficult to remove once the spell is activated. This incantation uses the power of the Vanora God Pali to remove the Spell.

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