Pra Ngang Maha Sanaeh - 2 sided Locket with sacred Prai Powders - Ajarn Perm Prai Dam

Pra Ngang Maha Sanaeh Locket for attracting oposite sex, gambling, and good business. Kong Grapan Klaew Klaad protection is a secondary effect of the Ngang Dta Daeng Stuffed with sacred and powerful Prai Powders for which Ajarn perm has become famous for, and spells between the two sea shell locket covers.

The Locket has been painted with Magical Black and Gold Magical Inscriptions, with the subtle and spiritual looking image of the Pra Ngang Dta Daeng Deva. A true hit with gamblers and those of the amorous inclinations, as well as sales persons and store owners, can use the Ngang for your goals. Pra Ngang is also a very powerful protector against Black Magic, having plenty of it in its own Power.

Ajarn Perm Prai Dam has made the Ngang according to the True Ancient Khmer Wicha, also choosing for a very subtly painted, and ghostly looking spirit Ngang, which is muchmore representative of the Prai deva being in its reality than many a common depicion. The design and creation method is immensely Original, resulting in a verySoft looking amulet which radiates a strong aura of Metta, with a wide area of influence. Powerful Magic once again from one of Thailand's Top Laymasters, Ajarn Perm Prai Dam.

How to Worship Pra Ngang Dta Daeng
For Worshipping Methods, please read the info about how to Revere and Bucha Ngang Deities on the below link;
Kata Nang Dta Daeng Ajarn Perm
Om Grerk Grerk Mahaa Grerk grerk Grerk Grong Bpii Ko Sabai Bpii Gor Oy Niang Ruadt Mo Ram Aeng Jia Gruu Baa Tia Om Sitti Swaaha Om Sahome Dtid
Locket 2 Hnaa (double faced Locket) Ngang Maha Sanaeh Chak dam (black cover) - Ajarn Perm Prai dam

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Takrut Narai Plik Fa Satan Paen Din - Vishnu + Garuda Takrut - LP Sakorn Wat Nong Grub

Pra Narai (Vishnu) Song Krut (riding Garuda Bird) Powerful Maha Amnaj, Metta, Gae Aathan, Kong Grapan and Klaew Klaad Takrut amulet - 'Samrej Prartana' (get what you wished for edition) amulet.

Blessed and empowered by Luang Por Sakorn of Wat Nong Grub. Issued at Wat Hor Tong (Prajinburi). Issued in Two (5 Inch and 3 Inch long) Takrut models. The Takrut are made from Sacred Copper Yantra Foil with 'Rak' (black Lacquer resin covering) and Golden Vishnu image embossed using the 'Long Lai Tong' method of application, which uses pure gold to apply the image.

The Wicha used for the making of the Takrut Narai Plik Fa Satan Phaen Din amulet, is rather like the famous Takrut Jakkapat Narai, in the sense that is a very powerful and rarely made Takrut, using a Wicha which only the most powerful Masters will dare to apply, and even then only on certain rare occasions.

Luang Por Sakorn is one of thes Masters, which is hardly surprising, him being the main prime inheritor/discipled apprentice to the great Luang Por Tim of Wat Laharn Rai, wose famous Khun Phaen Pong Prai Kumarn amulets can be said to be the most famous of all modern Khun Phaen amulets, and Luang Por Sakorn is the current holder of this Master Wicha, and the Wicha for themaking of the famous and legendary 'Pong Prai Kumarn' sacred powders used in the best Pra Khun Phaen amulets.

Luang Por Sakorn has had the Compassion to use his famous name to issue this 'Samrej Prartana' edition (get what you wished for), to issue at Wat Hor Tong, in order to raise funds to complete the building of the Museum building there.

Luang Por is the Jao Kana Ampher of Prajinburi (The Bishop of the whole Province). Luang Por Sakorn is also the Prime Disciple and apprentice to Luang Por Jaad, who was one of the four most famous and powerful Masters of his time during the Indochina wars ("Jaad,Jong,Kong Ee" - Luang Por Jaad, Luang Por Jong, Luang Por Kong and Luang Por Ee

Comes in original box from the temple. Can be encased in tubular transparent casing with steel caps if wished

Takrut Narai Plik Fa Satan Paen Din - Vishnu + Garuda Takrut 2554 BE - Nuea Tong Daeng Chup Rak Lai Nam Tong (copper, lacquered, real gold image) - 3 Inches - LP Sakorn - Wat Nong Grub

Kata Takrut Narai Plik Fa Satan Paen Din;
Waa To-o No-o A Ma Ma Waa
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Mae Bper (Mae Tong Soi) with Chin Aathan + Ghost Mouth Takrut in Prai Oil

Mae Bper Prai Deity - Nuea Mai Paya Ngiw Dam (hand carved magical tree with ruling Deva) - with Chin Aathan piece attached and Ghost Mouth takrut in Prai oil - Por Hnaan Singkhorn.

Mae Bper Dtit Chin Aathan Chae Nam Man Prai Maha Sanaeh - Nuea Mai Paya Ngiw Dam (black Ngiw tree wood which has a powerful ruling Prai deva spirit which embodies the amulets). Made by elusive Master Por Hnaan Singkhorn, the only remaining Master of some of the Oldest and otherwise lost and forgotten Wicha of Ancient times.

This extremely powerful Mae Bper amulet is soaked in Prai Oils and has a piece of Chin Aathan attached for forcing certain successful influence in luck, fortune and attraction.

Chin Aathan is a Prai Magic - a piece of relic (bodily remains, such as bone, blood, tooth, skin) of a poor Man who drowned to death on a Saturday and was Cremated on a Tuesday (or the other way around if a Woman), which is a very powerful combination of events to make magic for riches and luck, and love and attraction (enchantment magic).

Size; 3.5 x 2.3 Cm inside the case

Chin Aathan and Ban Neng

Chin Aathan (and 'Ban Neng'), is a powerful and useful agent for both those who have been hit with black magic or have bad karma, and who dont seem to be able to get even the best amulets to do more than just a little improvement for them, due to 'Toraniyasarn';

Some things we carry over from our Karmic Rebirths, are very hard for the amulets to overwhelm, and magic influences from the past. Some people may have a certain must or aroma for example, that is not consciously noticeable, but that affects customers and social friends to the point where one can not find any popularity at all. In this case, the Chin Aathan is like snake serum, you counter one thing with a little of the same - 1+1 = 0 in this case.


Maha Sanaeh, Maha Niyom, Choke Lap and Pokasap magic spells were performed with various incantations to invoke the elements and ruling powers to imbibe the amulets with their powers.

Then Sacred Yantra foils were given inscriptions with silver Takrut Phaag Phii, made from the silver coins from the corpses mouth, with the Sacred Na Maha Sanaeh Yantra spell of the ancient Lanna Magical Tradition. This is visible in the rear side of the amulet.

The Prai Oils used to immerse and charge the Mae Bper in include 'Nam Man Sek', 'Nam Man Wan Maha Sanaeh', and 'Nam Man Aathan' (similar to Chin Aathan but liquid form)

This amulet is powerful for the folowing purposes

1. Love Charm (Both sexes and Gays of both sex)
2. Business improver, sales increase
3. Lottery and Gambling, Speculative Risk
4. Protect against Black Magic

Mae Bper Prai Deity - Nuea Mai Paya Ngiw Dam (hand carved magical tree with ruling Deva) - with Chin Aathan piece attached and Ghost Mouth takrut in Prai oil - Por Hnaan Singkhorn


Takrut Ka Rak Ka Hlong 3 Magic spells in one Takrut for Love, Influential Speech and good Business - Luang Ta Chuan

Kaa Rak Kaa Hlong Kaa Rang Kaa Ruu Takrut made from 'Yaa Kaa Sek'. Yaa Kaa is used for making the sacred brushes used to spray prayer water with (and also for Traditional grass roofing).

Luang Ta Chuan has invoked various metta Mahaniyom spells into the Yaa Kaa which is wrapped around the main Takrut in the centre, which is a leaden 'Takrut Tone'.The Yaa Kaa serves to increase the concentration of power within the Takrut and to implement much enchantment in the hearts of those whose hearts you wish to win. Very apt for people in showbusiness, actors and performers, to increase the chances of getting the main role, or of attaining success as a popular public person. Those who seek a partner in life will find a husband or wife easier with this Takrut accompanying them always at their side ('Kaa' means 'standing beside', as well as meaning 'grass').

First the Takrut Tone was made and empowered, then the Yaa Kaa was empowered and wrapped around the inner Takrut. Afyer this, magical cords were wrapped around the Yaa Kaa, and coated in 'Wan', a resin like lacquer made from natural magical herbs and resins with Metta and Maha Sanaeh properties. The Wan covering is then covered with a 'Yant Pratap Hlang' (rear face Yantra to seal any entry points). The Yant Pratap Hlang is there to cause the enchantment to last for an enduring time period.

The whole composition is composed of;

1. Takrut Long Metta yai (Great Metta takrut) - Love attractor -works with both Men or Women

2. Yaa Kaa with Maha Sanaeh, purchased from a pure female travelling salesperson who is Celibate. It is forbidden to rip or break the Yaa kaa of this magical type and purity, for it is said that Yaa Kaa was used to scoop up the Amrita Nectar of Immortality when the God Indra dropped it on the floor, and is thus a magical herb which possesses the property of 'Kaa Mai Dtaay' (kill them and they never die - Invincibility, Bulletproof, and Evasion of Danger), because it has soaked up some of the nectar of Immortality. Dig it up and throw it down to dry up, it will come back to life and grow again within a short time. Burn it and the roots will re-emerge again later. This magical component of the Takrut, is the part of the spell intended to cause people to become infatuated and fall in love, and once having done so, will never be able to forget again.

3. The 'Wan' that is used for the outer covering, is called 'Wan Hlong Hlai' , which when the Kata within the yantra and the powerful Maha Sanaeh effects of the Wan Sacred Muan Sarn ingredients combine, will result in a very hypnotic effect on those who approach, and make them defenseless against your charms and suggestions.

Useful as a Love Charm as well as for Business Operators and Salespersons.

Magical Properties;

Metta Mahaniyom ('Great Preference' Magic - likeability and popularity), Maha Sanaeh (attraction), Hlong Hlai (infatuation/fall in love).

Takrut Ka Rak Ka Hlong 3 Magic spells in one Takrut for Love, Influential Speech and good Business - Luang Ta Chuan - Wat Khwang


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Takrut Koo Meng Wan Dam Maha Sanaeh -Gambling and Attraction Amulet - Luang Phu Ya Kroo Noi

The Wicha Meng Wan Maha Sanaeh is a very secret and rarely heard of Wicha which is only seen performed on the most unusual occasions. Luang Phu Ya Kroo Noi Sri Taat has had the Metta to make a small quantity of these Takrut for his Looksit, as a double Takrut with two forms of Wicha Meng Wan Dam inserted.

The Takrut is inclined to bring results in sales and business deals, and also useful for gambling and speculative risk operations. In the case of using for gambling, this Takrut and Wicha have one special rule, that you must be honest and never cheat to win.

Method of Use;

The Takruts are bound together and enchanted to work as one using magical cords and then enticed to work to their utmost with the offering of the merits of a Buddhist Monk and gold leaf pasting.

This is a double Takrut with two spells in it which complement each other, one Maha Sanaeh for attraction of business, customers and wealth, and the other, Choke Lap, for winning streaks and lucky windfalls. The Takrut can be carried in the shirt or jacket pocket.

Before use, you should raise your hands to your forehead in Reverence to the Ruling Decas within the Takrut charms, and invoke the elements with;

Na Ma Pa Ta Uyae Ayae ANa A Na Ma A U Saatu Saatu Saatu Gaa Hodti Samphawo Jong Ma Bang Gerd Bpen Mahaa Sanaeh Maedtaa Choke Laap Gae Dtua Goo Duay U A Ma Ma Nee Terd Garomi

Chant once a day. On days when you are going gambling in places where the 'Jao Tee' (ruling Spirits) are very strong to beat, then Chant this 12 times.

Takrut Koo Meng Wan Dam Maha Sanaeh - Luang Phu Ya Kroo Noi


Mae Yua Muang (Kali) Love Charm amulet with 14 takrut spells - LP Kong Dech

Luang Por Kong Dech is The Master and inventor of the Na Long Nam Man Prai Chang Pasom Khloeng blessing ceremony, and the Gold leaf 'Hoeng Prai' blessing. His powerful Khmer Wicha makes the Mae Yua Mueang an authentic Magical amulet empowered using the authentic and original Khmer formula, which is the originator of the Mae Yua Mueang magic.

The front face features kali (Mae Yua) riding on a Shiva Lingam/palad Khik, with ten arms holding ten phallic Lingams and a garland of Lingams around her. This amulet is pure Kama Sutra Maha Sanaeh and Metta Kaa Khaay (increased sales for shopkeepers and salespersons). Very Powerful against both Men or Women, due to the male and female Maha Sanaeh herbs added. A very good Maha Sanaeh amulet for L:adies, which is perfectly tuned into and aligned with the Feminine energy, and has strong power to attract Males.

 The rear face has various effigies in Kama Sutra sexual postures, a Yoni (symbolic Vagina) with a Lingam (symbolic phallic) entering it, are in the center of these figures. A jade bead enchanted with Incantations is inserted. Nine silver Takrut Maha Sanaeh are inserted into the rear face, and a further five gold Takrut are inserted into the bottom of the amulet.

The Sacred Muan Sarn powders were made using the ancient formula from Phu Ruesi Sandtia, a legendary old Khmer Ruesi with the Master Wicha of powerful powders for Maha Sanaeh; Wan Dork Tong, Wan Bai Dtong Dtaek, Wan Prarn Hlong, Wan Sa-Or Erng Dtua Phuu, Wan Sa-or Erng Dtua Mia (male and female versions) all then empowered using the incantations of the Wicha Ang Dtria Saoeng Ran Dtor. This amulet was made in 3 different materials; Brown or Black Pong Maha Saneh powder versions, and one Loi Ongk in sacred metals.

Kata Bucha Mae Yua Mueang and See Pheung Mae Yua Mueang
Jijeruni Itagama.
Saa, Saa, Sa.
Sawaa Home
Chant 7, or 11 Times
Mae Yua Mueang Niang Dtaro Ran Niaree - Nuea Pong Maha Sanaeh Dam Phu Sandtia - 14 Takrut Maha Sanaeh - Luang Por Kong Dech - Weat Tham Hua Rarerng (Buriram)

Also Available in brown sacred powders without Takrut, and brown sacred powders with three Takrut

Mae Yua Mueang Niang Dtaro Ran Niaree - Nuea Pong Maha Sanaeh Phu Sandtia - Luang Por Kong Dech - Weat Tham Hua Rarerng (Buriram)

Locket Taep Paetch Payatorn Chak See Chompoo (pink) - Luang Phu In Khematewo

This Paetch Payatorn Love and Wealth attraction charm Deity is one of several colored lockets in two sizes made by Luang Phu in Khematewo of Wat Nong Meg. His powder amulets of Paetch Payatorn are already immensely popular and successful with our customers, and these lockets are yet another subtle variation, for a wide and varied choice for what is in principle the same deity.

View in the store here >>> Pink Paetch Payatorn Jumbo size Locket - LP In Wat Nong Meg
This Locket has five Takrut inserted with a further two Takrut Ngu Hlueam (python Takrut), and one Dork Mali flower. The sacred powder MuanSarn base has a very strong perfumed aroma which is made to seep its Metta energies out slowly over a long period of time lending a sslowly but surely steady improvement to all aspects of social and professional life, and attracting wealth and luck.
Jumbo Locket Taep Paetch Payatorn Chak See Chompoo (pink) - 5 silver takrut 2 python takrut and jasmine flower - Luang Phu In Wat Nong Meg 5 x 3.5 Cm

The Paetch Payatorn deity is currently one of the most successful amulets judging from feedback from our friends and customers, for which we recommend this locket along with all other Paetch Payatorn amulets from our 'Five Top Masters of Maha Sanaeh' (LP In, LP Bpan, LP Khern, LP Goey and LP Ta).
The Locket was made in vartious versions, the top most powerful models being Gold faced, which came out in more than one model also.

Jumbo Locket Pim Pised Taep Paetch Payatorn 'Maha Paya Nga' Chak See Tong (Gold) - 10 Takrut (6 silver, 4 python), and Rak Sorn flower - Luang Phu In Wat Nong Meg 5 x 3.5 Cm

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Takrut Sariga Koo Nok Iang - love and business charm - LP Ta Nakawano

Takrut Sariga Nok Iang (golden tongued love bird Takrut) - Luang Phu Ta Nakawano Wat Sri Wangnaram - only 769 Takruts ever made.

The Wicha of empowering the Sariga Nok Iang is the Master Wicha of the Lineage of the great  Master Somdej Lun. Luang Phu Ta has not only learned and mastered it, but is an Adept of this Wicha and is very fluent in performing this empowerment, resulting in a very effective spell due to the ease with which Luang Por performs the magical empowerment, because of his intense practice. Can be encased in waterproof casing and worn as a pendant, kept in purse, pocket or handbag.

This Takrut is for people who need to influence others with their speech, or are in the trading and selling professions, such as street merchants, stock trading, and shop owners. Good for busines smeetings and talks, and for socializing and gaining popularity.Your speech will become sweet to the ears of listeners and your words will be believed and paid attention to. Selling will become easier. Luang por made the Sariga double Takrut using old gold takrut foils from the ariataat takruts he had made in a previous edition, and added silver foil takrut as a paired amulet.He then made inscriptions of Khmer Spells with his own hand, making the silver Takrut to be the Nok Iang Dtua Poo (male bird) nd the gold takrut to be the Nok Iang Dtua Mia (female bird). He then made some magical 3 colored ribbon and empowered them with wicha fopr Siri Mongkol (auspicious blessings).

He spent 3 months of rainy season empowering them each night in his Kuti hut, until, at the end of the empowerments, a flock of Nik Iang Sariga birds flew down and gathered in the temple, flying and swooping over the Kuti roofs. He then released the Takruts to the Looksit and the comittee to distribute to the congregation. 769 Takruts made in this small edition.

How to make Bucha;
When you are going to go for talks, interviews, socializing or selling/business, chant Namo tassa 3 times, and then chant the following Kata;

Wanna Wannaa Sarigaayo Puttang Siro Waaha Ma Ma
Takrut Sariga Koo Nok Iang (golden tongued love bird Takrut) - Luang Phu Ta Nakawano Wat Sri Wangnaram - only 769 Takruts ever made

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Dtugkhae Aathan magic Gecko for good business, love, social life and protection - LP Lum

Dtugkhae Aathan (sorcerous lizard) 4 Cm long - Nuea Din Aathan (magical earth powders) - Wai Kroo 2553 BE edition - Luang Por Lum - Wat Samakee Tam

Magical Gecko Metta Maha sanaeh / Choke Lap amulet by the current Master of this Wicha, Luang Por Lum, of Wat Samakee Tam. Made from 'Din Aathan' (earth powders from.  sacred and powerful places).

The base has magical spell inscription in Khom Agkhara.
Size of amulet; 4 Cm long 2 Cm wide

Luang Por Lum was apprenticed in Magical Wicha to the Great Luang Por Kreun (Pra Kroo Kosita Tammasarn), of Wat Sangkositaram (Supannburi), whose famous Gecko and Tugkhae lizard amulets are of highest esteem. He would travel back and forth to learn more and more from him during a period of time. Luang Por Lum was the only person lucky enough to get this chance to learn Magical Wicha with Luang Por Kreun, whose Jing Jok and Tugkhae lizard charms are the most powerful of all Thai Gecko amulets.

He got the chance as LP Kreun came to Wat Ban Ya Praek to assist in an Ordination ceremony. LP Lum was the one appointed to prepare LP Kreuns quarters, so he was able to prostrate to him and ask to be accepted as an apprentice. At first, LP Kreun did not answer and just continued to talk general conversation, but LP Lum knew that in fact, the Master was testing and checking his mental ability behind the scenes. After testing him a while and also checking his ability to read and write Khom, LP Kreun commented that it was important to read fluently and be able to read between the lines to interpret the meaning.

He said most old Kampir (Grimoires) of Magic were all in Khom scripture, so this was an essential part of the Magicians armory. One day, a monk came to the temple and said that Luang Por Kreun was calling for him, and he must rush to see him. When Luang Por Lum arrived and entered the Hut of Luang Por Kreun, he saw that the monk was not going to live much longer. LP Kreun sad that he had been thinking of Luang Por Lum and his great ability in meditation and Wicha Khom, and that although he wasnt attached and worried about magic, he did worry that the Wicha of the Tugkhae lizard was a Wicha that still had no Heir to cvontinue its existence in the world. He then began to teach Luang Por Lum the Wicha Tugkhae, and taught him to Chant and focus on the Kata Tugkhae all night until he became fluent and comfortable and in absorption with it.

He must perform the chanting and make as many Tugkhae lizards approach the hut as possible, if he was able to do this then he had begun to master the Wicha. When he would make an image of the Tugkhae in any shape or form, he should use the Novahorakun Kata to inscribe on the Tugkhae, and the Kata Twaadt Himapant.

Starting from the head moving towards the tail. If the Tugkhae amulet were to be made from sacred powders, then the powders must be made with powdered ‘Pong Lop’ (residue chalk from inscription of Kata and Yant on a blackboard, which are then mixed in to make amulets). The amulets must be chanted into with invocations until they can wiggle around as if living. If small miniature amulets, they can be blessed all together in one go using the aforementioned Kata 108 times. If large ones, they must be empowered individually. The Tugkhae Aathan is a special Wicha made famous by the Great Luang Por Kreun. Whoever carries the Tugkhae of LP Kreun is said to become wealthy.

Luang Por Lum was appointed to assist LP Kreun in many empowerments of his famous Tugkhae amulets and join in by adding his Jhanic powers. The Tugkhae of LP Kreun generated so many different stories of success and miraculous events, that they became the most famous Gecko amulets in Thailand. There is not other Samnak/Temple so famous for the Tugkhae amulets as Wat Samakee Tam.

The Gecko has the ability to assist in good business and sales, and also protect from thieves and bandits, warning from forthcoming dangers. The Tugkhae generates much metta which results in the wearer feeling cool and peaceful, happy. In fact, the Metta of the Tugkhae can help us in almost all areas of life, be it to improve life socially, professionally or for safety reasons.

Each edition of Luang Por Lum's Tugkhae Aathan ends up going so fast that the temple itself never has any left on the premises, and are an immensely popular amulet with both Men and Women. Apart from being empowered with the Wicha Tugkhae, Luang Por Lum also added some Maha Sanaeh and Choke Lap empowerments to increase the wealth and love charm faculties of the amulet and strengthen the effects of the Geckos charm. The Tugkhae is a 'Krueang Rang' type amulet (magic charm) and thuse does not have to only be worn hanging around the neck, rather can be hung on a key chain, in the pocket, or even placed on a small altar in the shop where you sell your wares, or in your home for Bucha. Place the Gecko on a 'Pan' (silver or brass tray/pedestal) on the altar.

To pray, make offerings of flowers and some sweetmeats and water, and chant Namo Tassa to the Lord Buddha first 3 times, then pray hard and make your wish as you choose.

Kata Metta Mahaniyom Luang Por Lum
Na Mettaa Ma Haa Niyom Mo Cheuy Chom A Niyom Mettaa Putta Raksaa Taa Niyom Ya Cheuy Chom A Niyom Mettaa Pra Arahang Rak Mai tree Mettaa Pra Mokallaa Yandti

Ngang Dta Daeng Pra Deity in magical Necromantic balm with Chin Aathan insert

Paya Ngang Dta Daeng ud See Pheung Maha Sanaeh Fang Chin Aaathan - most powerful Prai Spirit amulet - Pra Ajarn Dtaecharangsri - best amulet for Gamblers, powerful for Business improvement, love charm, oratory tasks, and increased luck and popularity.

Pra Ajarn Daecharangsri's Wicha is slowly becoming impossible to notice, as his amulets genereate ever more increasing success with his Devotees,  and each edition or new creation becomes ever more powerful with each new release. This amulet is one of a very small batch of hand made and individually empowered items with immense occult power, using extremely rare and hard to obtain ingredients for the potion.

This amulet is indeed a full potion of spells with an extremely sacred and powerful piece of 'Chin Aathan' inserted. Chin Aathan is a Prai Magic - a piece of relic (bodily remains, such as bone) of a poor person who drowned to death on a Saturday and was Cremated on a Tuesday, which is a very powerful combination of events to make magic for riches and luck, and love and attraction (enchantment magic).

The rear face has a silver Yantra foil spell embedded which is the 'Takrut Na Biya'
The amulet will answer your wishes when using it for discussion, business, applying for jobs or promotions, charming the opposite sex, and doing business.
Offer 'Lao Khaw' (white spirit whisky) as Bucha.

Kata Pra Ngang Dta Daeng
Om Pra Sri Salang Ngang Paetch Salaeng Ngaeng Gam Guu Khaeng Ying Gwa Faa Mer Guu Ka Hlek Dtaay Mer Guu Phaay Jet Hua Paya Naak Bpaag Guu Karp Prajantr Sorng Dteen Guu Yan Pra Aatidt Om Sitti Kong Swaaha Kong Paetch

How to Bucha (worship) the Pra Ngang Deity

The See Pheung is boiled and congealed using a very ancient Wicha which Ajarn Dtaecharangsi has mastered, and has been empowered with incantations and had extremely powerful ingredients added, the most powerful being of course the Chin Aathan body remains which have been empowered with ancient Incantations.

Paya Ngang Dta Daeng ud See Pheung Maha Sanaeh Fang Chin Aaathan - most powerful Prai Spirit amulet - Pra Ajarn Dtaecharangsri

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