Jatukam Ramatep - Wat Bang Hwa

Jatukam Ramatep - Wat Chompoo Pradit
Tep hai Ngern Tep hai Tong edition (Deva give money, Deva give gold)

Rental Price; $SG75

This is a Jatukam Ramatep amulet made at Wat Chompoo Pradit (otherwise known as Wat Bang Hwa), in Nakorn Sri Tammarat. It was made in summer 2550 and reblessed also at Wat Maha Tat in Nakorn Sri Tammarat. This amulet was completely financed and comissioned by a very rich and devoted disciple of Wat Chompoo Pradit and faithful believer in Jatukam Ramatep.

The ingredients were sought out and collected from a number of sources, including Mai Tep taro, a very rare wood which has great power of metta. This sacred wood has a perfumed smell and the amulet still has a wonderful aroma to it. The back side has the great Chedi of Wat Mahatat in Nakorn SriTammmarat on it, which houses a sacred Buddha relic. You can see the many tones and textures on the back side revealing the great quantity of varied sacred ingredients in this amulet. The amulets were not marketed and are all kept with the lady who had them created. You can only obtain one of these amulets either from the temple directly, or by contacting the lady who had them created and financed them. She spent 5 million baht in their creation.

You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to rent amulets - or go to the new online shop at Siam Amulets Online Siam Amulets Online

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Pra Narai, Garuda & Rahu amulet

Pra Narai Song Krut Run Srong Nam 52 - Luang Por Jon, Pak Chong, Nakorn Rachasima
This is a Pra Narai Chid Pised (special edition) amulet of Vishnu riding on a Garuda who is holding Naga serpents. The Garuda is then seated upon Pra Rahu. This combination of deities is considered extremely powerful. The sun and the moon are depicted on the top left and right of the amulet . The amulet has been treated with "long rak" (a black laquer used to cover sacred amulets and Buddha statues before applying gold leaf).

Pra Narai Song Krut Run Srong Nam back side

Price: SG$85  - Sold

The rear side of the amulet has sacred yant (yantra) designs on it as well as two tagrud scrolls inserted and four sacred na designs in each corner. The amulet's powerful magic is then topped off with some sacred Khmer agkara lettering in pali around the edges.
creation date 2552.

This amulet is bound to become a collectors item, due to the fact that it was never greatly advertized or commercialised and is lesser known in commercial circles, which almost always leads to becoming greatly sought after once the edition has gained in age a few years.
I am now trying to locate some of these amulets, and will re-post them if i find some, due to having received many requests for this amulet. The amulets were made in various colors and different number of Tagrud in the back face. I hope to be able to obtain various types if possible.

Ruesi & Kumarn Tong amulet

Ruesi Por Gae Narot Maha Tep Normo - Wat Sala Fai Sakorn Sri Tammarat.

This is a Ruesi amulet from famous temple Wat Sala Fai in Nakorn Sri Tammarat. The front side has Ruesi Por Gae Narot (Naradha) embossed on it, with the Ruesi mantra "Leu Leur inscribed above his head.
The amulet has a tagrud in the base, as well as semi precious stone inserted in the tip of the amulet. You can see glittering points of white which is a sign of there being both Nga Chang and Pong Itaje present in the mixture, as well as Kakyayaks earth, which produces white beads that grow and increase with age. Both these ingredients are considered to have strong magical properties of protection. The back side of the amulet has a Kumarn Tong impressed on it, which increases the opportunity of it's wearer to have good business, wealth and fortune as well as lots of friends and good love life. The Ruesi will protect you from magic and bad luck and physical dangers, obstacles etc, and aid you in your practise if you are a meditator or practise magic yourself. The Kumarn will increase your popularity and business sales as well as making your home and family life a happy one.
I am sorry about the rather blurry fotos i shall re-edit with clearer ones later.

This amulet ia available for rent at a price of SG$50

This amulet is from the "Maha Tep Normo" edition of amulets made with a massive number of monks blessing in Nakorn Sri Tammarat. I have published and will publish more amulets in this series on the blog.

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LP Dto Amulet - Wat Rakang

Pra Luang Por Dto - Wat Rakang Kositaram

This is an amulet in the likeness of Luang Por Dto (Prohmrangsri), made in Wat Rakang Temple.
The "Nuea Wan" (herbal cement mixture) is of the finest quality, and has the style of "Krabueang Dtaek" (cracked ceramic tile effect), which is so definitive of the Wat Rakang amulet mixture. This technique of creating amulets and putting them through temperature changes whilst drying and curing them to obtain the crackly effect on the surface was developed by LP Dto himself. Apart from examining the front side of an amulet to discriminate it's authenticity and beauty, the way esperts define further beauty and richness of the cement mixture is preferably to examine the back side of the amulet - for this is the side with no details, and thus enables an accurate examination of the grain and texture of the amulet. Luang Por Dto was renowned for his famous Chinabanchorn kata, which he brought and translated and adapted from Sri Langka, and which all faithful Thai Buddhist love to chant. The benefits of chanting Chinabanchorn Kata are countless, it creates a crystall wall of all the Buddhas, Bodhisattwas and protective deities around you and maintains health and safety as well as bringing you great merit, fortune and charm

Pra Luang Por Dto - Wat Rakang back side

I shall be posting this amulet to the amulet shop within a day or so for rent. Prices will be viewable there

Moo Pha amulet (wild boar)

Moo Pha amulet with Tagruds (sam gasat - meaning three kings, one in copper one in silver and one in gold). The Moo Pha is good for Kong Grapan protection and also for luck and fortune. There arew sacred kata inscribed all over the surface of this amulet. This amulet was made by LP Phad of wat ban gruad (Buriram). It has extra popularity charms inserted into it (Pra Laks Hnaa Tong _ Golden Faced Laksman). I shall return to post the rather long Kata which accompanies this amulet for chanting. I have only one of these amulets in stock