Pra Somdet Nang Gai Ser - Wat Rakang Kositaram

Pra Somdej Nang Gai Ser - Wat Rakang Kositaram 
พระสมเด็จ วัดระฆัง นั่งไก่เซอร์

This Somdet amulet is only made at Wat rakang - called nang Gai Ser, it has long ears (called "Hoo yaan"), and a rather unconventional shape. The cement mix is baked to produce a cracked texture which increases in beauty as it ages. This is called "Krabueang Taek Lai Nga" (cracked tiles/ivory tusk markings).


the back of the amulet has the official stamp of Wat Rakang with Somdet Dto emblazoned upon it. You can see that the amulet has had semi precious stones and crystals inserted into the mixture (bottom of amulet)


This amulet is about 3.4 cms in height, so it is quite big and better for a man to wear. This amulet was made as a lesser known edition, but it is precisely these editions which end up becoming rarities later. I suspect this amulet will be extremely coveted in future, due to the fact that modern amulet 'fashion" is ignoring the real movements occuring in the amulet world, in preference to popular magazines which are influencing what the collectors look for. Thos in the know will snap up this amulet in the knowledge that it is being overlooked by the masses.

Rental price SG$100 - reduced to SG$70 

SOLD OUT! - Thanks to Andrew for support

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Pra Somdet Wat Rakang Pim Pratan

 Pra Somdej  Wat Rakang (Pim Pratan) 
พระสมเด็จ พิมพ์ ประทาน

This edition of the Pra Somdej amulet has a gold covering on the face, and a gold covered Kata inserted into the back. The amulet was blessed at Wat rakang Kositaram, Wat Ges Chaiyo, and Wat Bang Khun Prom, in the tradition of all Somdej amulets made at Wat Rakang. This edition is called pratan Ngern Pratan Tong. There is also a silver version of this amulet too - email me for details if you wish to rent a pair (one in silver one in gold).

The kata says; "Chinabancharedti"

This refers to LP Dto's famous kata mantra; Chinabanchorn.

The amulet comes in a box.

Rental price - SG$120 - now reduced price SG$90!

You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to rent these amulets. - or go to the new online shop at Siam Amulets Online

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Pra Somdet Bang Khun Prom amulet

 Pra Somdet Bang Khun Prom amulet
Pim Chedi edition - made in 2549
พระสมเด็จ วัดบางขุนพรหม ๒๕๔๙

This amulet was blessed in Puttapisek Ceremony on Saor 3, 10th April 2549 at Wat Bang Khun Prom temple. This amulet was made according to the old traditional method used for the original Bang Khun Prom pra  Somdej amulets

Front side of Pra Somdet Wat Bang Khun Prom - you can see how this amulet is traditionaly made using the old methods, by examining the texture of the amulet.

Back side of Pra Somdet Wat Bang Khun Prom - you can see the official stamp of the temple emblazoned for authenticity.

Rental price SG$100 Now reduced to SG$80!

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Pra Somdet Wat Boworn

Pra Somdej Wat Boworn - Run Burana Chedi 
พระสมเด็จ วัดบวรนิเวสวรวิหาร รุ่นบูรณะ เจดี เนื้อผงว่าน 108

Pra Somdej amulets are amongst the most coveted and worn amulets of all. Apart from the famous Wat Rakang Somdej amulets, there are several other temples which are famous for the Somdej amulet. Wat Boworn is one of these temples. The amulet mixture is of the finest ingredients, as is the blessing Puttapisek ceremony. Wat Boworn is a Royal Temple where King Bhumipol Adulyadej (Rama 9) was ordained as a young man. These Somdej amulets are now out of stock and this first edition is unavailable at the temple already. Made in 2551 for raising funds to restore the Chedi Spire, the amulet is a prime opportunity for making merit in financing the restoration of the Chedi. This is a most beautiful Somdej amulet in my opinion, and has a cement mixture which is so rare to find in this quality these days.

If you examine the cement mixture you will see how rich in "Mwon Sarn" it is (herbal ingredients). This kind of amulet mixture ages so very well and increases in beauty as the years pass by.

The back side has the chedi of Wat Boworn emblazoned on it

Rental price; SG$ 55
SOLD OUT - Thanks to Mr. Andrew, who is a wise collector and Meritiorious person, whom i also wish to thank for his generosity in donating to complete the seven birthday Buddha statues at Wat Pah Maha Chanok.
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Pra Pairee Pinas amulet - Wat Boworn


Pra Pairee Pinas is one of Thailand's most famous and revered Buddha statues. The statue was found whilst restoring the temple of Wat Boworn, when they opened another Buddha Statue, and discovered the smaller statue of Pra pairee Pinas hidden within it.

Wat Boworn is the temple where King Rama 9 (Bhumipol Adulyadej) was ordained as a Bhikkhu (Buddhist Monk). The temple made these amulets to restore the Chedi spire of the temple. The series included Pra Somdet and Pra Pairee Pinas, as well as another rather less common and unknown amulet of a person standing with a lotus flower between his hands. The standing amulet is said to represent Prabat Somdej Pra Putta Lerd Hlaa Nopalai (a King of Thailand), as he raised his hands holding a lotus flower in devotion, before the walls of the temple.

Pra pairee Pinas amulets of this edition were made in three materials; Nuea Din Pao (baked clay), Nuea Tong Daeng/Tagua (copper and lead), and Nuea Wan 108 (108 sacred herbs with cement). This amulet is Nuea Din Pao. It has an extremely smooth and silky feel to it, and the details are extremely clear, due to the hardness and shiny texture of Nuea Din Pao.

The front face depicts the likeness of the statue, and the rear side has a sacred Kata in ancient Khom inscibed, which says 

"Iswaa Su - A Sang Wi Su Lo Bu Sa Pu Pa" 

Strangely enough, all amulets from Wat Boworn start off at a relatively economical price, but they increase steadily in value as the years pass by. 5 years can increase the value by up to 5 times over! This amulet has already doubled its price in the amulet stalls since its release one and a half years ago. What i personally find interesting about the Wat Boworn amulets is the fact that although they are not highly priced when released (typical of the royal temples - it would not seem fitting to release overpriced amulets from a temple with Royal connections), they are of the amulets which have the best sacred cement mixture, as well as the best blessing ceremonies too!

What more could one want? A great amulet with fine quality mixture and top master monks performing the blessing.Yet the price is affordable. It is a fact that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get an authentic quality sacred amulet, whose cement will improve and increase in beauty with age. Collectors pay large sums of money for rarities, but if what you are looking for is an authentic amulet ,made in the traditional way with authentic blessings, without having to pay a leg and an arm for it, then this is the kind of amulet i would recommend to you, you won't find better quality at this price anywhere else.

Rental Price - $SG70 Now Reduced! $SG55

You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to rent these amulets. - or go to the new online shop at Siam Amulets Online

Luang Por Tuad Amulet - Wat Sai Khaw

Hlwong Phu Tuad Wat Sai Khaw Fang Tagrud Tong
พระัหลวงพ่อทวด ฝังตะกรุดทอง วัดทรายขาว

Hlwong Por Tuad of Wat Chang Hai is one of Thailands top 2 famous Master Monks as far as portray amulets are concerned. The other monk whose likeness is extremely popular being Somdej Dto of Wat Rakang Kositaram. This amulet is of the typical reddish brown color made famous by Wat Sai Khaw's Ajarn Nong, whose LP Tuad amulets are of the most famous and collectible in existence (the other major master monk whos LP Tuad amulets are in extreme demand is of course LP Tim of Wat Chang Hai).

Ajarn Nong was born in 2462 and passed away in 2542

This amulet has a tagrud inserted in front and back, and is of a more limited edition.
This is a rather rare collectible amulet, and is of subsequent high value.

Rental Price SG$240 now reduced! SG$200

For those of you who do not know the Kata for chanting with your LP Tuad Amulets, here it is;
Na Mo Potisadto Aakantimaaya Idti Pakawaa

You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to rent these amulets. - or go to the new online shop at Siam Amulets Online