King Rama 5 amulet Wat Mahatat 2537

King Rama 5 memorial amulet - Run Burana Chedi Wat Mahatat Nakorn Sri Tammarat

This amulet in the likeness of King Rama 5 was made to celebrate the restoration of the golden tip of the Chedi spire in Wat Mahatat in Nakorn Sri Tammarat in 2537 BE

Rama 5 amulet - Wat Mahatat Nakorn Sri Tammarat 2537 BE

Recipients of the King Rama V Royal Cypher Medal: Kitiyakara Voralaksana, Purachatra Jayakara, Srivilailaksana, Valaya Alongkorn
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Pra Sum Gor Luang Por Chamnan Wat Bang Guti Tong

Pra Sum Gor Nuea Chin amulet by Luang Por Chamnan of  Wat Bang Guti Tong, was one of the first editions of amulets in LP Chamnan's trajectory as amulet creator.

The amulet is made from 'Nuea Chin Tagua (lead). This amulet is 2.5 cm high and 1.7 cm wide at the base, and is suitable for both men or women to wear. It has a very strong powerful feel to it when held in the hand.

Below are two pics made without flash so you can compare the appearance to get an idea of how it looks in reality

Rental Price - 87 SG$ or 68 $U.S.
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Luang Por Tuad amulet - Wat Chumpol

Pra Luang Por Tuad Wat Chumpol

 Just for show - i was given this by someone i met at a table outside a grocery shop - we talked about amulets, he was a gunman. He gave me this amulet, which is covered in 'white powder (sacred powder) which has arisen due to the aging and flourishing of the sacred wan 108 herbal mixture

The back side has the LP Tuad Kata - Na Mo Potisadtto Aakandtimaaya Idti Pakawaa
Old and Sacred, i love this amulet

To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66886799251(Thailand).
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Pra Pid Ta Jumbo first edition Chae Nam Montr Wat Boworn 2535

This beautiful Pra Pid Ta amulet from Wat Boworniwes Worawiharn (Wat Boworn for short) temple in Bangkok, is a first edition Chae Nam Montr (meaning that this is the first of the Pra Pid Ta amulets soaked in Prayer Water made by Wat Boworn. Wat Boworn is one of the Royal state temples and houses a host of Monks of the Tammayut lineage, as well as bheing the very temple where His Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej was ordained as a Bhikkhu in the Buddha Sasana. This amulet was blessed and released in 2535 BE. It is a 'Jumbo' Pid Ta, meaning that it is large sized about 3.5 cm high.

Wat Boworn amulets are of my preferred amulets as far as my personal collection is concerned, because all amulets from this temple are always made with great Puttapisek blessing ceremonies with many great Gaeji Ajarn Master Monks Participating. In addition, the 'Muan Sarn'(*see notes below this post) is always of high quality and sacredness as far as their composition goes. Another great thing about sacred amulets from Wat Boworn, is the fact that they are never highly priced at all, which does not detract from their beauty at all.

Pra Pid Ta Wat Boworn 2535 BE (First Editon soaked in Prayer Water)

YSS = Yor Sor Sor - The term YSS means that the Head Monk of Thailand, Pra Sangkharach, has endowed his blessing and permission to officially label the amulets as a comission from the Sangkharacha. This is always a sign of great Puttapisek ceremonies and authentic Buddha Magic being performed. No amulets from Wat Boworn are connected with Saiyasart (occult) at all and will always be pure Buddhist amulets in every sense of the word. Amulets that are not for occult spells and just contain auspicious blessings, are called 'Puttanussadti' meaning 'to recall the Buddha in ones mind'.

Strangely though, purely Buddhist amulets such as these from Wat Boworn may still have at least enough power to protect and increase good fortune as purely Saiyasart designated amulets. This is because the Buddha's power is greater than that of all that Saiyasart can do, through merit and purity and wisdom, the 'Phalang Puttakun' (the power of the perfections and qualities of the Buddhas) is enough to wash away all the armies of demons and Maras in the universe. Some magic charm made by an Unenlightened person can help us in life, but if we really are Buddhist, and understand the perfections of what the Buddha(s) of the past attained, then we will understand that if we see clearly and wish to have true protection and long lasting guidance from our amulet, then there is no amulet superior to that of 'Puttanussadti' type

Below Pic; His Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej as he was a Bhikkhu at resident at Wat Boworn
You can see the 'Pong Puttakun' (** see notes below) powder rising up on the surface from being soaked in prayer water for a long time and recieving prayers and chanting saced Kata into the amulets. Pong Puttakun is one of five types of sacred powder made by Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri (Wat Rakang Kositaram), which he had learned from Ajarn Saeng (*** See notes below). These five sacred powders have been adopted for use in almost all of the best Pra Somdej amulets, as well as many other amulets too, and is considered to be extremely sacred, powerful and able to cause miracles.

* - 'Muan Sarn' is sacred powder and other ingredients, such as pollen, relics and other sacred items are mixed to make amulets - this mixture is known as Muan Sarn)
** - 'Pong Puttakun is explained in detail along with the other four kinds of Sacred Powder in my E-Book 'Sak Yant Buddhist Tattoos, Animist Spells, Sacred Amulets'
*** - Ajarn Saeng and his role in the life and trajectory of Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri of Wat Rakang is documented in my Monthly (sometimes Bi-Monthly) E-zine 'Buddha Magic', in the ongoing series about Pra Somdej Wat Rakang amulets, and the life of Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri. The documentation covers all six eras of Somdej amulet making, along with their makers and the temples they were made in, as well as revealing many as yet untold facts about Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri, who made the famous Wat Rakang Pra Somdej, in a multi issue series which will cover over 2 to 300 pages solely on this subject.

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Jazz King: H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej Musical

Above Pic - The Year 2499 BE; His Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej makes alms round barefoot near the temple of the Emerald Buddha, and makes his way to Wat Boworniwes Worawiharn, where he was to stay as a Bhikkhu. In this time he endowed his wife, Queen Somdej Pranang Jao Sirigij ruyle the Kingdom in his stead. Now what King anywhere else in the World can be seen to be so close to his people and so Humble to walk barefoot and take alms from his beloved folk? This world has known and will know few rulers who have both great adepthood in many areas as well as being so close to ground level and touch the hearts of the Rasadorn (local Folk) around the Kingdom. Song Pra Jaroen!
รักในหลวง ท่านอยู่ในใจคนไทยเรอเสมอทุกๆเมื่อ ไม่มีผู้ใด้เทียบเสมือนได้ ท่านมีบารมีมีพรหมวิหาร4 เป็นผู้เลิศล้ำ ทรงพระเจริญ!!
Buddhanussati Kata
Buddhanussati - Free Buddhist Audio
Buddha Buddhanussati Bhavana (You Tube)

Pra Bua Khem Jiw (Pra Upakut) Yor Sor Sor 2533 Luang Por Kasem Khemago

Pra Bua Khem Ongk Jiw (Pra Upakut) Yor Sor Sor 2533 - made by Luang Por Kasem Khemago. The word "Jiw" means 'miniature'. This amulet is extremely tiny with a width of 0.8 cm and a height of 1.5cm. This amulet was blessed by both LP Kasem and also by Pra Sangkharacha (the Royal Head of the Thai Buddhist Order), in 2533 BE.

This amulet comes with an engraved case included in the price.
45$U.S. - or SG58$
Pra Upakut (Bua Khem) LP Kasem Khemago Sussaan Dtrailaks Lampang

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Luang Por Uttama Monk Coin

Rian Lp Uttama Wat Wang Wiwekaram, 2525 BE Nuea Rom Dam (black coated)
Rare and Sacred Monk Coin of the Great Master Monk of the Mon and Karen people of Kanjanaburi.

Luang Por Uttama (Pra Maha Uttama Rampo Bhikkhu) was one of the Mon hilltribe people's top Master Monks and is highly revered by both Mon, Burmese and Thai people on both sides of the Thai Burmese border. Wat Wangwiwekaram is popularly known by local people of the Kanjanaburi district as 'Wat Luang Por Uttama'.

The temple of Wat Wangwiwekaram was built by Luang Por Uttama himself in 2504, with the help of some devotees who were Gahriang (Karen), and Mon tribe people. The temple was completed in 6 months, and was at first only a 'samnak songk' (sangha office) because it was not yet officially recognized by the Buddhist Organism. Once it had been officially categorized by the Buddhist Organism as a 'Wat' (temple) in 2505 BE, Luang Por gave the name of the temple by using the name of the old municipality (wiwangka) calling the temple 'Wat Wangwiwekaram'.

Impact of health development on child rearing of the hilltribes: Karen and H'Mong (Ekkasan sathaban)

Honors Recieved by Luang Por Uttama
In 2513 BE, Luang Por began building the Uposadha (shrine room/chapel), baking and laying the bricks himself. After this, in 2518, he built a chedi that was a replica of the Bodhgaya stupa in India, wich he finished in 2519 BE.
In 2504 he began as the head abbot of Wat Wangwiwekaram
In 2505, he was also appointed Abbot of Wat Sri Suwannaram
in 2509 he was appointed the status of Pra Gamma Wajajarn (vice Upachaya)
in 2511 he was promoted to Upachaya status (only an Upachaya can ordain others as monks).
In 2512, he was given the name of 'Pra Kroo Udom Sit Ajarn - Jao Kana Tambon Chan To (vice head monk of the Municipality), by Royal Decree
In 2516, he was appointed 'Jao Kana Tambon Chan Eak' (Head monk of the Municipality), by Royal Decree
In 2524, he was appointed Pra Racha Kana by Royal Decree and recieved the honors from Pra Udom Sangworn Thaera (Pra Sangkharacha, the head monk of all Thailand and head monk of the Royal Palace).
In 2534 he was promoted to the even higher status of Pra Racha Udom Mongkol
Above pic; The replica of the Bodghaya Chedi Stupa made by LP Uttama at Wat Wangwiwekaram.

Ethnie in Myanmar: Mon, Padaung, Karen, Naga, Rohingya, Chin, Tai-Völker, Shan, Yi, Jingpo, Yao, Ahom, Va, Lahu, Bamar, Kayah, Tai Kham Ti (German Edition) Thailand, Chiang Rai, Long Neck Karen Hilltribe, Long Neck Girl Photographic Poster Print by Steve Vidler, 18x24

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Por Tan Nam amulet (Buddha on rear face) - Wat Ta Yay Hnee

Nam Choke Nam Sukh Nam Jaroen edition. In Thai, the word 'Nam' means 'to take towards', or 'to lead'.

Por Tan Nam is a famous Gaeji Ajarn in Thailand. His image was used in this amulet from Wat ta Yay Hnee in Nakorn Sri Tammarat.

His name is used as a word play for the name of the edition - 'nam choke (lead you to luck) nam sukh (lead you to happiness) nam jaroen (lead you to prosperity). Available in black or brown - made from Wan 108 Sacred Powder mixture. The black one has Din Kakyayaks earth in it as was used in the famous LP Tuad Tao Reed amulets by Ajarn Tim of Wat Chang Hai. This can be seen in the white marble like spots forming on the face of the amulet, which is a telltale sign of the presence of Din Kakyayaks earth.

The rear face of the amulet has an image of the Buddha in Marawichai posture (conquering mara) with various Buddha postures in tiny forms arund the rim of the amulet. The image of por tan nam has the letters 'na ma pa ta' in ancient Khom agkhara - to invoke the four elements to run through the amulet and protect from all dangers.

Wat Ta Yay Hnee (officially called 'wat majchimapoom'), recieved its name from the fact that an old couple ran away from home to go live on the riverside near where the temple was built. Ta and Yay in Thai means 'Grandfather and Grandmother'.

Por Tan Nam Wat Ta Yay Hnee Nakorn Sri Tammarat luck happiness and prosperity amulet
Por Tan Nam Wat Ta Yay Hnee - Nakorn Sri Tammarat

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 Thai Buddha Sacred Monk LP Ngern Buddhachote Old Statue Elegant Beautiful Fine Quality Buddhist Art - 16" Large Sitting Golden Thai Buddha Statue Figure w/ Antiqued Robe