Kumarn Taep Maha Mongkol 9 Nine Blessings Amulet - Pra Ajarn Prasut 2554 BE

This Kumarn Tong Loi Ongk statuette amulets is now a very rare acquisition, from the Wai Kroo 54 Edition - it is a Kumarn Tong Taep Effigy with 9 different auspiciuous blessings. Made from Nuea Loha Aathan, with Sacred Necromantic Prai Kumarn powders embedded within the effigy, from grand Master of Manorah Magick, Pra Ajarn Prasut, of Wat Nai Tao.

The general edition of these amulets in Nuea Loha Aathan had 1999 amulets made, but this particular example is a special Gammagarn edition which was only available in the Gammagarn sets, of which a mere 180 limited edition sets were made.

Free Waterproof casing is included in the price of this amulet.

Kumarn Tong Taep 9 Mongkol

The difference is distinguishable from the Code letter on the base of the amulet at the front, which is a 'Code Na' (the letter 'Na' in sacred Khom language)

These are now extremely rare amulets which were released by Southern Guru master of Manorah Magick, Pra Ajarn Prasut, of Wat Nai Tao in Huay Yord, Trang Province.


Luang Por Prasut makes small editions, and not every year, making his amulets of the rare Manorah Ancient Southern Style of Sorcery, which ios particularly powerful for those in Performanc Arts, and who have to Sell or Deal with the Public directly.

These Kumarn Tong use a very ancient form of Sorcery Invocation, and are empowered with Nine different Kinds of magickal Blessings.

They are Extremely well cast statuettes are filled with sacred Necromantic substances, and are composed of an Alchemical Sacred Alloy, that is extremely powerful and charged with the power of ancient smelted Buddhist Artifacts, Yantra Foils, and other Sacred Elemental substances.

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Kumarn Tong Taep Maha Mongkol 9 Pra Ajarn  Prasut Wat Nai Tao Wai Kroo 2554 BE

Released in Ajarn Prasut's now famous and extremely rare 'Wai Kroo 54' Edition which was the first time ever in the History of Wat Nai Tao+ (and indeed one of the only times such an event has been performed for an amulet blessing), that the Ancient Manorah Ritual was performed in Wai Kroo, using all the Ancient Methods of this disappearing form of Southern Sorcery. This edition was spearheaded by the Ultra rare nang Kwak manorah Statues and Amulets in Silapa Nakorn (Ancient Srivichai Buddhist Artistic style).

The Nang Kwak Manorah amulets and Bucha Statues were made in 2 ancient SouthThai styles; 'Nang Kwak Manorah' in the typical Southern Thai Performance Art Manorah costume with Kinaree Tail and 'Serd' Crown, and 'Nang Kwak Boran Silapa Nakorn' (Ancient Nakorn Sri Tammarat period art). The amulets were made in 'Jiw' size (miniature Loi Ongk statuettes) in various materials, as well as Bucha statues, with the top of the line being a hand painted Nang Kwak Manorah statue in tri-color (red white and blue for Thailand).

Kumarn Tong

The statues were filled with sacred Nang Kwak powders and a Takrut insert. In the same series were these Kumarn Tong Loi Ongk Mini Bucha statuettes in Sacred Alchenical Metals (Loha Aathan and Nava Loha, and Solid Silver). Some Look Om and Takrut were also released.

Below are images to document this edition

Nang Kwak Bucha Statues

Nang Kwak Boran Nakorn Sri Tammarat, and Kumarn Tong Taep (Deva Kumarn)

Nang Kwak Boran Silapa Nakorn

Kumarn Tong Taep Mongkol 9

Nang Kwak Bucha Statues
Puttapisek Tewapisek empowerment ceremony at Wat Nai Tao in traditional Manorah style

The Kumarn comes with original box from the temple of Wat Nai Tao, and is already encased in waterproof casing for you.
Kumarn Tong comes in box with free waterproof casing

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