Which is the right amulet for me?

This is a question that most people will ask themselves at one time or another. The way to finding the answer may seem confusing, but in fact it is'nt too difficult with a bit of advice frm the right expert. First you must try to divine what it is you want from life, and what oyu are willing to do to attain those things. No amulet will work to get you a good job if you just sit at home watching tv all day! so remember that even though amulets may have real magic powers, they tend not to work unless you put in your bit of the work too.
The amulets below for example, called "Thagrud", would not help you if you are a gambler, but would serve yu well as a royal bodyguard or soldier, for example.
Thagrud means a scrolled metal roll with ancient khmer sanskrit lettering spell inscribed, and then inserted into a tube like receptacle. In the example below they are placed in bullets to protect against knives, and being shot by guns. These amulets have the image of the famous master monk Hlwong Por Tuad of wat Chang Hai temple in Pattani, who was said to disapprove of gambling and forbade it to his disciples. The bullets have the Kata Hlwong Por Tuad on them "Na Moe Poetisadtoe Aakantimaaya I dti Pa Ka Waa" of the great Bodhisattwa. These Thagrud are useful if you are often in danger in your profession or social life. These Thagrud were blessed and chanted into by the famous Master of Wad rai of the Kha Or lineage of Magic Monks in South Thailand adn Ajarn Patra of Wat Na Twee - one of the new generation of apprentice masters of the Khao or lineage; considered to be the most powerful lineage in Thailand for Buddha magic and amulets in the present day.

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