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This is one of four amulets i found buried at Wat Pah Maha Chanok. They were apparently brought by amonk who travelled to India and brought them back with him, leaving them at Wat Pah Maha Chanok.  This amulet is as far as i know nameless, so i wish to give it a name;

Somdet Pra Arahant Sakyamuni (Chompoo Taweep)

Please click on the images to view enlarged and admire the surface texture of this beautiful amulet. Its not for rent, i am keeping it myself, but i want to share it with you all for appreciation value, and to incite more appreciation and preference for pure Buddhist related amulets such as Pra Somdej amulets,and other representations of the Buddha and other Arahants (such as Saributra and Sivali amulets too). I believe that many of us have forgotten that Buddhists should look to Buddha and Dhamma and Sangha for refuge, instead of magical charms and spells. Those who are not Buddhist and only seek magical charms and spells are completely in their right to go for whatever kind of amulet they like to. I myself love to study and collect all kinds of amulets, but the ones i revere and use are all purely Buddhist. Its a matter of preference of course. For me, a Buddha amulet will always be superior and more powerful than any magic spell.

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This particular one i have decided not to rent out, rather prefer to keepmyself, because it is from the country where Buddha was born, and that this amulet is a direct representation of the Buddha Sakyamuni himself. Rare is it these days, that Buddhist temples and lay masters make amulets that depict the Buddha.Mostly these days the imagery is more animist or symbolic/magical , than directly related to Buddhism in the sense of reverence to the Buddha, and practice of the Dhamma.

If what you seek is magical help with your daily problems, then todays general trend of amulet (animistic effigies, charms and deities etc) is what you need, and a modern new amulet is fine. But if what you really seek is an authenic Bhuddhist amulet that is connected the the sacred purity and excellent attainments of the Buddha, and wish to rever an amulet out of pure faith, believing that your refuge is the Buddha, then this kind of amulet is the best thing that you could possess. The same can be said for the Pra Somdej Wat rakang Amulet in the previous post to this one.

The texture of the clay has typical signs of a classic collectors piece, with a grain and porosity that is of the kind which experts and amulet lovers appreciate greatly.

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Real Buddhist amulets depict the Buddha, or his attainments. The rear side of the amulet depicts important scenes from the life of Buddha. The baked clay is typical ancient style of amulet making and is called "gru", meaning a baked clay amulet that is buried under the main Buddha statue in the shrine of a temple for many years, and then dug up for distribution. Many times, the gru will be forgotten and lost for decades or even centuries, and then are found by accident, as i did these amulets.

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To rent an amulet from me, you can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com, Or Phone 98323062 (Singapore) or +66886799251(Thailand).
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Rental prices on this blog are all in Singapore dollars Postage per EMS costs 5 dollars in Singapore, and 20 dollars for international delivery up to 500 grams. In Most cases though, you can come to see the amulet in Singapore before you buy it if you wish, by phoning the Singapore number and making an appointment to meet and see the amulet. This will be conducted by my wife, so if you have any difficult questions you must contact me on the email address given above, as my wife cannot answer the more difficult questions.