Khun Phaen Um Nang Nuea Dam - Luang Por Chern | Buddhist Amulets

Khun Phaen Um Nang Nuea Dam - Fang Ploi Daeng - 3 Takrut Sam Kasat - Luang Por Chern - Wat Ta Ee  - casing included

The 'Run Rap Sap' edition of amulets were given solo empowerments by Luang Por Chern of Wat Ta Ee whils meditating in the Panom Rung Khmer Palace Temple. After the blessings, Luang Por told that he had seen nang Fa and Nang Apsorn (Angelic female Deities) scatter flowers and petals over the amulets from the sky. This could be the reason that so many people have had successful results after using these amulets, and that Luang Por Cherns Pra Khun Phaen have recieved so much demand and interest that they are hardly able to be found since his passing away.

This amulet is not a Buddha amulet, as are the front face images of some traditional Khun Phaen amulets, rather pure magical amulets of the Maha Sanaeh Metta variety. Three Takrut spells in copper, silver and gold are inserted, 2 in the front and one on the rear face, which features Khun Phaen embracing two ladies, along with a sacred ploi daeng stone insert. The rear face has an "In Ma Saep Nang" image (lady embracing a horse) which is one  of the most powerful maha saneh wicha for love charms with increased business attraction power.

Khun Phaen Um Nang Nuea Dam - Fang Ploi Daeng - 3 Takrut Sam Kasat - Luang Por Chern - Wat Ta Ee - casing included

Luang Por Chern is a Master Monk of Khmer magical tradition and a practitioner of Vipassana Kammathana meditative skills in the Khao Gulen lineage, which is a school of strong Vipassana practice and Magical Wicha. Luang Por once learned magic with the great Luang Por Sukh of Wat Pak Klong Makam Tao - one of the greatest Magic Monks of all Thai History. Luang Por Chern passed away in 2547 BE, and his amulets are becoming ever rarer indeed because although he has passed, the amount of Devotees seeking his amulets is ever increasing. He is famous for his Khun Phaen and Kumarn Tong amulets as well as his very powerful and rare 'Mae Bper' and Pra Ngang amulets which have left people stunned with incredible power of Maha Sanaeh they carry.

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