Hnaa Gaag Pra Rahu Om Jantr

Hnaa Gaag Pra Rahu Om Jantr - Nuea Gala Ta Diaw (hand painted one eyed coconut shell) - Pim Yai (large size) - Kroo Ba Aryachat - Wat Saeng Gaew Potiyan 2553 BE

Pra Rahu Mask set (two Masks, for Waxing or Waning Solar and Lunar Cycles, Eclipse or Solstice). Made from One Eyed Coconut shell with hand carved and hand painted Pra Rahu Deity Images. Rare and Powerful One Eyed Coconut Shell carved into two masks of the Pra Rahu Deity. The one eyed coconut shell is one of the most sought after and powerful materials for the creation of Pra Rahu 'Serm Duang' (improve Horoscope) type amulets.

The Masks were empowered and released in 2553 BE (2010) in Puttapisek Ceremony along with the famous nang Kwak Maha Lap waving lady statues, Rian Nok Yoong (Peacock coins), See Hoo Ha Ta (foure ears five eyes Deity),Pra Bajjeka Putta Jao Gao Hai statuettes, and some Meed Mor spirit knives.

Paying Bucha to Pra Rahu is essential for turning ones Fate around in times of Trouble. Pra Rahu improves your Horoscope, and removes dark influences and Inauspicious Unlucky events. Correct and Regular Bucha to Pra Rahu bestows various blessings; Maha Lap, Serm Duang, Maha Ud, Kong Grapan, Choke Lap, Metta Mahaniyom. This is one of the most sought after and powerful Bucha Items one can have for Increasing Good Fate and Fortunes, Removing Obstacles, protecting oneself from Physical Dangers and Black Magic, and Increasing Wealth and Treasures.

The Pra Rahu amulet was empowered by Kroo Ba Aryachat in during the proper Astrological alignments for the empowerment of Pra Rahu and invocation of the Deity. You can use this Pra Rahu to perform special Bucha offerings/Rituals on Wednesdays, and the Solar and Lunar Eclipses and Solstices, to improve your Fate and to Protect from all Evils, Increase Prosperity and Prevent Illnesses.

The 2553 edition of amulets raised funds for the building of various installations within the temple of Wat saeng Gaew Potiyan, as well as to build the biggest Kroo Ba Srivichai statue in the world in bronze.

Size; 4 Cm High x 3.5 Cm wide 

Kroo Ba Ariachat is a Monk who has very many devotees and a long list of Great Masters under who he has been apprenticed to including;

Kroo Ba Dtan, Kroo Ba Intar, Kroo Ba Chai Wongsa, Kroo Ba Duang Dee, Kroo Ba Bun Chum, Kroo Ba Noi, Kroo Ba Phad, Tan Jao Khun Chai, Kroo Ba Jantr Dtip Kroo Ba Tueang, Kroo Ba Por Dabos, and the Great Kroo Ba Sri Vichai.

Kata Bucha Hnaa Gaag Pra Rahu Gala Ta Diaw

Yathaadtang Dtimadtang Gaasaedtang

Magical Properties; Maha Lap, Serm Duang, Maha Ud, Kong Grapan, Choke Lap, Metta Mahaniyom.

Kata Bucha Pra Rahu

12 repetitons of the Kata Bucha Pra Rahu are to be Chanted;
Idtipiso Pakawaa Pra Rahuu Sataewaa Samaa Winyaana Idtipiso Pakawaa Putta Sangmi

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Kata to Bucha Pra Rahu Short Daily Chanting
Rahu Bucha Offerings Kata
Pra Kata Suryan Bappaa
Kata Jantra Bappaa

Kata Surya Buppaa (Kata to be chanted in the daylight)

Gusaedto Ma Ma Gusaedto-dto Laalaa Ma Ma Dtolaamo Tolaamo Ma Ma Tolaamo Ma Ma Tolaamodtang Haegudti Ma Ma Haegudti

Kathaa Jantrabupbhaa (Kata to be chanted in the night time)

Yadt-thadtang Ma Ma Dtangthaya Dtawadtang Mamadtang Wadtidtang Saegaa Ma Ma Gaasaegang Gaadtiyang Ma Ma.Gaadtiyang Ma Ma Yadtigaa


When you begin to Bucha Rahu Deity, you should make the first ever session in the evening of a Wednesday (any time from 7 pm onwards).After you have done this once, you can make Bucha in the daytime if you wish, but the first time you must include the food offerings of black foods as well as the black incense. The second time onwards only the incense is necessary in the daytime if it is a lot of trouble to get the food offerings.

Kroo Ba Ariyachat is famous for his extreme ascetic practice of 'Awk Nirosagam'

Kroo Ba Ariyachats 'Awk Nirosagam' practice of being enclosed withn a chamber for a period of time, and remain in meditation. The word Niros means to enter the state of non attachment to the senses. The Pra Pid Ta Buddha with hands over eyes and ears, nose mouth and other orifices, means precisely this, to cut off ones sense stimuli, in order to induce Nirosagam.

The Nirosagam ceremony which is presented in the video clips below, was held on 9th January 2552.

Above; Kroo Ba Ariachat prepares to enter Nirosagam for the 8th consecutive time.

You can see a video of Kroo Ba Ariachat entering the eight Nirosagam ceremony below on 9th January 2552. He stays in the sealed space for 7 days, and consumes only water. After this, he came out and headed a ceremony for people to donate dry foods for hims to raise funds to help local poor Folk of the area and to improve conditions for the soldiers and police of the three border provinces of North Thailand.

Above, Kroo Ba Ariachat with his Teacher Kroo Ba Jantr Dtip, as he was still a Samanera

Above; Kroo Ba Ariachat Ariajidto - Wat Saeng Gaew Potiyan, Mae Sruay, Chiang Rai

Above; Kroo Ba Ariachat as he was stil a Samanera of 17 years of age - he was already advancing to the level of Mastery in meditation and various Wicha even at this age.

Hnaa Gaag Pra Rahu Om Jantr - Nuea Gala Ta Diaw (hand painted one eyed coconut shell) - Pim Yai (large size) - Kroo Ba Aryachat - Wat Saeng Gaew Potiyan 2553 BE

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