Por Tan Klai Wajasit & LP Tuad Mini Bucha statues 9 Alchemical metals with Sacred Earth - Gathin 55 edition Wat Jan Dee

Mini Bucha statuette of a Classic Yorn Yuk Edition memorial Amulet of Pra Kroo Pisit Athagarn Por Tan Klai Wajasit. It is a replica of the First Edition Pim Boran Gon U Yorn Yuk Run Raek from 2497 BE. The Mini Bucha Statuette is made in Nava Loha (9 Sacred Metals, with Sacred Thai earths sprinkled upon it.A Classic Mini Bucha Statuette of the 'Baeb Chor' variety. A 'Chor' is a tree-like metal frame used to cast multiple statuettes or Pra Kring amulets with and was one of the Prefferred Ancient Methods used for the casting of Luang Por Tuad and Loi Ongk Master Monk, Buddha and Pra Kring statuettes. Sometimes, a whole 'Chor' tree of statuettes (such as a tree of nine statuettes) is made as a Bucha Object too. Normally, the statuettes are hammered off from the Chor where they are attached at the base, and then filed down to a flat base.

These have been left with a pedestal upon which the Loi Ongk statuette sits. The heavy duty old school quality casting method is highly evident in the statuette. These Loi Ongk Masterpieces were made in two different Pim; Por Tan Klai Wajasit Pim Roop Lor Boran Gon U Yorn Yuk Baeb Chor, and the Pra Luang Por Tuad Pim Betong Baeb Chor. In addition, this edition also saw standard Loi Ongk statuettes of Por Tan Klai Wajasit in the Nostalgic Replication of the Gon U furst edition PT Klai amulet of 2497 BE.

Size; 5 Cm High (2 Inches) x 2.5 Cm Wide (1 Inch)
They were made in various sacred Muan Sarn substances, ranging from sacred powders with one or three Takrut, to Nava Loha with Sacred Earth. A Range of 'Por Tan Klai Nang Pan' coins were also made in various Alchemical Metals, and some very attractive and Faith inspiring Takrut amulets sealed within solid Cast Metal Phials with the images of Luang Por Tuad and Por Tan Klai Wajasit embossed upon them. The Takrut were released in various Sacred metals, ranging from Tong Tip (brass) Sadta Loha (7 metals) Nava Loha (9 metals) Galai Ngern (silver alloy) and Galai Tong (gold plated alloy).

Blessed in Solo Empowerment by The direct Looksit and Holder of the Wicha of Por Tan Klai; Luang Phu Khai (Wat Lam Nao)

The amulets have been Blessed and Empowered by Luang Phu Khai of Wat Lam Nao. Luang Phu Khai is now an Aged Monk who is the current Wicha Holder and Prime Apprentice (Looksit) of the famous Monk Por Tan Klai Wajasit (Nakorn Sri Tammarat), who is one of the South's great Originating Khao Or Master Guru Monks, along with other Great Masters such as Pra Ajarn Nam, Kong, Iad, and the Great Luang Phu Tuad of Wat Chang Hai.

Puttapisek Blessing Ceremony 

After Luang Phu Khai's Blessing as is proper according to the passing of the Lineage Blessings of Por Kan Klai Wajasit through his Prime Looksit, a Puttapisek Blessing Ceremony was Performed, to complete the Empowerment and Correct Completion of the Wicha for the making of this Kind of Amulet. The Ceremony was performed in Olden Days Southern Thai Buddhist Khao or Sorcery style, within the very same Ancient Uposadha Shrine Room of Wat Jan Dee which is in need of Restoration of the Roof.

These amulets were made precisely for this purpose, and was in need of fast repair, as can be seen indicated in the above images.

A Close Look at the Chanuan Muan Sarn (below) with Magnification, shows Quality of Sacred Metal content, and the attractive Sheen and Aura, which can only result from the Correct and Successful Ancient Casting Methods.

The Puttapisek was performed on Tuesday the 28th of August 2555 BE (2012) and was given a full 5 Hours of Incantations and Jhanic Empowerment before finally being Blessed and released to the Public for Bucha and Merit making. Por Tan Saeng, Pra Ajarn Patana and Por Tan Yok Hong were present to assist in the ceremony.

Por Tan Klai Pim Boran Gon U Yorn Yuk 2497 - Nuea Nava Loha Tae Din Thai (9 Sacred Metals with Thai Earth) - 'Gathin 55' Special LP Tuad / Por Tan Klai Edition - Wat Jan Dee (Nakorn Sri Tammarat)
$ 79.99
Kata Luang Por Tuad – Wat Chang Hai

LP Tuad
Na Mo Potisadto Aakandtimaaya Idti Pakawaa

Download MP3 Soundfile Tutorial; Kata Bucha Luang Phu Tuad
Pra Luang Phu Tuad Pim Betong - Nuea Nava Loha Tae Din Thai (9 Sacred Metals with Thai Earth) - 'Gathin 55' Special LP Tuad / Por Tan Klai Edition - Wat Jan Dee (Nakorn Sri Tammarat)
$ 79.99

Kata Bucha Por Tan Klai

Por Tan Klai Wajasit

Puttang Arahang Putto, Tammang Arahang Putto, Sangkang Arahang Putto, Pisit Adthagaaro Na Mo Put Taa Ya

Download Sound Tutorial as MP3 File; Kata Bucha Por Tan Klai Wajasit

Comes in Original Box from the Temple. Each Statuette has the Sacred Na Authenticity code stamp, and a different numbered series code for each amulet. Number can vary from that in the picture
Kata Bucha Por Tan (Luang Phu) Khai

Por Tan Khai is known for his love of chanting the Kata Chinabanchorn - for this reason, the best way to Bucha Por tan Khai is to chant the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 times, and then the Kata Chinabanchorn, with also if wished, the Kata for his Mentor por Tan Klai Wajasit.

See Documentation for all amulets in this Edition 'Run Gathin 55 Luang Por Tuad Por Tan Klai - Wat Jan Dee'

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