Incantation for Sak Yant Grao Paetch Diamond Armour Yantra

Kata Yant Grao Paetch - Diamond Armour Yantra Spell (Incantation)

The Incantation within the great Diamond Armour Yantra of Luang Por Parn, of Wat Bang Nom Kho - so famously seen tattooed on the skin of Thai Buddhist People since Ancient Times, (and Foreigners in Modern Times). Use this Kata to Invoke and Empower your Sak Yant before leaving the home to travel, and chant silently within on your journeys, to evade all dangers and inauspicious circumstances

I Ra Chā Ka Dta Rasā Dti Hang Ja Dtō Rō Thi Nang Bpi Sam Ra Lō Bu Sa Pu Sō Mā Na Ga Ri Thā Tō Pa Sam Sam Wi Sa Tē Pa Ka Pu Ban Tū Tam Wa Ka Wā Tō Nō A-Ma-Ma Wā A Wich Su Nuch Sā Nu Dti