See Pheung Nam Man Prai Potion with Asura Powders - Ajarn Spencer

Special limited release of a now very famous and popular potion, the See Pheung Jet Aathan, this time with the addition of Pong Asun. The See Pheung Pasom Pong Asun is a Prai Oils, Yantra Candles, and Metta Oils based Magickal Balm, with the addition of pure Purple Asura Powders.

The Potion was made with a base from Ajarn Spencer's Nam Man Prai Jet Aathan and See Pheung, which was made in a boiling cauldron during the Wai Kroo 2555 BE Ceremony of Asrom Por Taw Guwen. The boiling ceremony for the making of the See Pheung was highly empowered with the use of an extreme overdose of Sacred Herbs, and Hundreds of Sacred Amulets immersed in the Cauldron during the boiling ceremony, along with all four large pots of Prai Oils which had been made by Ajarn Spencer to Date, which in themself incuded many dozens of Sacred Amulets, sacred Woods and Prai Oils from a large host of great Masters, such as the Great Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree, Ajarn Wara, and many many other Masters of both Ordained and Lay Master Traditions.