Ancient Loop Om Amulet LP Tong Suk Wat Tanote Luang

The Look Om Nuea Krang of LP Tpmg Sukh is one of the most highly renowned and powerful amulets of the Great Master of Olden days, Luang Por Tong Sukh, of Wat Tanode Luang, in Petchburi was one of the most popular masters for Kong Grapan, Maha Ud, and Klaew Klaad, and was very popular with Gangsters and Highwaymen, of which there were many in the Province of Petchburi, for the gun-stopper powers of his magic.
This exhibit comes with A4 Sized Certificate (Plastified), issued in 2018 by the Association of Amulets of Siam Thailand, and signed by its President. Luang Por Tong Sukh was born in 2420 BE, and lived until his passing in the year 2500 BE, after his appearance to assist in the Grand 25 Centuries of Buddhism Blessing Ceremony, which was the third largest in the History of Thai Buddhist Amulets.
Luang Por Tong Sukh was, and remains in History, as one of the Top Petchburi Masters of All Time, whose powers of Kong Grapan Chadtri Klaew Klaad and Maha Amnaj were legendary.