Pra Somdet Nang Gai Ser - Wat Rakang Kositaram

Pra Somdej Nang Gai Ser - Wat Rakang Kositaram 
พระสมเด็จ วัดระฆัง นั่งไก่เซอร์

This Somdet amulet is only made at Wat rakang - called nang Gai Ser, it has long ears (called "Hoo yaan"), and a rather unconventional shape. The cement mix is baked to produce a cracked texture which increases in beauty as it ages. This is called "Krabueang Taek Lai Nga" (cracked tiles/ivory tusk markings).


the back of the amulet has the official stamp of Wat Rakang with Somdet Dto emblazoned upon it. You can see that the amulet has had semi precious stones and crystals inserted into the mixture (bottom of amulet)


This amulet is about 3.4 cms in height, so it is quite big and better for a man to wear. This amulet was made as a lesser known edition, but it is precisely these editions which end up becoming rarities later. I suspect this amulet will be extremely coveted in future, due to the fact that modern amulet 'fashion" is ignoring the real movements occuring in the amulet world, in preference to popular magazines which are influencing what the collectors look for. Thos in the know will snap up this amulet in the knowledge that it is being overlooked by the masses.

Rental price SG$100 - reduced to SG$70 

SOLD OUT! - Thanks to Andrew for support

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