Luang Por Tuad Amulet - Wat Sai Khaw

Hlwong Phu Tuad Wat Sai Khaw Fang Tagrud Tong
พระัหลวงพ่อทวด ฝังตะกรุดทอง วัดทรายขาว

Hlwong Por Tuad of Wat Chang Hai is one of Thailands top 2 famous Master Monks as far as portray amulets are concerned. The other monk whose likeness is extremely popular being Somdej Dto of Wat Rakang Kositaram. This amulet is of the typical reddish brown color made famous by Wat Sai Khaw's Ajarn Nong, whose LP Tuad amulets are of the most famous and collectible in existence (the other major master monk whos LP Tuad amulets are in extreme demand is of course LP Tim of Wat Chang Hai).

Ajarn Nong was born in 2462 and passed away in 2542

This amulet has a tagrud inserted in front and back, and is of a more limited edition.
This is a rather rare collectible amulet, and is of subsequent high value.

Rental Price SG$240 now reduced! SG$200

For those of you who do not know the Kata for chanting with your LP Tuad Amulets, here it is;
Na Mo Potisadto Aakantimaaya Idti Pakawaa

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