Benjapakee set Wat Pratat Nakorn Panom

Set of Five sacred Thai amulets
These ancient amulets with mother of pearl inlaid rear faces and sacred Buddha relics (Prataat) from the Gru amulet burial place in nakorn Panom are available as a set of five Benjapakee amulets (top five). Benja means 'five' in Thai (although Bpanja/Benja is actually a Pali Sanskrit word), and Pakee means 'regions'.
So Benjapakee is the term used to refer to the top five most famous typse of amulet from each of the five main regions of Thailand, namely;

1. Somdej Wat Rakang or Bangkhunprom, created by Somdej Pra
Puttajarn (Dto Prohmrangsi) in the late early-Ratanakosin period, age approximately 150 years.   

2. Lila Met Khanun or Sum Gor, the antique amulets found in the northern Kampaeng Petch province, age approximately 500 years.

3. Pra Nang Paya, the antique amulet found in the northern Pitsanulok   province, age approximately 400 years.
4. Pra Pongsupan, the antique amulet found in Suphanburi province, age approximately 400 years.

5. Pra Rod, the antique amulet found in the northern Lampoon province, age approximately 1,000 years.

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SOLD! This set of amulets has been rented out now. Congratulations to Mr. Jack the new owner, and my sympathies to those who came too late to get one. This set of amulets sold out within three days of posting. If i can locate any more i shall repost if possible, for it seems that these amulets are wanted by many people considering how many enquiries i have had about them.
To inquire about an amulet, you can contact me using the contact button, Or Phone +66886799251(Thailand).

 The Thai Amulet (Archaeological Mysteries, No. 7) Authentic Thai Amulet-Piytha Authentic Thai Amulet

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Pra Somdej Prataat Nakorn Phanom (red)
Pra Somdej Prataat Nakorn Phanom