Luang Por Tuad amulet Wat Huay Mongkol 2548

Hrian LP Tuad Jop Lek Khai Pla - Wat Huay Mongkol, 2548 BE

This small Luang Por Tuad amulet is a perfect choice for ladies. Made in 2548 BE at Wat Huay Mongkol, Wat Huay Mongkok is home of the largest LP Tuad Satue in the world. Luang Por Tuad is the second most famous and revered Master in Thai History (after Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri), and is considered a wish granting Boddhisattva of immense power. Luang POr Tuad amulets from Wat Huay Mongkol are famous for their high content of sacred minerals and substances. Amulets from this temple sell out each edition in a very small time period, and their value begins to increase from within the first year even.

To rent an amulet from me, you can contact me using the below contact button, Or Phone +66886799251(Thailand).
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