Pra Nakprok Gru Na Doon- Nuea Pra That Lek Lai Khiaw (Green Relics) - 1500 years old.

Pra Nakprok Gru Na Doon- Nuea Pra That Lek Lai Nuea Prataat Khiaw (Green Relics) - 5.5 x 1.7 Cm - 1500 years old. 5.5 Cm high x 1.7 Cm wide base

Lek Lai Pra Nakprok amulet. Lek Lai is one of the most miraculous and potent Sacred elements to be found. This Nakprok is from the Gru Na Doon amulet chamber discovery uncovered in 2522 BE at Na Doon in Maha Sarakam. The amulets are assumed to be about 1500 years old from around the year 1000 Buddhist Era.

Made from Muan Sarn Prataat Lek Lai - one of the most powerful and legendary sacred Kaya Siddhi elements. This example is rich in Green Prataat Lek Lai elements, and has a beautiful glaze to the surface. This kind of Lek Lai is found to be called upon by Master Mages who are able to call the seven colored particles of this kind of Lek Lai to enter within amulets and reside within the Muan Sarn sacred powders. Legend says that this kind of Lek Lai likes to travel around of its own accord, and often hides within Chedi Gru chambers, burrowing its way into Buddha amulets. Only the most powerful Masters are said to be able to perform this Miraculous act. The powers attributed to this sacred element are many and said to be second to none as far as sacred elements are concerned.

A truly rare chance to obtain both the powerful magical properties of Pra That Lek Lai, and such an ancient and sacred Buddhist amulet of classic stature in one item. This Buddha, being Lek Lai, is perfect for immersion in the prayer water bowl (Khan Nam Montr), for increasing the sacred blessings and power within the holy water. It can otherwise be worn as an amulet, placed as a Mini Bucha on the altar, or prayed to as a piece of Lek Lai.
Pra Nakprok Gru Na Doon- Nuea Pra That Lek Lai Nuea Prataat Khiaw (Green Relics) - 5.5 x 1.7 Cm - 1500 years old.

Phra That Na Doon is the area where historical and archaeological findings proved that the ancient city of Jampa Si truly existed. Artefacts found on the site on display at Khon Kaen National Museum. The most important piece is the stupa (pagoda) encasing the holy relics of Lord Buddha in gold, silver and bronze caskets. The site was from the Dvaravati period of the 8th-10th century.

Pra That Chedi at Maha Sarakam

The Nakprok was found in various materials and in various sizes. This item is made from Nuea Pra That Lek Lai (Nuea Khiaw) - the amulets are found in a vast array of different materials from clay to Lek Lai,  glazed to matt, and ranging from black, silver, red to green.

Nuea Prataat Lek Lai in various sizes, colors and textures

The subject of Lek Lai and all the different kinds in existence is one of the topics explained in Buddha Magic Issue 5

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