Sorcerors Spirit Knife with Hongsa Hilt 2 inch flamed blade - LP Prohm Wat Ban Suan

Greet Rit Waet Nor Mo Khao Or (Surya - Sun magic) first edition Sun Ritual Spirit Knife 2 Inches long Hongsa Head - Nuea Sadta Loha Rom Dam - LP Prohm Wat Ban Suan - 999 of these were made.

Special edition Sun Magic Spirit Knife (Ritual Dagger), for protecting and removal of Black Magic, and for endowing various blessings and magic spells. This Item is for Adepts and Professional Psychics and Mediums, Ruesi and Ajarns as well as those practicing Necromantic forms of Occultism. Features a handle styled in the shape of a Hongsa, and flamed blade. Solar Magic is the predominant force within the sacred metals of this Ritual Instrument for Adepts. A perfect altar piece, and multi purpose magical tool for the serious practitioner of Occultism. Make prayer water, perform exorcisms, lay ghosts to rest, increase sales and profit, give blessings, protection, channel energies, command spirits and demons. Made from seven sacred metals (Sadtaloha), with matt black powder finish (Rom Dam), and empowered with Solar Magic.

Wat Ban Suan is one of the Meccas of The Khao Or Lineage and a Central Power Point of the Guru Master Mages of the Khao Or Lineage of Master Adepts, who are perhaps renowned as the most powerful Magical Lineages of all Thailand, whose magic is most famous around the World. Released in December 2554 BE, after Luang Por Prohm had given a solo empowerment nightly for the whole Rainy Season retreats (Traimas empowerment), and then a second Puttapisek empowerment ceremony was held with various Great Masters of the Khao Or Buddha Magic Lineage present to assist in the empowerment and blessings.

Spirit Knife for Ritual use
Made and Empowered with a 1000 Year Old Wicha from the Srivichai Empire, by Por Tan Prohm, of Wat Ban Suan.

Comes in original box from the temple of Wat Ban Suan. Only 99 of these Spirit Knives were made.

Ritual Knife

Luang Por Prohm has created the Greet Rit Waet Nor Mo Khao Or in the periodic Style of the Srivichai Empire. The Greet (a waved bladed dagger) is a very ancient weapon which is very rare to see in modern times. Many people believe this kind of weapon to have originated with the Islamic World, but this is in fact, a fallacy. About 100 Years ago during the Srivichai Empire in what is now South Thailand, the Brahman (Hindu) Folk here believed that the Greet dagger was a very powerful Cosmic Weapon belonging to the Lord Shiva, who bestowed it upon the people of the World.

Ritual Dagger - Mid Mor
This weapon is endowed with four different wonder properties; Mahaesakti, Mitanupap, Saktanupap and Palanupap. The Greet is a weapon which was absorbed into usage in Thailand in the Ayuttaya Period, when some were presented in offering from the ruler of Indonesia.

This caused the Royal Courtiers and Entourages to acquire these daggers and wear them as Royal decorative Regalia in Public Appearance. The Greet is a magical Ceremonial/Ritual weapon which is used by Buddhist, Hindu and Muslims.

It is used as a Ceremonial Regalia, a Magical Ritual Instrument, and a status symbol. It is a personal defence, a magical protector and luck bringer and blessing giver. Empowered with the Invocation of the four Devas of Weaponry, the Spirit Knife is one of the four external Essential weapons of the Adept Mage. It can be used to empower or cast any kind of spell, for it is endowed with all the following magical properties; Amnaj (Dominion), Klaew Klaad (Evasion of Danger), Kong Grapan (Invincibility/Bulletproof), Choke Lap Pokasap (Luck, Wealth and Treasures), Kaa Khaay (Sell Well), Metta Mahaniyom (Popularity and Assistance, Friendship), Maha Sanaeh (Charm and Attraction).

It can be used for protection against black magic and physical dangers, but can also be used actively as a tool to increase wealth, and to purify the enviroment in general. It can be used to stir and make prayer water in conjunction with meditation and chanting, candle etc. It can be used to exorcize spirits from those who are possessed or have had black magic placed upon them. The hilt and butt of the greet is fashioned in the form of a Hongsa Golden Swan. The Golden Hongsa was a previous Incarnation of the Lord Buddha Sakyamuni, and is endowed with immense Metta Mahaniyom magical qualities, attracting auspicious blessings to the household, and warding off demons with its purity and bright aura of light.

This is the Surya Empowered state 2 inch crescent version of a limited edition series of ceremonial Ritual dagger, which were also made in straight versions too, in 2, 5, 7 and 9 inches in length. There was also a top range crescent shaped Gammagarn collectors edition version with hand carved stand from sacred wood in the Jantra Empowered State.

The straight models were made in two versions, 'Surya' for the Sun Magic, which is with a matt black blade, and 'Jantra' for the Moon Magic, which has a silver chromium blade. Each of these two knives work with different energies and forces, and have different Kata inscriptions on the blades, depending if it is Moon or Sun Magic. They can be used Individually, or as a Pair for a full armory to deal with different matters.

This 2 inch portable version is crescent shape flamed blade. Only 'Surya' (Solar Magic) version was issued, with no Lunar version available. This item is very useful because of its portability both as an amulet, and also for those who are in the Psychic Professions (such as ghost pacifiers and exorcists, house blessings and feng shui) to use as a tool for channeling magical forces and natural energies. Any Samnak Ruesi will have this instrument in the list of items to be found within the shrine, and it is a very ofte used magical tool that has been highly popular for centuries with Thai Guru masters and Lay Ajarn.

The formula of the magic spell within this 'greet' (dagger) uses the 88 Dhamma Khandas, and invokes the 'Taep Sastrawut' (The 4 Devas of the Cosmic Weaponry). This Spirit Knife/Dagger is made from Sadtaloha (seven sacred magical metals smelted together), and is endowed with the immense force of the 4 Devas of Magical Weaponry, instilling fear in the hearts of all Demons and Evil Entities in the near.

Greet Rit Waet Nor Mo Khao Or (Surya - Sun magic) first edition Sun Ritual Spirit Knife 2 Inches long Hongsa Head - Nuea Sadta Loha Rom Dam - LP Prohm Wat Ban Suan - 999 made

It can be used in Ritual ceremony to clean the area, to remove negative energies and banish evil forces and Demons, Ghosts. It is a useful tool for exorcizing spirits and ghosts, and for removing black magic spells with.
The Greet Rit Waet Nor Mo Khao Or was made to preserve the ancient Buddhist and Brahman Artistic style and the traditions of the Southern Lineages, and commemorate 1000 years since the great Southern Thai Empire of Srivichai.  Wat ban Suan is of course the home of the great Luang Por Kong, one of the founding Fathers of the Khao or Lineage.

If used as a Bucha item for praying to on the Altar, it will protect the house from Thieves and Ghosts, Black Magic. It protects the whole household. Place it on a 'Paan' (golden or silver tray on a raised pedestal) in front of the Buddha image on your altar. When you wish to use the magic blessing of the Khao Or Spirit Knife, then use the following Kata to Chant.

(Chant 'Na Mo Tassa' 3 Times first)
Ga Ga Ga Ro Ro Ro A A A Sa Sa Sa So So So No No No Na Mo Put Taa Ya

This edition was made to raise funds to finance fine Buddhist art mural wall paintings inside the Uposadha Shrine Room - this we feel is a fine way to make merit buy renting (purchasing) these spirit knives, for the Buddhist Mural paintings are a very inspiring way to preserve Buddhism into the Future. We are happy to support this temple with this project by stocking these Sorceror spirit knives.
Greet Rit Waet Nor Mo Khao Or (Surya - Sun magic) first edition Sun Ritual Spirit Knife 5 Inches long with Hongsa Head hilt - Nuea Sadta Loha Rom Dam - LP Prohm Wat Ban Suan - Only 99 made
Greet Rit Waet Nor Mo Khao Or (Jantra - Moon magic) first edition Moon Ritual Spirit Knife 5 Inches long with Hongsa Head hilt - Nuea Sadta Loha Chup Chromium - LP Prohm Wat Ban Suan - Only 99 made

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