Takrut Glab Duang (Change Bad Luck to Good Luck) 2547 BE - Kru Ba Gaew - Wat Rong Doo

The Great Master Guru Monk of Payao, Kroo Ba Gaew Ma of Wat Rong Doo is commonly accepted as possessing strong psychic powers and meditative skills. The amulets he empowers and blesses are known for their strong Puttakun Power, and many Devotees have experienced notable success, causing Kroo ba Gaew's amulets to be accepted in all circles of people, as being of the best and most reliable for certain success. Many editions of his amulets have attaine fame and popularity due to the noticeable success and improvements experienced by Devotees of his amulets.

The Takrut Glab Duang means 'Takrut to reverse Horoscope' and is intended to reverse negative and bad Karmic infgluences and transform then into Auspicious Causes of Future Success and Happiness. The Takrut Glab Duang was created and released in 2547 BE, and many people reported great improvement and complete turn-arounds in their lives, making this Takrut one of his Famous editions. It reduces bad Luck, avoids dangers, Helps to Win Disputes with Competitors and Enemies, Chases away Black Magic, and fends off Evil Spirits and Energies. It attracts and increase Luck and Prosperity.

Take the Takrut with you and carry on your person to assist in succeeding and winning over all obstacles.

Kata Bucha Takrut Glab Duang;

Make Three Prostrations to Lord Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha, and Kroo Ba Gaew Ma, then Chant Maha Namasakara (Namo tassa) 3 Times.

Then Chant;

Idti Sappanyuu Maakadtaa Idti Poti Maanubp-Bpadt-Dto Dtaawadtingsaa Idtibpiso Jadtae Namo Pakawaadti

Then pray to Luang Phu Kroo Ba Gaew to help to Manifest your Wish.

Takrut Glab Duang Nam Ray Hai Glab Bpen Dee (Horoscope reversal spell to change Bad Luck to Good Luck) - 2547 BE (Rare) - Kroo Ba Gaew Ma - Wat Rong Doo (Payao)

Then Make 3 Prostrations To Buddha and Luang Phu Kroo Gaew Ma.

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