Ngern Pling - Money and Treasure Leech riches attractor - Luang Ta Chuan

Ngern Pling (ancient Laoatian monetary unit) Nuea Tong Daeng (sacred copper alloy) - Run Fang Paetch (Money Leech with Diamond eye insert) - Luang Ta Chuan - Wat Khwang

Ngern Pling Run Fang Paetch Dood Tang Ngern Tang Paetch, Mney Sucking leech amulet by Luang Ta Chuan. The Ngern Pling amulet is an original cream of the Crop never seen before Luang Ta Chauns first edition of 200 Ngern pling amulets, which are impossible to find anymore. Reason being that all people who got one of the Ngern Pling amulets became richer than before after recieving a Ngern Pling amulet.

Once again in the Year of the Dragon, Luang Ta has made another edition of Ngern Pling, this time 'Run Fang Paetch Dood Tang Ngern Tang Paetch' (diamond insert Ngern Pling to magnetize money and treasures). The Ngern Pling has a tiny precious stone insert into the eye of the 'Pling'.
The Ngern Pling is covered with sacred Khom Agkhara and Yantra of the 'Na Sethee'. The rear face has the sullable 'aw' inscribed. The word 'Pling' means 'Leech', which is indeed what the shape of the amulet represents. Everybody knows of the powerful suction ability of leeches, and this power in the amulet is used to suck in money and treasures.In order to make the Ngern pling amulets truly powerful, it was important for Luang Ta Chuan to perform the incantations all day and all night. A total of 3200 amulets were made in this edition.

This particular example has the limited edition code number 779

The Ngern Pling is an ancient monetary unit used in the Jampa Sak district of Laos, before the coin system was introduced. Luang Ta Chuan has travelled often in the Jungle on Tudong, and knows what Leeches (Pling) look like. he has fashioned the amulets in the ancient Laoatian Coin in the form of a Leech, and inserted a tiny diamond in each as its eye. He empowered the amulets with the Wicha Chimplee (Sivali Arahant of wealth blessings), and saw how every person who took one amulet began recieving ever increasing amounts of money, and ot only that, but also worthful treasures and valuable items, such as jewelry, and precious things.

The Ngern Pling amulet already has a built in hoop for attachment to your chosen accessory for wearing it or carrying. But you can also choose waterproof casing if desired.

Kata Ngern Pling
Na Chaa Lii Dti
9 Times.
Luang Ta Chuan
Luang Ta Chuan is the nephew of Luang Por Mui, and now a Famous and Adept Master in his own right since over a decade. He is a Looksit apprentice in Buddha Magic to the Great Legendary Luang Por Jong of Wat Na Tang Nork in Ayuttaya, and of Luang Por Kasem (Wat Muang). He also learned Magic and Vipassna Kammathana with the Great Old Masters; Luang Por Ee, Luang Por Jard and Luang Por Noi of Wat Tamma Sala. 

Luang Ta Chuan is very famous because of his amazing ability to give accurate lottery numbers.His famous 'Rian Hai Huay' Lottery wishing coin amulet has had success with several devotees winning lotteries. Many of his amulets have reached international fame including the Sivalingk See Nang Lorm 'Palad Khik' type Maha Sanaeh amulet which features a metal Shiva Lingam encircled by 4 Naked Maidens.

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