Kumarn Tong 'Taep Rojana' 6 inch High Bucha Statue - LP Raks Wat Sutawat Vipassana

Kumarn Tong Taep Rung Rojana (Prosperity Deva) Bucha Statue - Luang Por Raks Analayo - Wat Sutawat Vipassana (Ayuttaya) 

Luang Por Raks (alternatively called ' Luang Por Luck') is one of this Century's new Arya Sangha and gaeji Ajarn who is becoming every more prominent as his merits become noticed in all the Regions of Thailand. His amulets are of the finest and most fairly priced, empowered by this and other monks of only great purity. Essentially a Buddhist amulet maker, this is a special event to see this Great master make an authentic Kumarn Tong Bucha for the prosperity of his Looksit to recieve blessings from the Kumarn in Bucha. Luang Por Raks is Famous for his Immortal Satying 'Powerful or Not Powerful, depends on the Mind itself".

So many of Luang Por Raks' amulet editions have recieved great attention and many cases of positive experience with his amulets has caused Luang Por Raks amulet to look like they are going to become some of the Most Prized Classic Buddhist Amulets of the Future, and whose spiritual and collector value is almost certain to always rise, and never lessen.

This is also one of the blessings of making Bucha to Luang Por Raks amulets, is that wealth will always increase and never lessen.

Luang Por Raks is an Able Master when it comes to the various Types of Empowerments possible with amulets, be it Metta Mahaniyom, Klaew Klaad, Maha sanaeh, Choke Lap, Maha Ud, he has a method of empowerment equally potent for all of the Major Buddhist White Magic Wicha.

LP Raks amulets are now rapidly getting the interest of official collectors and those who define the standards of the collector scene, and it looks as if it is a very wise idea to get his amulet whilest they are still of a very affordable price and still available.

The quality of Artisanry and the Purity of the Monk who empowers them is worthy of Bucha and the Beauty of the Fine Buddhist Art design applied is always first class, and collectible in itself simply for its beauty. We seriously recommend and advise our Customers and readers that this is a Master to Watch out for, whose amulets may not always be as available as they are in the present time.

Above; Sacred Earths and Powders inserted into the base of the Kumarn Taep
The Kumarn Tong Rung Pirojana (Aehi Jidtang Nang Kwak Sap) Bucha, has been invoked and empowered using all the correct Incantations of Akarn 32, Taat 4 and the Nibbana Sutta, which LP Raks is Adept in performing the Incantation. The Base is filled with sacred earths and Prai Powders, which have been previously and seperately empowered according to the assigned methods of using earthts from sacred places such as 7 cemeteries, ports, salt licks, city hearts, powdered bone of Kumarn, and other Sacred Muan Sarn powders. This Kumarn has already attained much popularity and stories of success began filtering in from those who got one from the Temple.

Empowerment Ceremony
The Puttapisek Empowerment iwas held on 13th April 2554 BE (Songkran Day/Thai New Year).

The Muan Sarn ingredients for the Clay Statue are made from 'Pong Mongkol' (auspicious sacred powders) and powerful Muan Sarn ingredients of various types. The Invocation ises the Spirit of a Deva Kumarn from the Celestial Realms, which is much more powerful than a normal Child Spirit Prai Kumarn. The ceremony was held in the Uposadha Shrine Room (Bot maha Ud) at Wat Sutawat Vipassana.

The Ancient Adepts say that it is essential to have very strong Samadhi (concentrative meditation) and psychic ability to empower a Kumarn Tong of the Deva Realm successfully, and that thos Adepts who use only the Incantations and Ritual. will not make a Kumarn that is Lasting in Power, whose power will fade. LP Raks is renowned amongst his peers for his meditative prowess, and his Jhanic Empowerment spells.The Kumarn Taep will increase your prosperity and business will grow, lucky fortunes and windfalls, lottery.

Specific Bucha Method

To Bucha this Kumarn, you must once in a while, go to give alms/make merit with the Sangha or Buddhism, and speak the the Kumarn in spirit to come with you to get Merits. Always offer some of the merits to share with the Kumarn Tong (in Thailand we pour water as the Blessings are recieved from the Monks, if this is the case, then offer the merits to the Kumarn in your heart as you pour the water).
Before Chanting Kata and Bucha offerings to Kumarn Tong, you should always chant the Maha Namasakara (Namo tassa) to Lord Buddha before any amulet chanting

When you make offerings or speak with the Kumarn, or ask for blessings or assistance, then you should speak as if a Parent to their Child, and oe should sit in meditation some time before communicating, and then send your mind waves to the image of the Kumarn, and think of the real mind of the Deva attending, feel its presence in your mind, and then offer or ask for what you are thinking of.
Kumarn Tong 'Taep Rung Rojana'- Bucha Size 5 Wide Inch Base - Luang Por Raks Analayo - Wat Sutawat Vipassana (Ayuttaya) 2554 BE - 4.5 Inch wide base x 6 Inch High

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