Look Krok Phii Prai Kanong Rit Dtaak Phaa Orm

Look Krok Phii Prai Kanong Rit Dtaak Phaa Orm (Kumarn Tong in Cloth Binding) 6 x 3 Inch Bucha Statue - Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai (Khmer Sorceror) - Wat Ban Sri Sukh - Recommended for Gamblers

Look Krok Phii Prai Kanong Rit Dtaak Phaa Orm - Invoked and Empowered during the 'Rerk Dtaak Phaa Orm' Auspicious Alignment to induce great wealth Giving Influence to the magic of the Look Krok, and increase its Powers of Riches Attraction. The Auspicious Alignments of the Empowerment Ceremony also avoid any Magical Effects from Inbfluencing the Karma of the Person revering the Look Krok.

This Look Krok has been Empowered using the Ancient Laoatian method of 'Montr Wicha Sek Look Hlord', which empowers the Prai Spirit within the Look Krok to Endow its Caretaker with Great Prosperity and Treasures. It has been given the Duty to Increase Wealth and Prosperity, Luck and Fortunes as Quickly as Possible, and Incite Increased Sales in Business or Wage Rise in Earnings in the Profession.

Lotteries and other Gambling Activities are easier to Win with the help of the Look Krok Phii Prai Kanong Rit Dtaak Pha Orm. It also has 'Prai grasip (Ghost Whisperer) powers which forewarn of Dangers, and of Winning Streaks. Bad Luck is converted into Good Luck.

The Muan Sarn Used for the sculpting of the Effigies to house the Look Krok prai Spirits is purely made from ground powder pastes using the most Sacred and Powerful Sorcerous Ingredients, which have been known to possess strong powers and Ruling Spirits for Centuries.

Size; 6 Inches Long x 3 Inches Wide

One Limitation with this Particular Bucha Statue, is that you can only revere and Gather and Share Merits with it for a period of 20 years, because after this period, the Spell will be released and the Kumarn will be allowed to be Reborn again. Luang Por did not force the Kumarn to dwell within the Effigy, rather he Invited it to come of its own Free Will. He made an agreement that the person revering the Effigy wishes to become Rich, and that this Caretaker (You) will make offeriings to the Sangha and Buddhism, and offer to share the Fruits of the Merits with the Look Krok, in exchange for assistance in acquiring great Riches. The Richer you become, the more money and more often you should offer to the Sangha, and share offerings with the Look Krok. You should make at least one decent offering per Month. When you make the offerings, say this in your heart;

"I offer a part of the Fruits of this Merit Making to the Hoeng prai Spirits of the Kumarn and Kumaree, Kumarn Fan Dam, Kumarn Mayom Hwaan, Prai Grasip, Mae Pim, Por Khun Phaen, and that all the other Prai Ghosts come and receive some of the Fruits of these Merits (share with your heart not only your words) - Come and take your fill of these Fruits of Merits made - Saatu!"

When the 20 years are up, and the Old Kumarn has left to become Reborn again, you can then call a new Kumarn to enter, because the effigy is not only empowered with a Kumarn Spirit, it has a Montr Kroo master spell and 'Yaan Kroo' (Guru Master Mind) within it, which can command and re-instate a new spirit to Dwell within it and take over the Duties of the Old Kumarn.

To call a new spirit into the Effigy, make an invitation in your heart when offering merits to the Kumarns, and ask one to come and take over the Duty of the effigy as you perform offerings to the Sangha.

The Statue is made from Pong Wan Kumarn Tong, Wan Maha Lap, Wan Poeng, Wan Prai Grasip, Wan Dork Tong, Want Sanaeh Jantr Tang Ha (five kinds of moon charm flower), and a large array of Maha Sanaeh powders, Metta Mahaniyom and Choke Lap powders. It was then bound with 'Daay Joong Phii Dtaay Hoeng' (Sorceror's threads with Magical Incantations in them), and wrapped in Corpse Cloths from a Phii Dtaay Hoeng Spirit.

Call the Look Krok to come with you wherever you go. You can offer red drink or water, a portion of food at meal times or some sweets. The food offerings are not ultimately compulsoryt, but the Kumarn is very inclined to wish to make offerings to the Sangha or donate food in the alms bowl more than to recieve food offerings for itself. It likes to Consume Merits to rise up to higher levels in its next birth. It is important when working with merit Sharing spirit devas, that you develop the way of truly meaning it when you share the fruits of your Merits, and this will increase the results you recieve from the Kumarn.

You must not open the cords which bind the Kumarn, for it will release the Spirit within,

Use this Kata for calliing Lucky Streaks and Riches before going Gambling

Na Ma Pa Ta Dtae Na Dtae U Na A (Chant 3 Times)

Look Krok Phii Prai Kanong Rit Dtaak Phaa Orm (Kumarn Tong in Cloth Binding) 6 x 3 Inch Bucha Statue - Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai (Khmer Sorceror) - Wat Ban Sri Sukh - Recommended for Gamblers

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