Nam Man Prai Paya Ngu Hlueam Khamuab Sap

Nam Man Prai Paya Ngu Hlueam Khamuab Sap (Python coiled around Treasure) Metta Oil for Gambling, Business and Love - Kroo Ba Dech Gittiyano - Samnak Songk Pha Cha Ban Mai

Snakes survive easily in their Natural Habitat, and the ease with which they catch their prey, and their survival powers are considered to be Naturally Magical powers present within Python Wicha amulets even without further Incantations or Psychic Empowerment. Their Musk has been used in perfumes and other potions to attract friendship and love for Centuries in many Cultures. It is also Traditionally believed, that he or she who dreams of a Python, will find their True Partner in Life. Hardcore Gamblers swear by the powers of the Wicha Ngu Hlueam (Python Magic), of which of course the 'Dueay' (spurs of the male), or the Oil Extract, are considered to be the most powerful Wicha for Gambling.

For this Batch of Python Prai Oil, Kroo Ba Dech went to sit and practice Kammayhana Vipassana Meditations inside a Sacred Cave, where he saw a 'Ngu Dtaay Prai' (Python that had died in the correct circumstances for Prai Magic spell to be made). Kroo Ba Dech thus entered into Jhanic Meditation, and saw that the Python was not any Average kind of Snake,but is a 'Ngu Jao Tee' - a Ruling Deva and Guardian of the Treasures within the Cave. Kroo ba Dech saw that the Python had gathered enough Merits Giarding the Cave that it had Risen up to the Next Level of its Existence, and wished Kroo Ba Dech to use its now cast off body parts to make amulets for the lessening of Suffering.

The Individual ingredients of the Muan Sarn used for the Potion were given empowerments before a final empowerment on the evening of the Yearly Lunar 'Kuen Pen Jantr', wbich is considered to be the most auspicious occasion for making Metta and Maha Sanaeh amulets. As the Prai Oil Potion was being boiled and the ceremony was being Chanted, various snakes entered the area and were slithering around. Kroo ba Dech told the Devotees not to be Alarmed, and indeed, after the Ceremony was over, the snakes all went on their way quietly.

This was considered to be a Sign of Miraculous Power and Sacred Blessings on this edition of Prai Oil. The Oil did not take long to become famous due to this Strange Unexplainable Event. Kroo Ba Dech finished empowering the Python Oil, and then inserted a spell with Python Skin, and a Takrut scroll spell.

The Python Prai Oil is useful for the following purposes

1. Siang Choke (Gambling) - Use to increase Chances of Winning and Induce Lucky Winning Streaks.
2. Kaa Khaay (selling and business) - Powerful for increasing Customers and Clients, improving your powers to convince others to buy your wares, or hire your services.
3. Metta Maha Sanaeh - Love and Popularity - Powerful attraction of Lovers and to increase Popularity in Professional and Social/Romantic areas of Life.

Smear a little drop of oil on the Palm of each hand before you go Gambling, or to work, to attract income and sales, lottery wins and good hands of cards.

Kata Bucha 

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Nam Man Prai Paya Ngu Hlueam Khamuab Sap (Python coiled around Treasure) Metta Oil for Gambling, Business and Love - Kroo Ba Dech Gittiyano - Samnak Songk Pha Cha Ban Mai

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