Brahma Head Holy Prayer Water Bowl Sacred Brazen Metals - Luang Phu Nong 2553 BE - Only 99 Made

Khan Nam Montr Maha Prohm (Brahma Head Prayer Water Bowl) Nuea Samrit Rom Man Pu (Sacred Brazen Metals) - Luang Phu Nong Tammachoto - Traimas Jaroen Porn edition 2553 BE - Only 99 Made

Sacred Brahma Deity 'Khan Nam Montr' (prayer Water making bowl), from The Master of Fire Kasina Magic, Luang Phu Nong Tammachoto of Wat wang Sri Tong. The Khan Nam Montr is 8 Inches high. Made from Sacred Bronze smelted from Artifacts and Metallic Yantra Foils, with Images of Por Gae Ruesi Narot and Luang Phu Nong interspersed on the side, and four faced Brahma Deity as the lid Handle.

Size of Bowl; 4.5 Inches Wide x 8.5 Inches High

Sacred Yantra (Unalome) are embossed within the Lotus Petals which surround the base of the bowl, which is encircled by Lotus petal shaped ornaments with interspersed faces of Luang Phu Nong and Por Gae Lersi Ta Fai

The inner surface of the Khan Nam Montr is lined with a brazen coating, to safely contain Holy Water without any kind of corrosive interferences. The quality of the Bronze casting is as heavy Duty and finely Honed for lasting use - pleasing to the eye with its Classic Artistic Style. Empowered using the Wicha of the Great Luang Por Derm (Wat Nong Po), who bestowed the Lineage Mastery upon his Nephew Luang Phu Nong.

This Ritual/Ceremonial item provides the Practitioner and Devotee with a method for making a never ending supply of magical and holy blessings in the form of water for spraying on oneself, others, items you sell in your shop, vehicle, and home. The water when made using the various Wicha which are possible to apply, can provide all types of Master Blessings, ranging from Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh, to Kong Grapan and Klaew Klaad protection. The Brahma Deity is in Nature pure Metta, Maha sanaeh, and also Wards of Black magic, which is one of the prime purposes of sprinkling prayer water.

A most beautiful and Magical Sacred Bucha Item for your Personal or Group Temple or Prayer Room, which inspires and increments the fruits of your Interaction and assists in your Spiritual Generation of Posititive Energy, which is indeed an Essential aspect of the empowerment of Holy Prayer Water.

Empowered in 2553 BE (2010), during the three month rainy retreat in Traimas Wicha tradition, recieving Nightly Empowerments for the whole three months,before being finally empowered in major Puttapisek/Taewapisek ceremony as a final blessing.

You can make prayer water in a multitude of ways.

Making Water by Prayer and Incantation - By lighting incense, candles anmd giving offerings, and then performing preliminary prayers, and then Incantations (Kata Chanting), whilst focusing on the Prayer Water. The opbject of the chanting is not only to magically activate the prayer/holy water, but also to generate an increased focus (Samadhi) in the mind of the practitioner, which in turn increases the psychic effect of the empowerment process in an evcer increasing scale as the practitioner becomes ever more fluent with repeated practice.

You can also use sacred items such as magical substances, or amulets to empower the water within the Khan Nam Montr.

In the case of Khan Nam Montr which are designed and empowered with a particular Deity, such as Brahma, Vishnu, or Pra Upakut Buddha, then you can use the commonly used incantations and Bucha methods for that Deity , to make a specialized form of Prayer water which carries the qualities and blessings of that particular Deity. You can however with such items also make other forms of prayer water, with the exception of any kinds which may disagree with the innate nature of the Deity present within the Khan Nam Montr

Luang Phu Nong

Luang Phu Nong Tammachodto is the true Nephew of Luang Por Derm (Wat Nong Po) and recieved direct Wicha magical training from his Uncle. Luang Por Nongs amulets are both powerfully made according to the Wicha of Luang Por Derm, as well as having been designed and created by some of Thailands finest Buddhist and Brahman artistic craftsmen. A perfect combination of powerful sacred Buddha Magic and Beautiful aesthetic Religious Art.

Khan Nam Montr Maha Prohm (Brahma Head Prayer Water Bowl) Nuea Samrit Rom Man Pu (Sacred Brazen Metals) - Luang Phu Nong Tammachoto - Traimas Jaroen Porn edition 2553 BE - Only 99 Made