Chin Aathan Gboy (Gay Ban Neng) in Green Prai oil Concentrate - attract Gay Men, + Gambling Luang Por O

Chin Aathan Bpatamang Lokee Chae Nam Man Prai Khiaw - Gay Boy Ghost Bone in Green Prai Oil - Pra Ajarn Oe Putto raksa

Extra Rare and Special Opportunity for Devotees of Chin Aathan and Ban Neng Bone Carvings, who are Gay Males. This Piece of Chin Aathan Bpatamang Lokee is special in the sense that it is from the Prai Ghost of a Man who was Gay. Empowered with the Kata Hnun Taat see and the Kata Akarn Sam Sip Sorng and completed with the Nippana Suudt (Nibbana Sutta), with final Invocation of the Spirit of the Gay Ghost to enter and Dwell within the Chin Aathan. Immersed in very powerful nam Man Prai Khiaw (green oil) which is of the Purest Concentrate.

The front face features two gay men consummating their Lust. The rear face has three Takrut Spells inserted into Bpatamang Lokee along with the Bone.

Luang Por Oe has released a few of these for those Devotees who are gay, and are in sincere need of the most powerful Maha Sanaeh Charm powwisble to counteract bad Luck and Fortune, Win in ones Enterprises, and to attract the Perfect partner in Life.

Released in the 'Raeng Kroo' Master Day Edition.

All of Pra Ajarn Oe's amulets are most original and in limited series, but this is bound to be one of the most special, powerful and rarest Occult Charms in the pantheon of amulets from Pra Ajarn Oe. Its Power can contend with most of Pra Ajarn Oes most expensive Super-master-Piece amulets that are going for thousands of dollars already, whereas this amulets price is much lower than some others of the same or less power. Therefore extremely recommended, and also predicted to become completely unaffordable in future, where pieces of Chin Aathan of this size and quality will surely cost a small fortune, for it is expected to one day no longer be possible find, and is destined to be something that is the interest of the very rich. Luckily we are still living in a time where they are still available and affordable, so this is the recommended time to purchase, for they wont always be around.

The Chin Aathan is considered the most powerful and even possibly the only way to prevent extreme bad karma from stopping your amulets from working. Some people cant get their amulets to work no matter how good they are or expensive they were, and this is mostly due to the fact that Bad karma or Inauspicious astrological influences are at work. the Chin aathan Prai Power has the ability to act as a shield for the bad Luck forces and ot only work as an amulet itself, but also to give your other amulets a chance to release their powers.

Kata Pluk

Om Pawadtanhaanupaawaena Om Wipawadtanhaanupaawaena Om Gaamadtanhaanupaawaena Raaka To-osa Mo-oha Gaama Gilae So-o Gaama Lo-o Po-o So-o Taa Ya Putta Sangmi

Kata Liang

Sa A Ni So Sa A Ni Sang Jidt-Dti Jidt-Dtang - Oh Prai Spirit please come to feast on these offerings.


1 Red Candle, 1 Black Candle, 3 Black Incense sticks, 3 Flowers of different colors, One piece of Sweetmeat, One Glass of Liquor, light a cigarette and place it in an ashtray.

Don't forget to light incense when entering the home to inform the local Devas and Spirits of the new arrival.

2 MP3 Kata Tutorials for the Chin Aathan Bpatamang Lokee are available after you have purchased - you can go to you account page and download them instantly after purchase from the files tab within your account.

Chin Aathan Bpatamang Lokee Chae Nam Man Prai Khiaw - Gay Boy Ghost Bone in Green Prai Oil - Pra Ajarn Oe Putto raksa