Kumarn Tong Casting Spells 7 Inch Bucha Statue Luang Por Somchai

Kumarn Tong Raay Montr Jao Sap Casting Spells of Riches 5.5 x 7.5 Inch Statue 4 Takrut Magic Coin, Gems + Anointment Prai Oil - Pra Ajarn Chor 2555 BE. Kumarn Tong with Sorceror powers casting Spells. Wicha Kumarn Tong Pha Daeng (red pants) with hand inscription of Khom Agkhara Spells upon the Bucha statue.

Pra Ajarn Chor Suchiwo, the Master of the Wicha Sariga Koo Cheewit who is so Highly Revered in the Province of Maha sarakam, has created these Bucha with the Invocation and Invitation of Special 'Kumarn Taep' (Deva Kumarns of higher Powers) to be the Ruling Devas of the Statues.

This means they are not simply Phsychically Endowed Ghosts and Spirits, but are heavenly Child Devas with Magical Powers of Great Influence.

Sorceror Kumarn Tong

The Bucha Statue comes along with a Phial of Prai oil for Bucha with Anointment, and Increased Empowerment.

Thai Buddhist Amulets
Thai Buddhist Amulets

It is to be noted that the Kumarn Taep are Devas, not Ghosts who lost their life prematurely, as are Prai Ghosts such as the Hoeng Prai, and the Prai Kumarn.

The Prai Gosts tend to show their Powers more easily for any reason, whereas the Kumarn taep, will only perform Miracles of necessity or that will result in Auspicious Blessings, but never in Suffering, or the breaking of the 5 Precepts.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

The base of the statue is filled with Sacred Powders abnd earths with four Takrut and Ploi Sek Blessed gemstones. One 50 Satang Coin is embedded to attract riches and treasures.

This is the first ever edition of Kumarn by Pra Ajarn Chor released to the Public, and is therefore a definite recommendation for collectors, for it will become an important item in the Dtamra of Amulets of Luang Por Chor, and is indeed a most attractive, and powerfully imbued Image that is filled with sacred Muan Sarn and Ploi Sek Gemstones for Maha Pokasap Magic.

Maha Pokasap Magic is Amplified by the Crystalline power of the Blessed Gemstones, which imbue the Muan Sarn Prai Powders stuffed within the base of the statue with a powerhouse of radiant Aura with Maha Sanaeh and Maha Lap Energy.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Offerings are easier than many Kumarn, simply keep a fresh glass of water always ready and some red syrup drinks or other sweet drink will do, some sweets and goodies, trinkets or toys.

The first time you perform Bucha you shold offer red drink, a glass of milk, a glass of water, and sweets or cakes, and a flower garland.Light Nine sticks of incense, Make and speak out your wishes, take the oil and smear a little on the Kumarns forehead on the gemstone third eye. Chant the Kata whilst doing so.
Kata Bucha
Idti Idti Gumaaro Namo Put Taa Ya Sappa Bpa Sa Na Ma Pa Ta

Chant 3 times, and make your wishes

For a higher increased understanding of how to worship the Kumarn and Prai type amulets and Bucha images, we recommend that you real all of the info contained in the below links. Correct understanding of how to Bucha is the real reason for success with your amulet, and incorrect or lazy Bucha, is also a reason why some people feel that their amulet is not working.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

It is important to Bucha properly, and correct performance of the Bucha method will bring success with almost all amulets. For this reason we recommend that you read all of the below info pages (see links below), in order to inform yourself of the various methods of Bucha, and increase your Adepthood when performing Ritual Offerings

Pra Ajarn Chor Wat Hnong saeng
Thai Buddhist Amulets
The oil remaining on your fingertip after anointing the Kumarn's forehead, is of course senseless to waste, and has auspicious intent from you to the Kumarn, and Auspicious Blessings and appreciation from the Kumarn to you in it, so you should use what is left on your finger to smear on yourself, for Metta Maha sanaeh Choke Lap.
The Bottle of Oil itself, can be placed on a Pan Kroo tray for Bucha (increase power). It doesnt have to be used to smear on the Bucha and/or yourself only, but can also be simply carried or make Bucha on its own altar or in your shop. It is however most advisale to use as Luang Por advises as anointment for the Kumarn, to empower the Pokasap Gemstone in its third eye, to spy out the treasures that others have not seen, and pick them up as opportunity knocks.
To make wishes, focus on the thing you wish for, and chant 'Aehi Aehi Jidtang Bpiyamng Ma Ma'
For Gambling; If an Oil is given for For Gambling Purposes, simply tap the See Pheung, Metta Oil or Prai Oil with your finger and make a wish before leaving the house. You can rub the balm into your skin of your gambling hand then, if your finger has some balm on it after tapping. Use only a tiny amount of balm is enough.
For ‘Jerajaa’ (business discussions, job interview etc), smear the balm onto your forehead and make your wish.
For Maha Sanaeh attraction, smear the balm under your chin, and ear lobes, and make your wish.
For Kaa Khaay (Selling Wares) – smear a little on your wares or the table where you sell them before each day begins and chant the Kata given.
For Mad Jidt Mad Jai (Enchant the heart and mind of another); smear or dab a tiny bit on the person and then perform the chanting of the Incantations given for the Oil, and focus on the person coming to you as your wish.