Por Tan Klai Miniature Heart Shape Guru Monk Locket

Locket Hua Jai Roop Muean Cameo Portrait Image of the Great Luang Por Tan Klai Wajasit of Wat Suan Khan - This Sacred Portrait Image of the Great Khao Or Master of Nakorn Sri Tammarat, Master of Wat San Khan and Wat Pratat Noi, is a Masterpiece of Miniature Buddhist Arts and is a very rare amulet indeed.

It is a highly sought after item from the Pantheon of amulets of Por Tan Klai, and is only rarely, if ever, possible to encounter. The image is painted onto the surface of a heart shaped locket shell. The locket is miniature size, and is incredibly detailed portrait of Por Tan Klai.

Por Tan Klai is one of the Top Guru Master Monks of the Last Century, and is considered one of the Four Great Masters of the Previous Generation of Lineage Masters of the Khao Or Southern Sorcery Lineage, whose great Attainments, Humble and Diligent Practice, and Powerful Wicha Akom Magick have brought him to Legendary Status in the Annals of History of Thai Buddhism, and of Buddhist Amulets.

Por Tan Klai Wajasit, was the Abbot of Wat Suan Khan in Nakorn Sri Tammarat, was the Abbot of Wat Suan Khan in Nakorn Sri Tammarat. Por Tan Klai was one of South Thailands most revered monks

Por Tan Klai is one of the most important Khao Or Sorcery lineage masters of the Southern Khao Or Tradition, along with the great Luang Phu Tim (Wat Chang Hai), Ajarn Iad and Ajarn Tong Tao (Wat Khao Or) Luang Por Kong (Wat Ban Suan) and of course, the Greatest Master of all, Luang Por Tuad of Wat Chang Hai.

Amulets by Por Tan Klai are very rare, and jealously guarded by devotees of this Legendary Master monk, and are, extremely rare to come by, and only seen in circulation on very rare occasions. This is due to the massive worldwide following of Devotees, who Revere this great monk, and the fact that most of his amulets already found their rightful owners decades ago.

Kata Bucha Por Tan Klai Wajasit

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