LP Phang Locket with Sacred Powders Gold Leaf & Look Namo Spell

Locket Roop Khai Chak Khaw (white face) bearing the image of the Great Isan Master Monk, Luang Por Phang Jidtakudto, seated beside his almsbowl (Nang Khang Badtr), with Sacred Muan Sarn Powders on the rear face, a Look Namo Slug Spell insert and Gold Leaf Blessing pasted onto the surface. The Locket was released at the temple of Luang Por Phang at Wat Kongka Kirikhaet Temple, in Khon Kaen.
The inner side of the rear face of the locket is filled with Sacred Magical Powders made from rare Sacred herbs and other items collected in the forests during the years of Tudong by this great Guru. The Image of Luang Por Phang is a highly desirable acquisition for serious collectors and devotees of Luang Por Phang amulets, as Buddhanussati, and Gurunussati, remembrance of the Triple Gem and the Guru Monk Luang Por Phang, to keep oneself mindful of one's own practice.