Phra Rahu Carved 1 Eye Coconut Amulet Only 3 Made Ta Pun

Phra Rahu Jumbo Size Masterpiece limited edition hand carved one eyed coconut (Kala Ta Diaw) amulet, filled with sacred powders and empowered amulets on rear face, from the mysterious and reclusive Forest Lay Master Ajarn Ta Poon, a Hermit Lay Practitioner whose face only few have seen, apart from forest dwelling folk who know of his existence and sometimes get to visit him.

Apart from the blessings of Phra Rahu, we can see that this very special Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Phra Rahu version amulet affords the protection and blessings of other Vedic Gods such as Lord Ganesha and Lord Brahma, and the powerful Maha Amnaj Maha Pokasap and Anti Black Magick powers of Taw Waes Suwan (Kubera) the Wealthy Asura King of the Northern Quarter. The Taw Waes Suwan statuette also has a Takrut within its base with Sacred Powder filling.