Kuman Thong Kruba Beng Early Ediition Hand Painted

A very rare Kuman Thong of Kroo Ba Beng, and powerful amulet for wealth accumulation and household protection. Extremely difficult to find due to extremely small numbers made and the age of this edition, an early era Kuman Thong Sacred Powder amulet, in black Prai powders with hand painted image with ruby gem fragments and hand inscriptions scratched on the rear surface of the amulet, from Kroo Ba Beng, of Wat Tanode.

 This Kumarn Tong amulet has received much fame from stories of devotees who tell that the dogs bark at night when this amulet is in the household. This is because they can see the spirit of the Kumarn Tong.

This extremely rare early era series was blessed in a very sacred Necromantic Ritual, during the Kern Maa Horn 'Night of the Howling Dogs', between 20:00 and 0:300 Hours in the year 2548 BE. The Ritual was begun during the fearful hour of the howling dogs where the cemetery is full of ghosts, and on the night of the ritual, a total of 109 Monks were invited down to the ceremony in the cemetery, but by the time the procession had reached the ritual ground, only 15 monks were remaining, as the rest were to afraid to enter the haunted cemetery.

The front face of the amulet features the Kuman Thong Song Krueang, in princely regalia, holding a sack of gold. The Kuman has an aura, indicating that the Kuman spirit invoked is that of a 'Kuman Taep' child spirit of the Deva Realms. Sacred Incantations in Taewanakrii script is embossed either side of the Kuman.

The Kuman is hand painted with colored robes and aura. The Muan Sarn Sacred Powders contain Din Bpoeng clay from a Sacred Saltlick, Black Earths from Haunted Cemeteries, Sanaeh Herbal Pollens, Kuman Bone powders, and Sacred Necromantic Earths, and Ashes, mixed with See Pheung Gern Ber Neung Waxy Potion, and some Powerful Nam Man Prai Phii Dtaay Hoeng Necromantic Oil.

Below; Kroo Ba Beng of Wat Tanode