Takrut Yant Hneeb Lanna Yantra Foil Hand Inscribed Ajahn Nan Kong

Presenting a classic ancient Magical Wicha, from the Northern Lanna Sorcery Grimoires for Metta Maha Sanaeh, the Takrut Yant Hneeb folded Yantra foil spell, from Lay Sorcerer Ajahn Nan Kong, of the Samnak Sak Yant Chaya Langka. 

The Yant Hneeb amulets were released in the 'Ruam Bun' edition, which included various amulets blessed in unison with other Great Monks and Lay Masters. Extreme limited numbers  were  made due to hand inscription.
The Yant Hneeb, is a spell which encloses its target sealed within, and does not let it escape. 

Some Yant Hneeb contain a spell that encloses an idea, such as the love of a desired person, and some Yant Hneeb, actually have something placed inside it, such as a piece of parchment or paper with the name of a person, or the desired thing which the user wishes to receive or achieve.