Rent Amulets in Singapore

Thai Buddhist Amulets for rent in Singapore
I have now moved to Singapore and have a large collection of authentic and blessed Thai Buddhist amulets with me for faithfull devotees to rent and rever. I shall be posting the various amulets here on Buddist Amulets blog for your viewing. Each amulet i have obtained personally on my travels to the various temples and Master Monks around Thailand as i travelled the land in my Buddhist Pilgrimage to famous temples.

Some of the amulets i have include
Pra Nang Paya (Luang Phu Tim)
Pra Luang Por Tuad (Wat Huay Mongkol, Wat Suan manee Sap, Wat sai Khaw Wat Ton Sai,Wat Tam Suea)
Pha Yant (cloth yantras) (Luang Por Tuad - Wat Yala, Luang Phu Ga Long, Luang Phu Iam)
Pha Yant Taw Waes Suwann, Pha Yant Nang Gwak.
Collection of three amulets in box set of Luang Por Tuad (backside) and Luang Por Ngern (frontside) in three materials (tep taro, gagyayaks, and gon krok).
Pra Sivali (Luang Phu ga Long and others)
Pra Pid Ta Maha Lap (LP maen Wat na Tang Nork, Wat Sala Fai and other temples)
Ruesi Tep Normo (Wat Sala fai)
Pra Khunpaen (Wat sala Fai, Luang Pu Tim - wat sai khaw, Luang Por Poon - wat pai lom )
Various Dtagruds
Pra Maha Tep Normoe (wat Sala Fai nakorn Sri Tammarat)
Moo Pa tong Daeng (wild boar statuette) with triple tagrud embedded.
Taw Waes Suwann statuettes and amulets (Luang Por Key and other masters)
and much much more which i shall be listing as i sift through the collection and return here to re edit this post.
I shall be posting each amulet for rent as separate posts in this blog.

You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to rent amulets. I can either send per post or deliver to you personally in Singapore.
you can contact me per email if you desire to rent any of these special authentic amulets. Or you can visit me at the samnak (office) of Ruesi Ruesi Arjahn Mak
Arjahn David Mak
Alexandra at block 124 Bukit Merah lane 1, Alexander village #01-142 Singapore 150124
please fone first to check if i am there when you will be coming so i can bring the amulet you wish to rent to the samnak. Tell which amulet you wish to rent and they will contact me to let me know when you will be there and which amulet you wish to rent.