LP Tuad gunstoppers

Luang Dta Liam's LP Tuad gunstoppers
I am pleased to be able to have brought five of the few remaining examples of the Luang Por Tuad/Luang Phu Piak amulets made by Luang Dta Liam of Wat Suan Manee Sap in Chumporn for Singaporeans to have the chance to rent one. There were only around one thousand of these amulets created in a first and only edition. The amulets were never distributed to amulet stores for resale and have only been given to devotees who visited the temple and made a donation for the free food hall being built there.
The amulets were created using Gakyayaks earth adding elephant tusk (ivory), Tep Taro, Khee Lek Lai and Wan 108 amongst many other sacred ingredients. many Master moks were present to perform the blessing ceremony of Putta Pisek. In the ceremony of blessing in the chapel, no Brahmins were allowed in the chapel for the blessing, rather only monks were allowed to enter. But strangely when the fotos of the ceremony were printed, there was the image of a Brahmin Ruesi standing in the chapel recieving the amulets with his arms outstretched! This is believed by Liang Dta Liam to be the spirit of an Ancient Ruesi.

The amulets have varied markings arising on them as a result of the sacred wan 108 herbs rising as growth on the amulets. After the blessing ceremony of Putta pisek, the amulets were buried with a Look Nimit under the chapel for one year and then placed under the Buddha statue in the chapel for another 2 years. This technique is known as "gru" and is the traditional method for making powerful amulets.

Anyone interested in obtaining one of these soon to be extremely rare and wonderful amulets can contact me for details. The amulets dont have a set price and will be given against a donation.