Pra Narai, Garuda & Rahu amulet

Pra Narai Song Krut Run Srong Nam 52 - Luang Por Jon, Pak Chong, Nakorn Rachasima
This is a Pra Narai Chid Pised (special edition) amulet of Vishnu riding on a Garuda who is holding Naga serpents. The Garuda is then seated upon Pra Rahu. This combination of deities is considered extremely powerful. The sun and the moon are depicted on the top left and right of the amulet . The amulet has been treated with "long rak" (a black laquer used to cover sacred amulets and Buddha statues before applying gold leaf).

Pra Narai Song Krut Run Srong Nam back side

Price: SG$85  - Sold

The rear side of the amulet has sacred yant (yantra) designs on it as well as two tagrud scrolls inserted and four sacred na designs in each corner. The amulet's powerful magic is then topped off with some sacred Khmer agkara lettering in pali around the edges.
creation date 2552.

This amulet is bound to become a collectors item, due to the fact that it was never greatly advertized or commercialised and is lesser known in commercial circles, which almost always leads to becoming greatly sought after once the edition has gained in age a few years.
I am now trying to locate some of these amulets, and will re-post them if i find some, due to having received many requests for this amulet. The amulets were made in various colors and different number of Tagrud in the back face. I hope to be able to obtain various types if possible.