LP Dto Amulet - Wat Rakang

Pra Luang Por Dto - Wat Rakang Kositaram

This is an amulet in the likeness of Luang Por Dto (Prohmrangsri), made in Wat Rakang Temple.
The "Nuea Wan" (herbal cement mixture) is of the finest quality, and has the style of "Krabueang Dtaek" (cracked ceramic tile effect), which is so definitive of the Wat Rakang amulet mixture. This technique of creating amulets and putting them through temperature changes whilst drying and curing them to obtain the crackly effect on the surface was developed by LP Dto himself. Apart from examining the front side of an amulet to discriminate it's authenticity and beauty, the way esperts define further beauty and richness of the cement mixture is preferably to examine the back side of the amulet - for this is the side with no details, and thus enables an accurate examination of the grain and texture of the amulet. Luang Por Dto was renowned for his famous Chinabanchorn kata, which he brought and translated and adapted from Sri Langka, and which all faithful Thai Buddhist love to chant. The benefits of chanting Chinabanchorn Kata are countless, it creates a crystall wall of all the Buddhas, Bodhisattwas and protective deities around you and maintains health and safety as well as bringing you great merit, fortune and charm

Pra Luang Por Dto - Wat Rakang back side

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