Jatukam Ramatep - Wat Bang Hwa

Jatukam Ramatep - Wat Chompoo Pradit
Tep hai Ngern Tep hai Tong edition (Deva give money, Deva give gold)

Rental Price; $SG75

This is a Jatukam Ramatep amulet made at Wat Chompoo Pradit (otherwise known as Wat Bang Hwa), in Nakorn Sri Tammarat. It was made in summer 2550 and reblessed also at Wat Maha Tat in Nakorn Sri Tammarat. This amulet was completely financed and comissioned by a very rich and devoted disciple of Wat Chompoo Pradit and faithful believer in Jatukam Ramatep.

The ingredients were sought out and collected from a number of sources, including Mai Tep taro, a very rare wood which has great power of metta. This sacred wood has a perfumed smell and the amulet still has a wonderful aroma to it. The back side has the great Chedi of Wat Mahatat in Nakorn SriTammmarat on it, which houses a sacred Buddha relic. You can see the many tones and textures on the back side revealing the great quantity of varied sacred ingredients in this amulet. The amulets were not marketed and are all kept with the lady who had them created. You can only obtain one of these amulets either from the temple directly, or by contacting the lady who had them created and financed them. She spent 5 million baht in their creation.

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