Pra Gring Luang Por Kasem

This is a miniature Pra Gring amulet made by Hlwong Por Kasem of Lanna Tradition (Lanna is the Northern tradition of Thai Buddhism and is highly renowned for its magic monks, LP kasem is one of Thailands  most highly revered master monks, and is classed as both Ariya Sangha and a Gaeji Ajarn).This amulet was made and blessed iin 2533

The amulet has Yor Sor Sor status (YSS- Yor Sor Sor means that the amulet is officially condoned by the royal temple and Somdej Pra Sangkharach, the highest monk of the realm, and royal envoy of Buddhism. The Puttapisek ceremony was preceded by LP Kasem and Somdej Pra Sangkharacha meditating and empowering the amulets together.
A good choice for ladies who rvere the pra gring (sometimes called 'pra kring'), and/or are devotees of LP Kasem. This is a very small amulet and is very fitting for women to wear. The base of the amulet has a 'Gring' inserted into it, which rattles when you shake it.

Pra Kring LP Kasem

To rent an amulet from me, you can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com, Or Phone +66886799251(Thailand).

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