Buddha Magic Ezine - Issue 1 Out Issue 2 in progress

My bi-monthly e-zine "Buddha Magic" is now out on sale as a pdf e-zine
Issue 1 has over 70 pages of articles about famous monks, temples, a heavy influence on Thai Sacred amulets, Buddhist art and sculpture, Thai Buddhist legends and Animist practices, Necromancy, Sak yant tattoos, and lots more fascinating topics.

The Ezine is an ideal reading material for amulet collectors and lovers. The articles on amulets will be informative, have depth of penetration into the backgroound information, and be detailed enough for readers with academic interests, as well as useful for people seeking to expand their knowledge about Thai amulets. Not only the famous amulets and masters will be investigated and revealed, but also many great ancient and/or sacred amulets from great masters who have simply not been given any interest by those who steer the market and the publicity of amulets and their makers. Sometimes the reason a great ajarn doesnt get in the magazines or get talked about in legendary stories (by the steerers of the market, using forums and the like who wish to start rumors off in the 'Chinese whispers' way), is sometimes as simple as the fact that the people marketing amulets in the popular scene might not live near enough or have a decent connection to the ajarn to be able to obtain amulets easily enough. So the small villages and outer provinces will have many great ajarn who don't get in the news or spoken about on forums etc, but believe me, they are there.

The First issue contains;
• Nam Man Prai – sacred necromantic charm oil for enchantment spells.

• Pra Khun Phaen – Historical figure, literary legend and sacred amulet; The relationship
between Khun Phaen and the Gumarn Tong.

• Bpalad Khig – Phallic totem, for luck, love, health and protection. The Bpalad Khig is one of the
Shiva cult practices which became integrated into Thai Theravada Buddhist folk culture.

• Pra Somdej – King of Thai Amulets – the Somdej Amulet is the most sought out and expensive
amulet on the market – read about the makers and the making, of this amulet, get to know the
various editions of Somdej amulets, and become an expert in your own right. First in a series of
articles about Pra Somdej which will later be compiled into a Grand edition as a complete
publication exclusively about Pra Somdej amulets. All 6 eras of Pra Somdej will be covered

  • Somdej Pra Puttajarn (Dto) Prohmrangsri Wat Rakang Kositaram – Part one of an extensive biography of Thailands most famous Master Monk, and maker of the Pra Somdej amulets,which in the present day can fetch prices of up to fifty million baht. The series of biographical articles on Somdej Dto will be a useful extension of the series of detailed publications on Pra Somdej amulets, and provide the collector and aficionado of Pra Somdej Wat Rakang understand what makes this King of amulets so special and sought after by collectors, merchants and devotees around the world, and why it is so difficult to establish an authentic Pra Somdej from a fake.
  • Hlwong Phu Suang – Tewada Bon Din – Biography of an elusive legendary monk and amuletmaker, elusive and eccentric, whose amulets are rising in popularity at an incredible rate
  • Prayer for Forgiveness in the Three Worlds – Kata Ahosigam Sam Pob; A powerful prayer for chanting before practicing Samatha and Vipassana meditation, which will aid in clearing any obstructions to ones concentration, as well as decreasing negative Karma
  • Hlwong Phu Jan – Master Gumarn Tong maker of Khmer lineage. Khmer Saiyasart from this Master of Necromancy, who learned the Wicha of Gumarn Tong as he was still a child, and mastered it with his inborn ability toi bind spirits of Gumarn who were traveling to the Deva Realm, and bind them with the spirits of Gumarn Hian to inhabit effigies of reduced size. Potent and Portable, his 'Gumarn Tong Dtua Jiw' amulets are attaining legendary status for their immense power of attraction and luck bringing power.
  • Pra Putta Roop Bpaed Samay - Eight Eras of Sacred Thai Buddhist Sculpture
  • Pra Putta Maha Tamma Racha – Sacred Buddha statue from the Lopburi Era, at Wat Dtrai Bhumi, in Petchaburn – first in the series of articles about Thailands most Sacred Buddhastatues, covering all eight periods of history of Thai Buddhist art, and the influence of the various Eras on Buddhist Sculpture and Architecture
  • Pra Putta Mongkol Saksit (Hlwong Por Mongkol) – Sacred Buddha Sculpture from the Sukhothai Era – second in the series of articles about Thailands most Sacred Buddha statues, covering all eight periods of history of Thai Buddhist art, and the influence of the various Eras on Buddhist Sculpture and Architecture

The contents of the second issue of Buddha Magic will include the following;

  • Sacred Yant in candle magic
  • Pra Sivali - Iconic Luck and Wealth bringer
  • Pra Taat Sivali - What are Sivali Buddha Relics, and what are they revered?
  • Nang Gwak - Two different versions of the Fable of the Goddess of Merchants
  • Hlwong Por Dto Prohmrangsri Biography Pt. 2 - Continuation of the life of LP Dto Wat Rakang Kositaram
  • Pra Somdej - King of Amulets; Pt. 2 of the mega series on Pra Somdej amulets of six different eras of Thai history
  • Pra Mae Torani - The Goddess Dharani (Mother Earth) - legends of Mother Earth, her role in Thai Buddhism, and the Dharaniya Kata (mantra to Mother Earth) which the Buddha taught and said that it had immense power to protect ones children from illness, and to bring immense and uncountable blessings on he/she who recites the Mantra
  • Putta Chaya Mangkala Kata Pt. 1 - The Mantra of the eight victories of the Buddha over the Maras, and the tales of his eight conquests; This article comes in an eight part series, one per issue
  • In Koo - sacred love charm for attracting and binding a lover.
  • Pichai Songkram - Thai National Ritual of Victory; Pichai Songkram is a Ritual adapted from the Brahmans who came to reside in Thailand as Buddhism came from India.
  • Hun Payont - Animist golem effigy; Hn Payont is an ancient magical tool to assist the owner in various ways.
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