See Pherng LP Hluea - Sacred Charm oil

Powerful Metta charm lip gloss oil with Sariga birds and Pla Tapian lucky fortune fish, by Hlwong Phu Hluea Palito of wat tham mai nuea temple, in Uttaradit province. The Sariga birds have tiny but accurate Khom Agkhara lettering on them, and the Pla Tapian fish are in traditional silver and gold ('riak sap' - money caller).

This can be either carried on your person and empowered with chanting, or can even be smeared on your lips, forehead etc, as an attraction charm. Useful for good sales, wealth charm, love charm and Metta Mahaniyom popularity for a successful professional and social life. The main magical property of this amulet is wealth and fortune.

 This charm oil comes with a Kata for chanting written in Thai, which i will phonetically translate for the person who rents it.

Love and Fortune Metta Balm

All amulets i have seen from LP Hluea are of finest grade and craftsmanship, especially his wooden carved goat amulets, his Bpalad Khig, and his ivory Ganesha amulets.

His amulets are wonderfully unusual and original as well as being made with a fine eye for detail and quality finish. He makes all kinds of variations from bpalad khig through metta oils, tagruds and carved effigies, to pra pid dta!

Prices on this blog are now changing to US Dollars - all amulets which use the new ecwid payments method as seen above will be in US$ - any older posts with the old paypal buttons are still in Singapore Dollars.
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